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5 Reasons You Should Try Blindfolds

Don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to blindfolds? Not someone who likes to be kept in the dark? Well, this particular type of eyewear promises you a blinding time and here are 5 UberKinky reasons why;

Blindfolds - The Look

Keep an eye out for sexy submission and beautiful bondage...

Looking for something to add a little beauty to your bedroom antics? Well, you’d have to be walking around with your eyes closed not to notice how incredibly sexy blindfolds are. The epitome of sensual desire, wearing one creates a beautiful bondage look that is unrivalled by anything else. Additionally, that look of helplessness and submission can be a real turn on. Deviantly decorative, things will really be looking good when you add a blindfold to your play!

My gf looks so sexy and vulnerable in this blindfold. It’s great thinking up new ways to tease and please her.

Blindfolds - Heightened Senses

Get a really good feeling about blindfolds...

Starting to sense you might like playing with blindfolds? Well, incorporating a blindfold into your play eliminates one sense, thereby heightening all others. Combine this with amazing anticipation, and the intensity delivered surpasses anything else you have ever experienced. Every single touch, stroke, kiss and lick is marvellously magnified and will have you on the climactic brink within seconds, trembling with excitement . Do you hear what we’re saying?

Every touch, every lick, every kiss is magnified. Plus, you have no idea where it will be next. Makes my entire body tremble... Mmm!

Blindfolds - Submissive Satisfaction

Don’t give up on superior satisfaction...

Don’t give up; a blindfold promises to help you achieve superior satisfaction! Not only does it enable the wearer to slip easily into a submissive role, it ensures their playmate automatically takes a domineering part. It therefore incorporates the dominant submissive element of power exchange role playing, without the intense sensations of heavier BDSM. Not having any say in what will happen and not knowing what’s to come is an incredible thrill. There’s really is no substitute for it!

Giving him the power to do whatever he pleases with me; there’s just something so sexy about it!

Blindfolds - Emotional Connection

Get the lowdown on the missing link in your sex play...

The missing link from your sex play! Wearing a blindfold is a form of power exchange and, as such, requires a great deal of trust. Giving up control shows that you have trust in your partner and them taking control shows that this trust is well placed. Watching each other in these different roles will strengthen your connection and make your relationship even better. You certainly won’t be feeling down about it!

I really get off on that feeling of being completely in control!

Blindfolds - Complete Confidence

Have faith; you’ll be transformed into an UberKinkster...

It’s all about the confidence! A blindfold makes the wearer feel less inhibited, so they are more confident to try new things. This works both ways; the person not wearing the blindfold will be much more confident too, knowing that every single unflattering expression will not be witnessed. Satisfaction is no longer in the bottoms’ hands, so they can simply relax and be confident in themselves. Reduce performance pressure and transform into an UberKinkster. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it!

Love the feeling of not knowing what’s to come. The anticipation makes everything that much more intense.

A blindfold is the perfect way to incorporate a little BDSM into your play, without the punishing effects. Not only will it add a little beauty to your bedroom, it will enhance your relationship as well as your play. So come on; open your eyes, people!

Which Blindfold
Should I Choose?

So, you’ve decided to come over to the dark side, but you don’t want to risk blindly choosing an eye mask without the relevant information? Well, with so many to choose from, you probably can’t see for looking! Here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

1. Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

There’ll be no shortage of power with this stunning mask. Simple in design, it is perfectly contoured to mould easily to the face and is crafted from fine quality faux leather. It provides a beautiful bondage look and doesn’t allow any light to creep in around the edges. It even ties with a ribbon for a custom fit. Let’s face it; this is a great choice! Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

Large Padded Leather Blindfold

2. Large Padded Leather Blindfold

A bit of an animal, this blindfold covers the eyes and a large amount of the face to ensure naughty bottoms don’t sneak a peek. Highly effective and extremely comfortable, it is fully adjustable with a strap at the back. Large enough to ensure the wearer is always kept in the dark; this blindfold is made from top quality leather to feed your animalistic instincts. Large Padded Leather Blindfold

Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold

3. Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold

The softer side of BDSM! This supreme satin blindfold features adjustable straps, enabling you to always find the perfect fit. Cleverly and intricately crafted from top quality satin, this beautiful blindfold both looks and feels luxurious. It is extremely comfortable and offers no chance of sneak peeks; you’ll soon see why we love it so much! Sex & Mischief Satin Black Blindfold

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