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5 Reasons You Should Try Penis Extenders

Perplexed by penis extenders? Not easily sucked in when it comes to sex toys? Well, we’re here to tell you that penis extenders are "kind of a big deal"... and here are 5 UberKinky reasons why;

Penis Extenders - Size Matters

Good things come in big packages...

Don’t be thick; size matters! As well as ensuring your play is always spot on, a penis extender will increase girth and length to show you really have the full package. When it comes to your manhood, it’s not just what you do with it that counts, bigger really is better. So why not slip into something a little more satisfying? Have confidence and wave goodbye to that inferiority complex; now you can really fill a hole. Come on; let making it big go to your head!

When fully aroused, the sheath expands to accommodate, giving you extra girth and a couple of inches in length. So long as your partner can take it all, he/she'll be ecstatic. Oxballs Gym Boy Cock Sheath - Sarob

Penis Extenders - The Look

You won’t be able to take your eyes off that prize...

Things are really starting to look up! Want to appear as though you’re hung like a horse? Well, a penis extender will certainly assist you with that. But, in addition to that extra length and girth which looks so appealing, the phallic state of your manhood shrouded in one of these impressive sheaths will inspire great arousal for both of you. They really are a stroke of genius!

It fits snugly and grasps at the penis and gives a very pleasant pressure to it. Just wearing it feels good. I'd recommend this to anyone. Oxballs Gym Boy Cock Sheath - B_dobbin

Penis Extenders - Prolonged Pleasure

Go hard, stay strong and love them long time...

This type of play has been a long time coming! Designed to keep your erection stronger for longer, you can now fully satisfy your partner and put in the performance of a lifetime. The sensation of wearing alone will give you a lift, but it will also aid you in maintaining it, for sex play that lasts even longer. Some men find it difficult to get in the mood, or simply struggle to perform after a few drinks. But fear not; a penis extender will do the hard work for you!

This sheath provides a snug fit and creates a pleasing light suction on the cock. The construction helps maintain a firm erection and the thickness helps with sensitivity, thus helping with possible premature ejaculation. Oxballs Gym Boy Cock Sheath - Rubber Guy

Penis Extenders - Superior Sensations

Deliver supreme stimulation that really sucks...

Get to grips with superior sensations! Thought wearing a penis sleeve would desensitise your manhood? Well, you may not be able to feel every stroke in the same way, but you certainly won’t be short on stimulation. Penis extenders create an initial vacuum, which alone provides a sensation similar to deep throating. Additionally, the tantalising texture will offer supremely satisfying stimulation, especially for your playmate. So why not start living large?

Once you're wearing this great sheath, you'll never want to take it off. It feels amazing as it persistently squeezes your cock, all the while maintaining a semi erection, just like a vacuum pump. Oxballs Gym Boy Cock Sheath - Sarob

Penis Extenders - Orgasm Denial

There’s no denying it; penis extenders can be a real cock tease...

Why not expand your repertoire to include a little orgasm denial? Not only will the power play aspect be a huge turn on for you both, it will also ensure that sex play lasts longer and is much more intense. Feel as though you’re on the climactic brink at all times, however, now that the sole focus is pleasing your playmate, you can be sure that they are fully satisfied. The perfect way to stay hard until they’ve had their fill; don’t deny yourself the pleasure!

Since buying this item I now can look down at my darling wife as she enjoys orgasms with me. Saved my marriage. Medium Fat Cock Sheath Extender - Babyboy

If you thought that penis extenders were just for the ‘smaller’ gentleman then you’re in for a big shock. Wearing one will inspire superior sex play and promises to enhance any relationship. That really is the long and short of it!

Which Penis Extender
Should I Choose?

So if you finally see why we insist on ‘bigging-up’ these impressive items, but you’re not sure how to get that little bit extra from your play, here are our beginner recommendations;

Perfect Fit Fatboy Thin Extender

1. Perfect Fit Fatboy Thin Extender

Sex toys of this calibre are thin on the ground! Perfect for beginners, it will add just a little girth and deliver a terrific tug with every thrust. Crafted from a fine blend of silicone and TPR, it will stretch to fit any size man with ease and is exceptionally easy to put on and take off, hooking securely in place like a cock sling. This stunning sleeve is textured for added stimulation; so if you’re big on attention to detail, it’s the perfect choice! Perfect Fit Fatboy Thin Extender

Oxballs Gym-Boy Cock Sheath

2. Oxballs Gym-Boy Cock Sheath

The ultimate workout! This exciting extender will add 3 inches in length to your already impressive member. Designed with optimum comfort and maximum gratification in mind, it features a flared glans and cocksling style strap. The ideal choice for beginners, it fits easily and will stay in place for as long as you can. Crafted from TPR, this sheath will stretch to fit any man with ease and is skin safe, phthalate free and non toxic. Get the stamina of an ox! Oxballs Gym-Boy Cock Sheath

Vixen Creations Ride-On Penis Extender

3. Vixen Creations Ride-On Penis Extender

Fancy a ride? This remarkably realistic extender is made from top quality super stretch pure platinum silicone. With intricate attention to detail, the veiny texture provides supreme stimulation, while the ultra soft material moulds to your manhood for optimum comfort and maximum gratification. Ideal for beginners, it quickly warms to body temperature and hooks in place like a cock sling. This is a ride you’ll never want to come off! Vixen Creations Ride-On Penis Extender

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