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What a sweet butt plug!
By 23 September 2013 16 Views

UberKinky’s Star Studded Birthday Celebration!

It’s the final week of our month long birthday celebration. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the special treats, give-aways and discounts we’ve been gifting out! It’s always better to give than to receive and this month has been no different. We celebrated our seventh birthday in style this year with give-aways from Oxballs, Spunk Lube, Give Lube and Crystal Delights. We even gave away one of our very own stainless steel spiral chastity devices! We hope everyone enjoys their new UberKinky birthday gifts! [caption id="attachment_556" align="alignright" width="300"]UberKinky Birthday Cake UberKinky Birthday Cake[/caption] To celebrate seven long years of flogging the kinky gear we held ourselves a month long party complete with party guests, balloons and icy cold beverages. The last seven years have been quite an epic journey. There has been laughter and there have been tears. There has been frustration and there has been jubilation. There has also been some eye opening research along the way! I often find it funny when our customer service team call me up and ask me an off the wall question… then they’re surprised when I know the answer! Here at UberKinky, we are a dedicated team of fetish friendly kinksters scanning the globe to bring you, our UberKinky Kinkateers the very best in weird and wonderful bondage gear. We know how to use it and are always quick to offer advice before and after the sale. OxballsCakeFor our birthday celebration, we had a lovely custom cake made for us by Heather over at The Magpie Bakery. We think she did a brilliant job! Along the side of our scrummy yummy cake, we found exact replicas of a Doc Johnson butt plug, a Creative Mouldings Dog Tail Butt Plug , a gorgeous penis plug (which I personally had the pleasure of eating!) and last but certainly not least an Oxballs Powerballs cock ring all made in delicious fondant. Our ever happy UberKinky mascot Jeff was smiling back at us the entire time I cut him up into pieces. Poor Jeff! He sure was delicious! I lovingly adorned our celebratory cake with a set of our own UberKinky Wax Play Candles for the perfect finishing touch before we all sat and reminisced about how we got to where we are now. Remember the time we had a go with our Rim Seat and an Oxballs Log? Or the time I wrote about golden showers because one of our competitors kept copying our every move? (which made them stop by the way!) There was also the time we put someone in our latex vacuum bed to test it out and the ensuing photos got us kicked off of Facebook! So for this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday we’re inviting you to join us for some cake and good times. Who knows what next year’s UberKinky Birthday will bring! [caption id="attachment_566" align="aligncenter" width="900"]UberKinky Wax Play Birthday candles UberKinky Wax Play Birthday candles[/caption]  
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