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5 Reasons You Should Try Cock And Ball Torture

Confused by cock and ball torture? Think it takes a man with real balls to give it a go? Well, we guarantee it will be a major player in your superior sex play. So, stop cupping your crotch; this is no time to be a chicken!

CBT - Endorphin Release

Don’t be unnerved; reach a new ‘high’ for the ultimate release...

Free your inner masochist! The penis and surrounding area is full of sensitive nerve endings that are just begging to be played with. Stimulating them with CBT causes waves of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller) to be released. The effect is similar to that of morphine or codeine and the result is an incredibly intense ‘natural high’. In some cases it can actually lead to an altered and euphoric state of consciousness. So, liberate your manhood!

The endorphin rush when it is removed is simply amazing. It doesn't stop you getting a hard-on, just makes the sensation greater. Mike’s Spikes - Deep Sea Driller

CBT - Pleasure vs. Pain

Get a rush of blood to the ‘head’ for a new pleasure/pain experience...

Just go with the flow! Increased blood flow to the genitals causes them to become engorged. As a result, CBT is processed as pleasure rather than pain. The body releases adrenaline and the genitals become further enlarged, greatly intensifying the experience. Normally so readily associated with pleasure, the cock and balls have now become a target for punishment and pain. This confuses the body and thus a new pleasure/pain association is born. Are you feeling pumped yet?

Once locked in, escape is futile and it keeps the balls perfectly grouped for biting, squeezing or just teasing. Highly recommended. The Humbler - Micky D

CBT - Psychological Stimulation

Two heads are better than one; stimulate mind and penis...

Two heads are better than one, and you’ll certainly feel satisfying stimulation in both! Experience a new found emotional connection with your partner that is not just in the mind. Not only is it extremely satisfying to please your playmate, the level of trust between you will have never been stronger. Boundaries are pushed but never overstepped, forging a deeper bond and triggering terrific psychological and physical responses. Trust us, CBT is hard to beat!

My balls and cock were open to whatever was going to be dished out. This was the greatest turn on I have known and it still turns me on. The Humbler - Peter

CBT - Heightened Sensitivity

Sensitise your manhood for superior satisfaction...

Incensed Tops will love this persecuting play! Torturing that penis and perfect pair will increase the blood flow to the area, thereby making it incredibly sensitive to every tormenting touch. With the slightest stroke, lick, suck or tickle, you’ll be on the climactic brink. The penis and testicles are already the most sensitive part of the body, so imagine just how enhanced your experience will be when you throw a little CBT into the mix. It’s just common sense!

As I masturbated, I kept tightening the spikes until I could handle it no longer and then, when I eventually came, it was a massive endorphin rush!! A truly awesome product! Mike's Spikes - I Pain

CBT - Intensified Orgasm

Feel remarkable relief when your CBT play is over...

Want some much needed relief? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you come over to the dark side! Many CBT toys are designed to restrict the testicles from moving upwards at the point of climax. The resistance felt makes the orgasm extremely intense. Additionally, the lower down the testicles are, the further the ejaculate must travel, prolonging this intensity. The extreme pleasure felt at the point of orgasm, in contrast to the torture endured, is incredibly powerful. Are you coming around yet?

It's so enjoyable and the kink from the crush makes me ejaculate more than usual. Ball Crusher Attachment - Dick Steele

Remember; you don’t have to be nuts to try CBT! It can be extreme, but it can also be about enhancing your sex play and experiencing a new level of intimacy, as well as gratification. Don’t let it go over your head!

Which CBT Tool
Should I Choose?

So, if you’ve started to see why CBT is such a hit, but you’re not sure how to ‘kick it’, here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Wartenberg Pinwheel

1. Wartenberg Pinwheel

A front runner for CBT play! This versatile tool can be used as a sensation play implement, but also makes a brutal CBT device. Run it over the genital area for fantastic nerve stimulation and heightened sensitivity, with pressure applied according to just how naughty you have been. Originally designed as a medical tool for testing nerve response, this innovative item has given us hours of perverted pleasure. You’ll be dying to take it for a spin! Wartenberg Pinwheel

Mike’s Spikes

2. Mike’s Spikes

Fancy a screw? Perfect for beginners, this devious device features 28 sadistic spikes that are removable and adjustable. Wear as a cock ring, ball stretcher or chastity device and discover the perfect penis punishment. Cleverly designed with a hinge, Mike’s Spikes will lock onto your manhood with ease and fit perfectly. Crafted from top quality stainless steel and made to an incredible standard of quality, it is strong, safe and durable. This sadistic cock ring will have you on your knees in no time; you really will be screwed! Mike’s Spikes

The Humbler

3. The Humbler

Humble by name, but not by nature! You’ll be kept firmly in your place with this dangerous device. Crafted from the finest quality wood for the ultimate in beauty and brawn, The Humbler is designed to have the wearer down on their knees and begging for mercy. Fully adjustable, it is the ideal implement for the CBT novice, allowing pressure to be built up gradually over time. For remarkable restraint and superior satisfaction, you’ve come to the right place; there’s no need for us to be humble, right? The Humbler

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