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4 Reasons You Should Try Penis Plugs

Puzzled by penis plugs? Shocked that so many men currently wear them? Well, this type of toy guarantees to turn you on, and here's why;

Penis Plugs - Intensified Orgasm

Go deep! Enjoy internal stimulation with explosive intensity...

This should really pique your interest! Wear a penis plug during oral sex or masturbation and experience gratifying sensations from the inside out. A penis plug tantalises the nerve endings that sit just behind the head of the penis, leading to intense stimulation and heightened sensitivity. Combined with a supreme stretching sensation, this results in an incredibly powerful orgasm. Removing the plug just as you climax makes for an even more explosive experience. You’ll certainly blow it, but in a good way!

The plug slid in and from his reaction the feeling was very intense. Being able to penetrate your man in this way and also the trust that is required, bonds you closer and really highly charges the atmosphere ready for more… Undulating Penis Plug - Cara Sutra

Penis Plugs - The Look

Accessorise your manhood and add a little bling to your thing...

We’re here to give you a heads-up that all eyes will be on your impressive package when you titivate and decorate it with a picturesque penis plug. Typically referred to as penis jewellery, it will give you a pierced look and feel without the need for permanently defacing your manhood. Penis plugs look almost as incredible as they feel and they’re guaranteed to add a little sparkle to your sex play. So, stop gawping and give them a try!

This moving expansion of the urethra almost feels similar to when the last of a large quantity of ejaculate drips out after an orgasm. Undulating Penis Plug - Incendiaire

Penis Plugs - The Feel

Discover an instant erection that will really get on your nerves...

Change may have you feeling wired, but we guarantee you won’t regret it! The penis is highly sensitive and full of nerve endings, so by simply wearing a plug you will experience incredibly orgasmic sensations that will have you instantly hard. When worn underneath clothing (thru-hole penis plugs only) you can enjoy day long stimulation. Plus, a more powerful and prolonged erection allows for longer playtimes. That must make you feel better!

In some ways it's similar to a long, drawn out orgasm, but will last as long as you want it to. If you haven't tried it, you really should! Smooth & Deep Penis Plug - Ruffled Sheets

Penis Plugs - Heightened Sensitivity

Get a sense of sensitivity; enhance every satisfying stroke...

Show your sensitive side by wearing a penis plug! Inserting one of these terrific toys will make the penis all the more susceptible to every tantalising touch. It squashes the tiny nerve endings behind the head of the penis so that they are closer to the surface. This enhances their sensitivity, magnifying every satisfying stroke or suck. Even the very gentlest of touches will have you on the climactic brink. This makes for incredibly intense experience. You’ll get a real sense of what we’re talking about when you try it for yourself!

I simply move mine in and out slowly, enjoying the undulations and experiencing the pleasurable feeling of something deep in my penis. Think of using it like savouring a fine brandy. So, does it actually feel good? Yes! Sensational, in fact. Undulating Penis Plug - Ruffled Sheets

You may cringe at the idea of inserting something into your penis; after all, it’s usually the penis that is squeezing into other tight holes. However, this tool can really enhance your sex play and deliver the most superior stimulation of your life. Give it a try, and we promise you’ll be fully charged and ready for next time!

Which Penis Plug
Should I Choose?

You can’t just flick a switch and expect to know exactly which penis plug will be right for you! But luckily for you, we don’t charge for advice. So, here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Standard Penis Plug

1. Standard Penis Plug

Every man should wear a penis plug as standard! Crafted from top quality stainless steel, this ergonomic plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion and features a ring at the end for fast and effective removal. It is perfectly contoured with a bulbous head to stimulate the nerve endings, and boasts a thru-hole design allowing for ejaculation and urination whilst wearing. This makes it ideal for those that wish to wear for longer periods of time. It’s no stretch to say that this plug is one of our all-time favourites! Standard Penis Plug

Beginner Penis Plug

2. Beginner Penis Plug

As its name suggests, this penis plug really is ideal for beginners. With a tapered tip for gentle insertion and a drop end to avoid going too deep, it is perfect for those that are new to the wonderful world of urethral play. This beautifully decorative piece has a ball at the end for optimum grip and excellent control. Crafted from top quality body safe stainless steel, it has been intricately handcrafted and finished to a mirror shine. Let the fun begin! Beginner Penis Plug

Thru Hole Penis Plug

3. Thru Hole Penis Plug

See through other inferior models! This Thru Hole Penis Plug is perfect for those that want to experience superior stimulation every time. Ideal to wear for long periods of time, the innovative design of this plug makes ejaculation and urination whilst wearing possible. Beautifully crafted from body safe stainless steel, it gives the penis a perfect pierced look and features a ring for quick removal. Gently tapered, it slides in with ease and is comfortable to wear. A device that digs deep! Thru Hole Penis Plug

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We’re not just here to plug this adventurous activity; we also want to ensure that you’re fully equipped to play safely. So, take a look at the following guides and you’ll be there in no time...

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