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4 Reasons You Should Try Butt Plugs

Bewildered by butt plugs? Not completely open to the idea of sticking something in your bum? Well, if you haven’t tried one, you’re really behind the times, and here are 4 UberKinky reasons why;

Butt Plugs - The Look

Add some bling to your ring and things will really start to look up...

Now look here; butt plugs boast supreme sex appeal. Not only can you get your hands on a beautiful jewelled butt plug or, indeed, a tantalising tail to really add to the aesthetics in your play, the look will also inspire great anticipation of what is to come. Why not use it as a method of teasing and exciting your playmate? Even the most basic of butt plugs looks incredibly sexy peeking out of your hole. So why not add a little bling to your back door?

Feels really horny, especially when walking or bending. Kept it in for hours until it decided to come out on its own. Now I need the large size!!! Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug - Mickey

Butt Plugs - Anal Anticipation

Anal about preparation? Enjoy a wonderful warm up...

Anticipating that something big is about to happen? Wearing a butt plug can help you prepare for anal sex, or even fisting for those of you with huge anal ambitions. It can be a great starting point in order to get accustomed to the new sensations and the stretch associated with anal play. Butt plugs are also great for wearing in the prelude to anal sex, or other anal activities, as they will get you warmed up, relaxed and ready for action. So, if you’re anal about sex play, butt plugs are the way to go!

The thing that shocked me the most was how smooth it was going in! This was my first anal toy and it was absolutely incredible! So easy to wear, I wish I could wear it all the time. Crystal Delights Minx Tail Butt Plug - Cestlamort

Butt Plugs - Superior Stimulation

Tantalise the nerves and fill up on something substantial...

It’s important to be anally attentive! Butt plugs not only deliver a supreme stretch, they also provide a fantastic feeling of fullness and will titillate the nerve endings for unique and intense sensations. When this is combined with any other stimulation (such as oral sex, masturbation, or sex itself), the result is far superior and much more satisfying than anything you’ve ever experienced, and that’s before you reach climax. The bottom line is; the best just got better!

This is the best toy I ever bought. I wore it whilst having sex with my partner and it gives so many different sensations. I would recommend this toy to everyone! Rocks Off RO-Zen - Ollie

Butt Plugs - Intensified Orgasm

It’s high time you experienced your most powerful orgasm...

Are you coming around to the idea yet? As the pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm, the muscles around the plug also contract. This makes the spasms feel much more powerful. In fact, orgasmic contractions are of far greater intensity with a butt plug in place than without. The strength and duration of the climax is, therefore, much greater. Additionally, extra nerve stimulation contributes to this increased intensity and an explosive orgasm. Don’t blow it by missing out!

After bouncing on it several times I came without even touching myself. This is a must try product, thanks Uberkinky. Master Series Colossus - Anal Lover

Remember; butt plugs are not just for the extreme; they are the perfect accompaniment to any sex play and will always ensure that you’re on ‘top’ form!

Which Butt Plug
Should I Choose?

So, you’re starting to see why we like to plug these toys at every available opportunity, butt you’re not too confident about choosing your new anal acquaintance? Here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

1. Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

Just what the doctor ordered! Cleverly contoured for easy and comfortable insertion, this Classic Butt Plug is perfect for those just starting out on their anal adventure. Crafted using Doc Johnson’s Sil-A-Gel formula, it is antibacterial, non toxic, as well as latex and phthalates free. The soft material moulds to the shape of your body, for optimum gratification and minimum discomfort. Plus, durability of the material means it will last a lifetime with minimal care. Don’t delay; make your appointment for anal action today! Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

Easy In Anal Dilators

2. Easy In Anal Dilators

Open yourself up to new possibilities with these Easy In Anal Dilators! It’s not hard to see why these innovative items make the perfect anal accompaniment. Sturdy and durable, they have a tapered head for easy insertion and feature a flared base for safety purposes. The kit comes complete with 5 graduating dilators, which not only feel incredible, but look that way too. Plus, there’s even a little hole in the tip to avoid any internal pleasure build up. It’s no stretch to say that these are an UberKinky favourite! Easy In Anal Dilators

Tantus Severin Butt Plug

3. Tantus Severin Butt Plug

This plug guarantees to turn you on! Available in three different sizes, it works as an anal trainer, featuring two graduating ridges that allow you to insert more if, and when, you’re ready. Crafted from 100% body safe pure platinum silicone, it is non toxic and phthalates free. The top quality material will even warm up quickly to body temperature so that things never go cold. Featuring a flared base for safety, this toy will never get lost in the moment and promises to have you feeling fully charged! Tantus Severin Butt Plug

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