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We're Having An UberKinky Birthday!
By 30 September 2014 16 Views
Don’t tell us you forgot?! Well, it’s a good thing we like to give as much as receive here at UberKinky, because it would be a crime against kink to let our 8th birthday go by unmarked. That’s why, for the whole of September, we’ve been lavishing gifts on you as part of our scintillating celebrations. For those of you that have been locked away in your dungeon for the past 4 weeks and have missed out on all the incredible deals on offer; fear not kinky companions, we haven’t finished with you just yet. We like to party hard here at UberKinky, so we’ll keep going for as long as we can to ensure that each and every one of you gets a load of our gratifying generosity. Browse our collection today for 20% off EVERYTHING! [caption id="attachment_1406" align="alignright" width="209"]Happy Birthday UberKinky Happy Birthday UberKinky[/caption] For the entire month of September, we’ve been having our birthday cake and eating it here at UberKinky HQ. We work hard; we play hard! So we thought it only fair to offer you a slice of the action. There was simply no holding us back when it came to discounting our restraints, we gave you good vibes with our Doxy Massager discount and giveaway, you were shocked by our Electrastim giveaway, and we just kept on giving you more with 10% off our penis extenders. Now, to top it off, we’re sadistically slashing the prices of our entire range. We thought it only fair that you received the gifts this year. After all, we wouldn’t have made it to 8 years without you. So, it may be us blowing out those wonderful wax play candles on our UberKinky cake today (opposite), but it’s definitely you that’s getting what you wish for! You know that we don’t need an excuse to partake in a little deviant behaviour. However, we are suckers for a good theme. We’ve taken a great deal of perverted pleasure from engaging in an all new kind of ‘birthday bumps’ this year, and after the success of our gimp birthday party last year; we simply couldn’t resist having a few more ;) Now, all that's left to do here is wrap things up and let you get back to your shopping!