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  • International Fetish Day 2016 Giveaway

    Happy New Year UberKinky fans! It's great to see you back, we hope you had a fantastic holiday season filled with kinky surprises and erotic fun. We're getting right back into the swing of things here at UberKinky HQ and we'd like to kick off 2016 with a fabulous give-away for International Fetish Day which is this Friday the 15th. Are you ready to let your freak-flag fly?
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  • Periodic Table of Kink


    I wonder if all those years ago Dmitri Mendeleev imagined the impact his work would have on the world. Indeed, who’d have thought his organisation of the chemical elements would one day go on to inspire our very own masterpiece; the Periodic Table of Kink? Well, this perverted poster demonstrates that you don’t have to be a scientist to experiment folks, but a little bit of role play never hurt anyone... or did it? Continue reading

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