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Master Series

When it comes to our remarkable collection of bondage gear, what can we say? Well, we certainly learnt from the masters! Here at UberKinky, we’re proud to offer you the most superior items from the extremely diverse Master Series collection. Crafted from the finest materials and sure to bring a tear to any sub’s eye, this brutal brand is brought to us by the ever popular and well renowned XR Brands. Ideal for the more extreme players, an item from the Master Series selection is the perfect choice for those who like to engage in a little orgasm tease and denial, want to clamp down on bad behaviour or simply want to enjoy some supreme sensation play. So, what are you waiting for? Pick out your BDSM accessory today, and start your sadistic series of events. Why settle for TV, when you can create some scenes of your own?

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  1. Monarch Noir Nipple Clamps
  2. Master Series Anal Links Anal Beads 9.25 Inches or 13 Inches
    As low as £27.99
  3. Master Series Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring
  4. Master Series Anal Destructor Butt Plug 5.5 Inches or 7 Inches
    As low as £36.99
  5. Master Series Solitary Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage
  6. Master Series Anais Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp Set
  7. Master Series Cock Shock Remote Controlled Cock Ring
  8. Master Series Intake Anal Suction Device - 2 Inch
  9. Master Series The Cyclops Dildo 8.75 Inches
  10. Master Series Black Baller Anal Beads 15 Inches
  11. Master Series Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage
  12. Master Series Fetish Drip Candles
  13. Master Series Solitary Plus Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage with Cum-Thru Plug
  14. Master Series Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle
  15. Master Series Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps
  16. Master Series Excavate Tunnel Anal Plug
  17. Master Series Face Fuk Strap On Mouth Gag
  18. Master Series Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls
  19. Master Series Devour Locking Feeding Gag
  20. Master Series Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set
  21. Master Series Repressor Chastity Device
  22. Master Series Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring Set
  23. Master Series The Annihilator XXXL Dildo 16 Inches
  24. Master Series Dockers Silicone Urethral Sound Set
  25. Master Series Asylum Locking Chastity Cage
    As low as £84.99
  26. Master Series Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps
  27. Master Series Ratchet Style Jenings Mouth Gag with Strap
  28. Master Series The Violator 13 Mode XL Dildo Thruster 9.5 inches
  29. Master Series Sissy Mouth Gag
  30. Master Series Pink Pig Tail Butt Plug 4 Inches
  31. Master Series Leviathan Giant Inflatable Silicone Dildo With Core 10.24 Inches
  32. Master Series Spread Me Open Thigh Harness with Hollow Butt Plug 3.5 Inches

Items 1-32 of 122

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Set Ascending Direction