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Perfect Fit

Looking for something that will fit perfectly into your salacious lifestyle? Then try this for size; the UberKinky Perfect Fit collection boasts cutting edge designs with distinctive and unconventional features, for the ultimate in sexual satisfaction. Founded in 2011, it has been nominated for 19 industry awards to date, and continues to develop new, innovative and exciting ideas. All items are made from the finest materials, with ultimate pleasure and enjoyment in mind. With a wide selection of bondage gear and sex toys, the Perfect Fit selection is almost as diverse as we are! Browse the collection and find your perfect fit today.

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  1. Perfect Fit Ergoflo 5 Inch Plastic Douche Nozzle
  2. Perfect Fit Play Zone Cock Rings
  3. Perfect Fit Double Tunnel Plug 3.5 inch
    As low as £37.99
  4. Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug 2.5 Inches
    As low as £38.99
  5. Perfect Fit Jock Armour
    As low as £49.99
  6. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender
    As low as £45.99
  7. Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring
  8. Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock 3.34 Inches
    As low as £39.99
  9. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Sport Penis Extender
    As low as £11.99
  10. Perfect Fit Hump Gear Butt Plug - 6 Inches
    As low as £46.99
  11. Perfect Fit Speed Shift Cock Ring
  12. Perfect Fit 3 Ring Kit Silicone Cock Rings
    As low as £4.99
  13. Perfect Fit Bull Bag
    As low as £7.99
  14. Perfect Fit Ergoflo Impulse Douche
  15. Perfect Fit Ergoflo Director Douche
  16. Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring Cock Ring
    As low as £15.99
  17. Perfect Fit Armour Tug
    As low as £23.39
  18. Perfect Fit Ergoflo Extra Douche
  19. Perfect Fit Ergoflo 8 Inch Silicone Flex Tip Douche Nozzle
  20. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Penis Extender
    As low as £7.99
  21. Perfect Fit Armour Knight XL Hollow Strap On
    As low as £37.99
  22. Perfect Fit Zoro Strap-On
  23. Perfect Fit Bull Bag Buzz
    As low as £22.99
  24. Perfect Fit Armour Split Ball Splitter
    As low as £25.99
    Out of stock
  25. Perfect Fit Neoprene Snap Cock Ring
    Out of stock
  26. Perfect Fit Ergoflo Colon Cleanse 20 Inch Nozzle
    Out of stock
  27. Perfect Fit Buck Off Buck Angel FTM Stroker
    Out of stock

27 Items

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