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4 Reasons You Should Try Ball Stretching

Baffled by ball stretching? Not really got a grip on the concept? Well, it takes a man with real balls to give it a go, but when it comes to sensual/sexual/sadistic satisfaction, this type of ball play is in a league of its own!

Ball Stretching - The Feel

Swing low, sweet chariot! Feel like you’re on the climactic brink all day long...

It’s no stretch to say that this terrific tug is one of the most satisfying sensations you’ll ever experience! Merely wearing a stretcher imitates that tremendous tightening sensation felt just prior to climax, and your playmate will love the feeling of a ball weight/stretched out sack banging against them during sex. We really feel for those that have never tried it!

I wear one during the day and two during wife loves both the look, but more importantly, the sensation she gets from my swinging balls. The Most Comfortable Ball Weight - Paul K

Ball Stretching - The Look

Size matters! All eyes will be on those impressive gems...

Don’t give us that look! The stretched out sack is very ‘this season’. So, if you want all eyes on your full package, or the mere sight of a low hanging pair has you hard, ball stretching is the perfect choice. Now forget that green eyed monster; size matters, but a ball stretcher will help you reach those all important goals.

This ball stretcher feels great, I wear mine all day and it gives u a great tugging feeling. I am currently wearing 2. My wife loves feeling them bulging during intercourse. Oxballs Screwball - Willadd

Ball Stretching - Orgasm

The lower the testicles, the further the ejaculate must travel...

Congratulations, you’ve pulled! Slip on your stretcher before you get started with your play and feel the scrotum attempt to contract as you reach your peak. Unable to move, the resistance makes for a much longer lasting and incredibly powerful orgasm. The overall process of stretching will give you a new found stamina too. Come on, you know you want to!

That feeling of your scrotum tightening as you approach orgasm? That’s what this is like, but right from the start. Oxballs Cocksling 2 - Ruffled Sheets

Ball Stretching - The Sensation

Tightly stretched skin is more sensitive, magnifying every tantalising touch...

It’s about time you came to your senses about ball stretching! Wearing a stretcher enhances every tantalising touch, lick and tickle for the ultimate in sensual satisfaction. The softest stroke will have you on the climactic verge. Some may wish to use this to their advantage and partake in some brutal BDSM play. Just remember to play sensibly!

When they are being played with… Wow. Everything is enhanced. Every touch feels more intense due to the skin being pulled and kept tight. Oxballs Cocksling 2 - Ruffled Sheets

It’s been kept on the down low for too long; ball stretching is not just for the extreme! Some will use ball stretchers occasionally as a way of improving stamina and performance; others will wear only during sex for the sensations derived from it. Those that wish to see permanent results will build weight up gradually to achieve their desired results. So, now you have the lowdown, isn’t it high time you gave it a go?

Which Ball Stretcher
Should I Choose?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re juggling so many balls at once, it’s difficult to spend the necessary time making these important decisions! So for a comprehensive breakdown, read our Beginner’s Ball Stretchers Guide. However, here are our top 3 recommendations;

The Most Comfortable Ball Weight

1. The Most Comfortable Ball Weight

What’s in a name? Well, in this case the name says it all! The uniquely large radius allows for better weight distribution, and the variation in sizes makes finding the perfect fit simple. Crafted from stainless steel, it is body friendly and will last a lifetime with minimal care. Now that should be a weight off your mind! The Most Comfortable Ball Weight

Oxballs Sprocket by Atomic Jock

2. Oxballs Sprocket by Atomic Jock

It's time to set the wheels in motion! Crafted from top quality SoFlex thermoplastic rubber, the Oxballs Sprocket is an ideal choice for beginners. The supreme stretch means optimum comfort and easy fitting. Compatible with all of your favourite lubricants, it promises to be a real driver in your stretching success! Oxballs Sprocket by Atomic Jock

Oxballs Cocksling 2

3. Oxballs Cocksling 2

Spread the love! The cock ring slows the blood flow from the penis resulting in a harder, more powerful erection, whilst the ball stretcher facilitates a climax like never before. Made from TPR, it stretches to more than double its size for optimum fit and maximum comfort. This sling guarantees to make sex play better! Oxballs Cocksling 2

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