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CB3000 Male Chastity Device


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Lightweight & Durable
  2. Designed for comfort and hygiene
  3. Made from an extremely durable polycarbonate material
  4. Complete with everything you need to get started including rings & spacers
  5. Ergonomic design – easy to put on & secure

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The key to successful chastity is the device you select, and the CB3000 is the perfect choice!

The CB3000 Male chastity device is a fantastic product for people who want to experience male chastity. Made from extremely durable polycarbonate, not only is this male chastity device strong, but its lightweight too, adding to the overall comfort. Boasting a well ventilated design, the CB3000 ensures optimum hygiene and urination during long-term wear. Complete with everything you need to get started, it even comes with various different sized rings and spacers to ensure the perfect fit. For additional comfort, we suggest using baby oil or a silicone based lubricant after showering. This can be applied to the penis with a cotton swab to allow the penis to have a little bit of freedom inside the cage. Ergonomic in design, the CB300 Male Chastity Device is easy to put on and extremely secure. Get locked up without delay!

NOTE: The CB3000 now comes with U ring style cockrings.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9018
Brand AL Enterprises
Circumference 12.5cm (4.9 inches)
Inner Diameter Cage: 3.5cm (1.37 inches)
Length Cage: 7.62cm (3 inches)
Overall Diameter 4.1cm (1.6 inches)
Product Weight 248g
Size The inner dimension of the cockrings are 1 ½ inches, 1 5/8 inches, 1 ¾ inches, 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches
Adjustable Yes, choose the ring that fits best
Contents 1 Chastity Cage, 5 rings, 3 locking pins, 3 spacers, brass padlock & key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, Embossed CB-3000™
Washing Instructions Wash with hot soapy water, and ensure device is completely dry before storage
Colour Transparent
Material Polycarbonate

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CB3000 Male Chastity Device Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
5 Reviews (5)
Total : 5 Reviews
Highly recommended!
Review by Steve_50 posted on 8 November 2013
I hit the Big Five-O back in the summer. As you get older things start to change; the body takes much longer to recover, minor cuts and bruises can take weeks to heal, our looks fade and most upsettingly of all, things start of 'nod off' in the bedroom.

In order to spice things up, my wife and I decided to purchase some sex toys. Ironically the most effective sex toy - and the one we have had the most fun with – is the CB-3000 male chastity device.

I find wearing the CB-3000 incredibly arousing, and frustrating in equal measure. It is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, whilst being very secure. You quickly get used to having it on, and even sleeping in it.

From the second I put it on I literally can't stop thinking about sex with my wife, and when we do have sex it is so much more intense and exciting.
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Review by mark 47 posted on 3 October 2014
my partner has just got me one of these, its a great piece of kit.well made and very comfortable. when i tried it on my partner snapped the lock shut having already hidden the keys so im now at her mercy, when she gets me erect my penis pushes the cage forward applying pressure to my testicles which is nice,and there's no way i can achieve orgasm unless she releases me so now im at her beck and call 24/7 which she loves and says im in here for a very long time
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
A Comfortable Device to wear
Review by TVTrisha posted on 10 August 2017
I bought my CB3000 to show my loyalty to my Mistress. I fitted the device, locked it on, then posted her the keys. I had to wait until She decided to return them & allow me my freedom.
I find it comfortable to wear, even in bed overnight. It is unobtrusive under normal clothes, even when wearing a thin pair of Mistress' cotton panties.
Mistress has yet to see it fitted personally, but derives great pleasure from a distance, knowing I am subject to Her Control.
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First experiences
Review by Ian26 posted on 3 February 2018
I got the CB3000 earlier this week and have been locked in since then. All this time I have been in a semi-aroused state not being able to take my mind off my locked up throbbing genitals. When I focus on anything remotely sexual, I instantly feel pressure as my penis expands until it is pushed up tight and constricted by the tiny cage; which puts an uncomfortable (yet slightly enjoyable) pressure on my testicles. I am then forced do everything in my power to take my mind off it and use all my willpower to remain unaroused and avoid the uncomfortable sensation that results as a consequence of my arousal.

One of the most challenging times is when I wake up in the morning with morning glory and I have to instantly jump out of bed to make it go away and relieve the pressure. As a result, I now get up and make my girlfriend breakfast and bring it to her to take my mind off my throbbing erection and hopefully get in her good books. When I bring her breakfast I get a sweet smile and a warm hug which never fails to make me extremely aroused while in chastity... and once again my day begins not being able to take my mind off my caged genitals; constantly using all my concentration and willpower to avoid inevitable arousal.

Overall, the CB3000 is extremely comfortable, light, discrete and is almost unnoticeable until I get aroused. Escape is impossible without the key (at lease ive not found a way yet)... which is a good thing as I always want out of my cage when my willpower fades and try everything to get a release - but really deep down want to stay locked up at the mercy of my keyholder ;).
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Great product
Review by slave posted on 10 January 2014
My mistress fitted this as soon as it arrived and she only allows it off for me to wash under her supervision then it is back on again
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: Corky Fflyte on 30 Sep 2016 12:30:00
Show answers...
Two minor queries:
Can you briefly explain the differences between the CB3000 and the CB6000, apart from a slight difference in length.
I note that you say "The CB3000 now comes with U ring style cockrings", is this rather than the circular variety and are there benefits? For instance is it easier to put on - do you have an illustration of the new design?
Thank you and Best Regards, Corky
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 6 Oct 2016 16:06:00

The difference between the CB6000 and the CB3000 is mainly the design, the CB6000 has air vents along the shaft. It's all down to personal preference really. The U ring style rings don't pinch like the hinged rings did and the makers of the CB range no longer make the round rings. This is what the U rings look like which come with all of the CB6000 and CB3000 packages

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