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4 Reasons You Should Try Enemas & Douches

Dubious about douches? Somewhat equivocal when it comes to enemas? Well, this is one booty call that should never go unanswered, and here are 4 UberKinky reasons why;

Enemas & Douches - Anal Anticipation

There’s nothing wrong with being anal...

Anal about cleanliness? Well, for no fuss no muss in all of your anal activities, a douche or enema is a must. Everyone enjoys a bit of anal attention every now and again, right?! Well, not only will being clean ensure that there are no mishaps whilst you play, it will also help you to relax without the worry of things getting really messy. So, why not get a deep clean with a deviant difference and embark on your anal adventures without delay? Getting clean has never felt so dirty!

I love the unique sensation of water gushing deeper and deeper inside me, and that feeling of inner cleanliness after expulsion. It builds up anticipation for the supreme session that lies ahead.

Enemas & Douches - Superior Stimulation

A delicious filling with a deviant difference...

Get your fill of superior stimulation! The unique feeling of fullness that having an enema/douche provides is unlike anything else. It is believed that the water puts extra pressure on the g-spot/prostate gland. That alone is enough to have you on the climactic brink. However, the combination of the streaming water, the feeling of full-ness and the penetration makes for intense gratification. Add other stimulation into the mix and the result is explosive. So... no pressure!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of that warm water filling up my anal cavity. I hold it for as long as I can manage and then mmmm... sweet release! So good.

Enemas & Douches - Submissive Satisfaction

The bottom line is; submission is sexy...

Here come the waterworks! Despite it being possible to incorporate the use of enemas and douches into the more extreme humiliation scenes, they are also the perfect way for experimental beginners to add a little submission and power exchange to their play. Inspiring all new feelings of vulnerability and anticipation, being at the mercy of someone else, with gratification entirely in their hands, is an incredible turn on. Similarly, being the one in control is an immense thrill. Seriously, just go with the flow!

It’s really easy to insert and very comfortable. I must admit I was screaming for Mistress to keep on pumping when she was filling me with warm soapy water while I was totally at her mercy. The experience is one which I really hope to repeat again & again!

Enemas & Douches - Deeper Connection

A deep clean that inspires a deep connection...

Trust us; this is a really deep experience! Although you can play with a douche/enema alone, sharing the experience with a playmate will allow you to connect on a much deeper emotional level. This type of play involves the redefining of roles and power exchange. Tops will need to be responsive and obedient to the bottom’s requests, and bottoms will need to have complete faith and trust in them. Sure to enhance any relationship, isn’t it time you saw the connection?

I so love the humiliation factor, it makes me wild with desire and sexual satisfaction. Watching my partner take control is a real thrill and has brought us even closer together.

Remember; whether you go it alone or with a friend, using an enema or a douche guarantees to get those creative juices flowing. Although some may opt to use them as part of an extreme BDSM scene, they are also the perfect choice to enhance any sex play. Superior satisfaction really is in the bag!

Which Enema/Douche
Should I Choose?

So, you’re starting to catch our drift about enemas and douching, but you’re not sure how best to take the plunge? Here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Ass Play Douche Kit

1. Ass Play Douche Kit

Don’t be an ass; this kit is the perfect choice for those just starting out on their anal adventure. Complete with three different interchangeable nozzles; ridged, pliable and curved for g-spot/prostate stimulation, now you can choose your companion depending on your mood. Easy to use and comfortable, it’s the perfect solution to help you get to the bottom of superior sex play! Ass Play Douche Kit

Clean Stream Shower Enema System

2. Clean Stream Shower Enema System

Taking a shower just got interesting! This clever piece of equipment comes with all the necessary fittings to simply hook up to your existing shower plumbing. With two different sized nozzles, you can pick the one that’s right for you, ensuring the best experience possible. Cleverly crafted from metal, this system is phthalate and latex free, and the hose is 1.9 metres (6 foot) in length. Talk about putting a system in place! Clean Stream Shower Enema System

Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit

3. Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit

Forget keeping warm, things are about to get really hot with this Water Bottle Douche Kit! With two nozzles and an adjustable flow control clamp, it is easy to use, comfortable and controllable. The bag holds 1.7 litres of water, and when you’re not enjoying a deep clean, it can also be used as a hot water bottle. It even comes with a handy plastic hook so that the bag can be hung high to achieve optimum results. Don’t bottle it; douching should never be at the bottom of your list! Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit

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