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Jade & Pearl

Don’t just go with the flow; there are other options available to you, aside from synthetic sanitary products! Highly specialised in the sourcing, production and supply of sponge tampons, Jade & Pearl prides itself on offering items that are unique, 100% natural, recyclable, reusable and sustainable. Free from chemicals, dioxin, bleach, chlorine, fragrance, synthetic materials and dyes, these sponge tampons ensure that you are not exposed to any harmful ingredients or irritants, are non toxic and biodegradable. Gloria Satrita, owner and founder of the company, launched this innovative line of sponge tampons back in 1974, before the carcinogenic effects of dioxin, synthetic fibres and toxic shock syndrome were heard of. Based in Florida, she has been distributing sponge tampons globally now for more than 40 years. An absolute gem when it comes to your ‘time of the month’!

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