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BON4 Plus


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. All in one professional male chastity kit
  2. Comes with two cage sizes
  3. Four interchangeable rings
  4. Jam packed with accessories and a storage bag

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Are you serious about male chastity and like a little variety?

Brand new for 2011, the BON4 Plus pack comes with the newly updated BON4 silicone chastity device as well as the new BON4L cage for the larger gentleman. As usual, the BON4 Plus comes complete and ready to go with 2 cages, 4 different sized rings, 2 silicone straps, 2 nylon locking pins, 10 plastic tamper proof locks, 2 padlocks, 4 keys and a handy drawstring storage bag.

Why buy the BON4 Plus?

Maybe you aren’t sure what size cage to buy. Due to the nature of the product, the BON4 can’t be returned if it doesn’t fit. If you’re on the border between a grower and a shower then the BON4 Plus is just for you. Perhaps some days you prefer a little more room? Or maybe even more confinement! With two different sized cages and four different sized rings, you’ll have no problem finding the right combination for you.

Regular BON4:

Overall length: 88mm

Internal cage length: 65 mm

Cage opening: 32mm

Weight: 65g (with middle size ring)


Overall length: 110mm

Internal cage length: 75mm

Cage opening: 35 mm

Weight: 75g (with middle size ring)

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 81941
Brand BON4
Circumference 13.5cm (5.3 inches)
Inner Diameter See description
Length 8.8cm and 11cm
Overall Diameter 4.4cm (1.73 inches)
Product Weight 0.340 kg
Size Comes with regular and large
Adjustable Yes
Contents 2 BON4 cages, 4 different sized rings, 2 silicone straps, 2 nylon locking pins, 10 plastic tamper proof locks, 2 padlocks, 4 keys and a handy drawstring storage bag
Washing Instructions Wash with hot soapy water, and ensure device is completely dry before storage
Material Silicone

BON4 Plus Reviews

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BON4 Plus
Review by Ruffled Sheets posted on 8 June 2012
As soon as I heard about the new larger Bon4, I contacted UberKinky, who were also eagerly anticipating their release. I was promised that I’d be notified as soon as they came in stock and sure enough, Vikki emailed me as soon as they were in. The first batch they received were of the Bon4 plus device. Not wanting to wait any longer, I ordered the Plus. I knew the smaller cage portion wouldn’t fit but it was only an extra £25 and Vikki wasn’t sure when the Large Bon4 would arrive on its own.

After experimenting a little, I found my desired combination and put the device on. Instantly I could tell how different it felt from my previous polycarbonate device. It was lighter, grippier, and much more comfortable.

The rings, for example, are able to flatten out a little so that they are an oval shape. This means that if your penis grows in the middle of the night then the sides can expand a little. They don’t stretch but they can change shape accordingly. The cage can also flatten out, too, or change shape slightly if it needs to. There are also subtle differences from other devices. The rings are much wider than any other device I’ve seen (the rings themselves, not the holes). This gives the device a lot more grip and it is much less likely to move than other devices. This decreases the chance of chafing but can increase the chance of ingrown hairs. To avoid this, you can apply a tiny amount of lube. Personally, I always do this in the mornings as I prefer a little movement. Be sure to use water based lube only though, as others can harm the silicone.
Unlike my Curve, as soon as I put this device on, I kept it on for a few days. I didn’t need to work up to it in stages. This was all due to the flexible silicone. I remember waking up the night after I first put it on amazed that I had slept through the entire time without waking up. Usually I wake up at least once for the first few days with a new device as my body becomes used to it. This one was different, though. I felt great in the morning and not in any pain or discomfort.

Like most things though, there is a flipside to such a comfortable device. It’s not, and doesn’t feel, as locked down as a device made from a sturdier material. There is a lot of give in the silicone which means my penis can feel a lot more through the device. I can feel touching through the cage and it can be squashed & squeezed. I don’t feel as caged or as denied as I do wearing another device. You can’t really have both, though. It’s like driving a Rolls Royce vs driving a McLaren F1. Choosing a chastity device is similar. You can have the soft, comfortable feel of silicone but it won’t be, or feel, as restrictive as another material, for example: steel.

As with most chastity devices, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for much longer than a few days without removing it to clean the device and to clean yourself. You can perform a limited clean in the shower, but with devices that are as enclosed as the Bon4 then there really is no other option than to remove it every so often for a complete clean. Once locked in you’ll only really have access to your penis from the rear of the device or through three small holes at the tip. There are no larger holes or slits like in other devices so you will be more enclosed than most. If you want reduced access to your (or your loved one’s) penis then this is great, but it does mean that keeping clean is very important.

Because it is made of such a pliable material, though, cleaning is a breeze. You can manipulate the silicone to make it easy to reach the end of the device, which can be awkward with a stiffer material. I usually take mine off in the shower (when I’ve been given the key!) then wash the device and myself with hot soapy water. Like all silicone products though, you can boil it if you like for a few minutes or clean in your usual manner.

This is a well made chastity device that is affordable, looks good and is comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for maximum security then this might not be for you, but what I will say is that this is probably the best device for a beginner currently available. If you’re interested in chastity and want something to start out with, then this is absolutely perfect. It does all the things a chastity device should; it prevents the wearer from becoming erect, it can’t be removed once locked on and it can be worn for long periods. I love wearing mine.
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bon 4 plus
Review by rose the sissy slut posted on 4 June 2014
this morning I was give my new bon 4 which my wife had me put on, I had to use a lot of lube this I do recommend
once I had it fitted it was locked in place
having had on for most of day it is very comfortable locked in as I am there is no way I can get to my self without her permission
I have just been told it will be some time before my bon 4 is coming off or I FOR THAT MATTER
one of the best thing to do is read the instructions
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not impressed
Review by disappointed posted on 22 December 2012
nigh on impossible to get cockring round scrotum. Attachments don`t stay securely in place. Too fiddly threading strap through gates.
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