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Hung like a horse and struggling to find a lube powerful enough to ease in your man meat? Or do you simply need something that helps to fulfil your animalistic instincts? Well fear not, Jorvet is the manufacturer of our all time favourite lube (J-Lube), which caters to the real animals amongst us. Extremely popular with us kinky folk, it has a cult following of uber fans and has been featured in all the best pornos. Its concentrated formula makes up to 6-8 gallons of super-slick, water soluble lubricant, which is non irritating, odourless, tasteless, non toxic and non staining. Indeed, it is the perfect solution however you choose to play, but it is particularly popular with those fervent fans of fisting. Well renowned for superior quality and expertise, the company now supplies its products worldwide. Vet the range for yourself!

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