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5 Reasons You Should Try Ben Wa Balls

Bemused by Ben Wa Balls? Not sure why they seem to be such a hit? Well, when it comes to superior sex play AND a perfect pelvic floor they’ll really help you knock it out of the park, and here are 5 Uberkinky reasons why;

Ben Wa Balls - Sexy Secret

Get some balls and wear them out in public...

Got the balls to try these out in public? Well, you won’t be disappointed if you do! Wear these beautiful balls at any time, without anyone else catching on to your naughty little secret, and experience an all new kind of thrill. As long as you can keep the balls in place using your pelvic floor muscles, you can go about your daily duties and no-one will be any the wiser. Not only will your pelvic floor get the workout of a lifetime, you’ll be getting some serious sexual satisfaction too boot. So, prepare to ‘wet’ your pants... literally!

Shit! This has reminded me to do my Kegel exercises. Quiet, intense, feels smooth, better for solo play.

Ben Wa Balls - Health Benefits

Make time for kinky Kegels; they’re just what the doctor ordered...

Don’t think you have time for Kegels? Feel like you’re juggling too many balls at once? Well, typically hollow with a small weight in the centre, Ben Wa Balls are designed to stimulate vibrations within the vagina, which cause the surrounding muscles to contract. The muscles also tighten as a means of keeping the balls in place. Over time this builds muscle tone. Strong pelvic floor muscles are vital for the correct functioning of the bladder and bowel. So, make sure you squeeze in an appointment for some kinky Kegels!

After a week of using I feel that the muscle is stronger. I recommend it to any woman who wants to tone the pelvic floor.

Ben Wa Balls - Intensified Orgasm

Loosen up; when it comes to intensity, nothing else comes close...

Don’t be uptight; when it comes to intensity, this is a whole new ballgame! At the point of climax the vaginal muscles will squeeze tightly around the ball/s, making your orgasm all the more intense. It will also last longer due to the added pressure. It has been proven that stronger pelvic floor muscles result in more powerful orgasms generally. That means, not only will your orgasm be better with the balls in place, as you build up strength and tone by using them, it will also be more powerful without. Nothing else comes close!

This is the first time I have come more than once during a play session with my b/f and I would recommend it. I actually feel it has made me tighter!

Ben Wa Balls - The Feel

Make your move and get a really good feeling...

Get good vibes! The rotating tingles that these discreet toys alone produce make the whole body shudder with pleasure. As you move, the balls will move, and how sensitive you are will dictate the intensity of these sensations. Just the act of squeezing the muscles around the balls is enough to make most women moist. The weights in the centre knock gently against the sides of the balls which will cause scintillating vibrations throughout the pelvic floor and entire body. Trust us; you’ll have a real ball!

Comfortable to wear, excellent quality, good value for money. Would definitely recommend.

Ben Wa Balls - Superior Stimulation

Don’t drop the ball; experience superior sex play...

Don’t throw away your chance of superior sex play! The sensations experienced when wearing Ben Wa Balls will heighten and enhance any kind of sex play. When they’re kept in during sex itself, thrusting moves the balls inside, whilst also massaging your playmate’s package, making sensations all the more incredible for both of you. In addition, wearing Ben Wa Balls will, over time, strengthens the pelvic floor and makes you tighter, therefore naturally enhancing sex in the future. Don’t drop the ball by missing out!

Really enjoying using these kegel balls. Fabulously packaged, high quality product.

They’re not just for the more daring amongst us, you know! Ben Wa Balls promise the most enjoyable pelvic floor workout of your life, not to mention superior sex play and enhanced libido. So, the ball is in your court!

Which Ben Wa Balls
Should I Choose?

So, you’ve finally decided to get some balls, but you’re struggling to find the ones that are right for you? Well, don’t go throwing your toys out of the pram just yet; here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations...

Lelo Luna Beads

1. Lelo Luna Beads

These Luna Beads will definitely come out to play more than once in a blue moon! Free from latex and phthalates, they are not only designed with supreme satisfaction in mind, but safety too. Sleek and comfortable, they strengthen your pelvic floor and deliver long lasting results. Additionally, cleverly crafted from silicone to slip in with ease, they provide optimum gratification as scintillating vibrations resonate throughout the entire body. Trust us; they’ll eclipse your other toys! Lelo Luna Beads

Shots Toys Ben Wa Balls

2. Shots Toys Ben Wa Balls

Want to take a shot at wearing Ben Wa Balls out in public? Then these marvellously metallic balls are the perfect choice. Great for hands-free internal stimulation, simply slip them in and go about your daily duties. Not only will your muscles become tight, toned and invigorated, you will enjoy a deliciously deviant workout. Made from top quality metal, they contain no parabens, latex or phthalates and ensure an incredibly intense experience. Prepare to feel really fired up! Shots Toys Ben Wa Balls

Pleasure Love Balls

3. Pleasure Love Balls

Want us to tell you more about these Love Balls? Well, it would be our pleasure! Free from latex and phthalates, these stunning balls are available in three different colours and are perfectly contoured with safety and gratification in mind. Ideal for beginners, they feature a loop handle for quick and easy removal. Coated in silky soft silicone, the Pleasure Love Balls are extremely comfortable and feel simply sensational. Intense and exhilarating, you’ll just LOVE them! Pleasure Love Balls

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