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5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Curious about chastity devices? Not sure why anyone would want to endure such a penis punishment? Well, here at UberKinky, we think that chastity is the key to supreme satisfaction, and we have 5 valuable reasons why;

Chastity - Superior Sex

Build up anticipation for the ultimate release...

That’s absurd, right? Well, it’s quality, not quantity that counts and that’s certainly what you’ll get when you add chastity to your list of pastimes. It’s fair to say that if you decide to put your penis on lock down, you won’t be getting as much action as you once were. Without it, not only will your imagination be wild with anticipation, your testosterone and ejaculate will be building up to the most explosive experience of your life!

From the second I put it on I literally can't stop thinking about sex with my wife, and when we do have sex it is so much more intense and exciting. CB3000 - Steve_50

Chastity - Submissive Satisfaction

Let loose and have gratification in someone else’s hands...

Have pleasure at somebody else’s fingertips! Add a little submissive servitude to your bedroom antics and surrender to your inner desires by handing over complete control of your orgasms. You’ll be at their mercy and pandering to their every need. You could even implement chastity as a punishment/reward scheme. Knowing that your partner holds the key to your gratification will be a great turn on for both of you.

I find it reassuring, horny as hell and the zone he goes into when we play is a place I could never get him to without this. Such a high for both of us. CB6000 - Novice Domme

Chastity - Mind Blowing Stimulation

Awaken the mind and let your imagination run wild...

The superb satisfaction that chastity brings is certainly not all in the mind... although, much of it is. The idea of chastity and how it will play out is deeply arousing. Merely thinking about this sexy secret you have is incredibly intense, while not-knowing what’s to come stimulates mind over matter. This awakening of the mind will help you to connect on an entirely new emotional level. It will blow your mind, not your load!

This cage is great for an evening of teasing and playing. Because the cage opens in front, my wife can open it up and play with me for awhile then lock me back in for more teasing. I never know when the release will come The Cage - Well Trained Husband

Chastity - Frisky Foreplay

Master your technique and reap the benefits...

This really will be at the forefront of your mind! Without your own needs to focus on, you’ll be much more attentive to your partner’s. Use your fingers, tongue and lips to satisfy those sensitive spots, deriving great pleasure from the superior sensations you are providing. When you’re granted freedom, you can rest assured that you have done your job effectively. Your partner will be happier and so will you. You’re bound to have a big head, speaking metaphorically of course ;)

I definitely give my wife lots more attention with the hope of being let out, and I've also found out that when I'm locked in the unit for longer periods of time I’ll do things for my wife that I would never do otherwise. Birdlocked Classic - Andrew

Chastity - Enhanced Relationship

Demonstrate commitment and have a happier relationship...

Are you the trusting type? Well, you’d have to be to hand over full control of your orgasms to someone else! Whether you’ve been unfaithful, are a slave to incessant masturbation, or you merely want to demonstrate your commitment, chastity is a terrific way to show your loyalty, one which will be very well received; you may even earn your very first release ;) This symbolic gesture, coupled with better sex, is certain to make any relationship stronger.

My wife thinks it looks "pretty" and certainly enjoys having the keys!! Great fun wearing it out in public under clothes too! CB6000S - Nik

So, now you’re more open-minded about chastity, isn’t it time you locked on to the idea? Remember; it’s not just for the lifers, it could also really enhance your play!

Which Chastity Device
Should I Choose?

If you’re now suitably convinced that superior sex play and chastity makes the perfect combination, check out our top 3 UberKinky device recommendations;


1. CB6000/S

A chastity chart-topper! Crafted from top quality polycarbonate, this device feels as incredible as it looks. The innovative design features multiple vents for optimum air circulation and easy cleaning, while the urination slot makes it ideal for long term wear. Lightweight and durable, it is extremely comfortable and secure, with three interlocking pieces that slot together for the perfect fit. For those that are less well endowed, don’t get hung up on it; opt for the CB6000S instead! CB6000

Spiral Stainless Steel

2. Spiral Stainless Steel

Keep things from spiralling out of control! This ergonomic device comes complete with two cock rings to guarantee the perfect fit every time. Shaped to follow the natural curve of your flaccid penis, it is exceptionally comfortable, lightweight and extremely secure. The perfect choice for long term wear, it is crafted from body safe stainless steel and is easy to clean. There’s no hope of an escape once locked behind these bars! Spiral Stainless Steel

Holy Trainer Chastity Device

3. Holy Trainer Chastity Device

A chastity device to be worshipped! This lightweight device is crafted from hypoallergenic biosourced resin that is pliable and moulds perfectly to the shape of the body. Designed with optimum comfort and maximum security in mind, choose from 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit. With multiple holes for air circulation and a urination slot at the tip, it is extremely hygienic and safe to wear long term. It even boasts an innovative internal magic locking system. You can have faith in this device! Holy Trainer Chastity Device

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