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The Second Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off

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The Second Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off
By 20 September 2016 296 Views
As if you haven't heard already, it's our 10th birthday this year and we're still pushing though our month long birthday bash! This month we've got great give-aways, fantastic discounts and we've even added a few items to every parcel to help 'sweeten' the deal. Yesterday was our second annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off and it certainly was hard work trying to determine who produced the best kinky confectionery. Now that we've washed it all down with a massive cuppa and we've recovered from our sugar induced comas we're happy to share with you the day's events. [caption id="attachment_2703" align="alignright" width="300"]Fist the cook Fist the cook - Want an apron just like this? Enter to win! [/caption]This year's participants slaved over a hot stove over the weekend just for a chance to win the accolades of being voted best of the best and winning a very fancy plastic winner's medal. The tension was building up to the event as everyone was very hush-hush about what they were making. Some would only go as far as to say that they were making either sweet or savoury. Unfortunately for our bellies all the savoury people dropped out so we had a table full of sweets to sample. It certainly was a tough job getting through all the delicious UberKinky creations but someone had to do it! As I walked in on the morning of the bake off, various people came up to me and said they had a disaster. Either their item didn't come out as planned or something happened on the way to work I was starting to wonder if there were going to be any contenders at all! In the end we had eight entries which was all good news to our waistlines. One person did attempt to break the only one entry per person rule however their cock cake with silver chastity cage design met with tragedy on the way into the office. Lesson learned: Never carry your cock cake on your push bike. Another eager entrant was struck with transportation disaster. While everything was just perfect when she left the house, someone pulled out in front of her and made her slam on her brakes. Sadly the UberKinky logo in icing was now a delicious smudge across her flogger and paddle cakes. We sampled all the scrumptious entries and made our notes on every item. Was it UberKinky? Was it tasty? Was it the best of the best? Once everything was dutifully devoured. Then the voting began. For last year's bake off we had Best Tasting Sweet, Best Tasting Savoury and Best Looking Overall. This year we changed things up (partially because we had no savoury!) and the winners were as follows: Best Looking: Ceri for her Rainbow Dildo Cake Best Tasting - First prize: Lou for her UberKinky Cake Pops (making this her second year winning, last year she won best savoury) Best Tasting - Second Prize: Mike for his Chocolate Salty Balls Be sure to have a look through this glorious gallery of bake off photos to see all the entries as well as the winners standing proud with their shiny plastic awards. Within this gallery you may also find a sneak peek at our next two give-away prizes! [gallery size="large" ids="2717,2708,2709,2710,2711,2712,2713,2714,2715,2716,2718,2719,2720,2721,2722,2723,2724,2725,2726,2727,2728,2729,2730,2693"]
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