‘Back to the Future’ would have been a bit of an eye opener if Marty McFly had come across one of these futuristic gadgets! Tenga has completely revolutionised the way in which men everywhere enjoy their solo time. So prepare for the best blow job of your life because this is deep throating with a difference. As Tenga continues to bring us new, ground breaking and innovative designs, the concept remains the same. These tantalising toys cover the entire penis and deliver sensational suction like never before, while the inner aspect is textured to stimulate every single nerve ending. Established in 2005, Tenga is now sold to over 40 countries worldwide. Made from silicone, toys are soft, durable and make for the most pleasurable experience of your life. You can always rely on the Japanese to deliver brand new, state of the art technology. This time it’s an all new and much more exciting kind of ‘ride’!

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