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Yuletide Log
By 27 November 2012 20 Views

We've got a code brown over here!

It's not Christmas yet, it's not even December yet! Here at UberKinky we decided to have a dirty protest against all the way too early Christmas festivities with an UberKinky approved Yuletide log. (Just wait till you see our Christmas card design!) This week's Toy With Me Tuesday post features our new Rim Seat (coming soon to UberKinky!) and the Oxballs Log dildo. We are never short on the toilet humour here at UberKinky! Our lovely model gets into position and shows us an alternative way of using a Poo dildo! Are you ready to take a seat? Tune in next week when we get into the Christmas mood for our next Toy With Me Tuesday submission. Until then, don't forget to flush!

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