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Cellblock 13

Feeling a wee bit cheeky? Well you’re guaranteed a good crack in underwear from our Cellblock 13 collection! Owned by Timoteo LLC, the Cellblock 13 line was launched in 2012 and has quickly gained a reputation for fine quality and intricate design. It is now considered the go-to brand for fashion meets fetish and is one of the most recognised menswear brands within the industry. With unique style, supreme stitching and highly skilled craftsmanship, it is easy to see why it has quickly soared in popularity. Timoteo LLC was founded in Los Angeles in 2001. Since then it has been a highly sought-after brand by men all over the globe. The underwear and clothing line has been created with the vision of providing cutting-edge design, exceptional fit and unparalleled quality. It’d be a crime to miss out...

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