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Kink Industries

Let’s get something straight; when it comes to all things kinky, this brand really means business! So, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best when you purchase some BDSM gear from our Kink Industries collection. With creative ideas and innovative designs, items are produced with your safety and ultimate satisfaction in mind. Bottoms can even be transformed into a very unique kind of BDSM accessory. Intended for only the very extreme players, we guarantee that you UberKinky extremists will be squealing with excitement after browsing this impressive collection. So, if you’re ready to get creative with your kink; browse the UberKinky selection of the very best butt plugs, clamps, canes and much more from the Kink Industries collection. It’s time to get industrious in your out of hour’s activities. Work hard, but play harder!

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  1. Kink Industries Collins Speculum
  2. Easy In Anal Dilators 3.25 Inches
  3. Dr Sado Cock & Ball Crusher
  4. Kink Industries Natural Rattan Cane
  5. Ball Weight and Chain
  6. Kink Industries Prison Stockade With Fucking Rod
  7. Kink Industries Cock Crimper
  8. Kink Industries Miller Speculum
  9. Pig Tail Butt Plug 4 Inches
  10. Penis Head Glans Ring with Pressure Point
  11. Penis Crown Glans Ring
    As low as £49.99
  12. Kink Industries Penis Shaped Inflatable Gag
  13. Kink Industries Tower of Pain Nipple Clamps
  14. Kink Industries Round Nipple Clamps
  15. Kink Industries Adjustable C-Clamps Nipple Clamps
  16. Latex Vacuum Bed
  17. Kink Industries Nipple Clamps With Bell
  18. Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane
    Out of stock
  19. Kink Industries Anal Proctoscope
    Out of stock

19 Items

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