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Strict Leather

We know that you guys are pretty strict on quality when it comes to choosing your toys and gear! That’s why we’ve developed this UberKinky collection of Strict Leather goods. You can always be certain that you’re getting the very best with an item from this range. Constructed with only the finest quality leather, Strict Leather has been producing some of the very best bondage equipment available since 2012. Our handpicked collection boasts only the most supreme items from the extensive range. One thing’s for sure, a product from this collection is sure to bring out the animal in you!

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  1. Strict Arm Binder
  2. Strict Leather Locking Posture Collar
    As low as £60.99
  3. Gates of Hell
    As low as £26.99
  4. Strict Leather Short Riding Crop
  5. Strict Leather Vampire Paddle
  6. Strict Leather Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts
    As low as £102.99
  7. Strict Leather Padded Muzzle
  8. Strict Leather Gates Of Hell Chastity Cage
  9. Strict Leather Locking Male Harness for Anal Butt plug
  10. STRICT Muzzle Harness with Ball Gag
  11. Strict Male Chastity Harness 32.5 - 43 Inches
  12. Strict Leather Male Chastity Device Harness 30.5 - 45 Inches
  13. Strict Leather Sling and Stirrups
  14. Strict Leather Premium Locking Wrist Cuffs
  15. Strict Leather Deluxe Black & Red Locking Collar
  16. Strict Leather Easy Access Wrist and Ankle Restraints
  17. STRICT Bondage Board
  18. Strict Pet Crawler Bondage Set Restraints
  19. Strict Leather Two-Strap Dildo Harness
  20. Strict Leather Male Harness with Inflatable Butt Plug 4.5 Inches
  21. Strict Leather Premium Locking Ankle Cuffs
  22. Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar
  23. Strict Leather Extreme Punishment Strap
  24. Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop
  25. Strict Leather Silicone Ball Gag
    Out of stock
  26. Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt
    Out of stock
  27. Strict Deluxe Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs
    Out of stock
  28. Strict Leather Ride Me Mouth Gag
    Out of stock
  29. Strict Leather Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger
    Out of stock
  30. Strict Leather Devils Tail Whip
    Out of stock
  31. Strict Deluxe Rigid Spreader Bar
    Out of stock
  32. STRICT Netted Male Chastity Jock 32.5 - 40.5 Inches
    Out of stock

Items 1-32 of 35

per page