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  • International Male Chastity Day 2018

    International Male Chastity Day is coming, but the lucky winner of this spectacular competition won’t be!

    It’s that time again, folks! We all know that as Valentine’s Day draws closer, the much-loved International Male Chastity Day is just around the corner. It may be long-stemmed roses and chocolates on the 14th, but the 15th is a whole new ball game. So, once you are suitably loved-up, it’s time to get locked up. And, luckily for you, UberKinky is here to help you do just that. Indeed, we’re giving you the opportunity to win one of our very best-selling chastity devices, to help you celebrate in style! Continue reading

  • Happy Male Chastity Day 2017! Enter To Win a Spiral Chastity Device

    Valentine's Day 2017 is done and over with. The chocolate has been eaten and the roses are now sat in a prime location to make other jealous. The day AFTER Valentine's Day is one that we're well antiquated with here at UberKinky! Every year on the 15th of February marks International Male Chastity Day! How do you celebrate such a momentous occasion? Well that's entirely up to your Keyholder isn't it? This year we're giving away one of our most popular chastity devices - The Spiral Male Chastity Device.
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  • Win a Gold CB6000 in our Male Chastity Day 2016 Giveaway

    Happy Male Chastity Day!!!! Have you locked up your love today? The 15th of February 2016 marks the third ever Male Chastity Day and we're so happy to see that the day has grown in leaps and bounds over the last three years. It's a day where everyone gets locked up whether it's for the first time or for the thousandth time and joins in on the sexy secret for at least the day. Continue reading
  • International Male Chastity Day 2015

    Happy International Male Chastity Day!

    February’s not all chocolate hearts and long-stemmed roses you know! Sure, it may be home to the most romantic day of the year, but it’s also where our very own UberKinky International Male Chastity Day resides. So, why not celebrate in style by purchasing a deviant device from our collection? After all, we are offering 10% off our entire chastity range in honour of this auspicious occasion. What better way to tighten your belt? Continue reading

  • Win a CB6000 for International Male Chastity Day

    It's the second annual International Male Chastity Day - Every year on 15th of February is a day to celebrate the very popular fetish of male chastity. Whether you're self locked or you have a Keyholder to keep a watchful eye over the keys we want to see as many people locked up as possible. With the abundance of information surrounding today's festivities, it's a great day for beginners to dive right in and try this fetish out for themselves. To help you along we're giving away a brand new CB6000 chastity device to one lucky UberKinky winner.

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