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The Third Annual UberKinky Bake Off

The Third Annual UberKinky Bake Off

The Third Annual UberKinky Bake Off

It’s our birthday, so we’re having our cake AND eating it! And, with month long celebrations to mark the occasion, our third annual UberKinky Bake Off took place on Monday 11th September. As the biggest and best yet, the standard was incredible this year and our eyes were certainly bigger than our bellies. Indeed, there was so much food available, we’re only just emerging from our sugar induced comas now. But, fear not kinky companions; we’re finally ready to give you a slice of the action!

[caption id="attachment_3022" align="alignright" width="400"] Chocolate Orange Goatse Cake[/caption]

From Cock Quiche and Lemon Drizzle Dick to Spanked Asses and Gaping Goatses, there was certainly plenty of weird and wonderful creations to titillate the taste buds. Everyone went nuts over Luke’s Nut-ella Cheesecake and, pardon the pun, there was cream everywhere 😉. The deviantly delicious treats didn’t stop cumming either, we had Ricky’s Red Velvet Bondage Bear, Louis’ Nutty Bondage Bed, Zoe’s Cock-Tastic Cupcakes, Laura’s Balls & Booby Brownies, Danielle’s Whipped Cream Cake and my very own signature Kinky Cake Pops. Plus, we had some Vegan Cake Poops on offer this year! On top of all that, there were savoury dishes aplenty and our UberKinksters really took things up a gear this year with Paul’s Pinwheels, Sarah’s Captivating Quiche and Charlotte’s Sausage Surprise!

Everyone had slaved away for the whole weekend to whip up some seriously tasty treats and, with more entries than ever before, each of our bakers were battling it out to win the coveted and highly sought after Warped Winner’s Trophy. Demanding perverted pride of place in the most impressive of trophy cabinets, this award is one of the highest accolades you can achieve in the wonderful world of kinky cooking! So, eating all this food was certainly a piece of cake, but judging it was serious business. In some cases, it took two or three tasters of the same dish! With not a single soggy bottom in sight, just who would emerge victorious? Well, after a great deal of difficulty, the votes were cast, counted and verified. So, it is with great pleasure that I announce this year’s star bakers; all of whom produced the most salacious show stoppers which were, without doubt, the squirrel’s nuts:

1st Place Best Looking – Anyone for a slice of gape? Laura’s Chocolate Orange Goatse 2nd Place Best Looking – Louis’ Nuts (Peanut Butter Bondage Bed) Best Tasking Savoury – Toni’s Kinky Cock Quiche Best Tasting Sweet – Luke’s Cocky Nut-ella Cheesecake

However, you know what they say; it’s the taking part not the winning that counts. And the icing on the cake really was getting to taste all these kinky creations! Take a look at our gratifying gallery of deviant dishes below.

[gallery ids="3055,3056,3057,3058,3059,3060,3061,3062,3063,3064,3065,3066,3067,3009,3049,3068,3069,3070,3071,3073,3074,3075,3076,3077,3078,3079,3080"]
13 September 2017