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5 Reasons You Should Try Restraints

Not easily roped into bondage? Unsure why people insist on being tied down? Well, adding a little restraint to your recreation promises to enhance your play... and here are 5 reasons why;

Restraints - The Look

See what we mean; you won’t be able to restrain yourself...

Take a look around, it’s clear to see that bondage fashion is all the rage! Why? Because it’s sexy, that’s why. That look of helplessness can be extremely arousing, plus the decorative nature of the restraints themselves will tie in nicely. All eyes are on those sensual positions, and that symbolic image of power exchange will be an incredible turn on. You won’t be able to restrain yourselves; but when it comes to gratification, bottoms’ hands are tied!

This product summarizes the meaning of the word 'kinky'. I chose it precisely because of its outrageous look. It's very comfortable to wear, and it does its job really well. If you're nuts for the kitsch and flamboyant, go for it! Strict Leather Deluxe Black & Red Locking Collar - Sergi

Restraints - Heightened Senses

Take away touch and get a feel for supreme sensations...

Develop a sixth sense for superior sex play! When one sense is restricted, everything is magnified. A restraint typically stops naughty playmates from touching things they shouldn’t. This results in explosive intensity with the gentlest of strokes or kisses. Use this to your advantage and engage in some supreme sensation play, or even introduce some more extreme activities, such as spanking. Whatever you decide, you’ll get a real taste for it!

These are perfect! Uber comfortable, a great weight, and are super strong; you will not want to take these off! (Or be able to :P) Heavy Duty Neoprene Wrist Restraints - Lewis

Restraints - Emotional Connection

Pull yourselves together with trust and respect...

You don’t have to connect the dots to reveal what we’re talking about here! The level of trust required for this encounter will allow you and your partner to connect on an entirely new emotional level. Relinquishing control demonstrates trust, while taking control shows that this trust is well placed. Boundaries are pushed, but never overstepped and seeing each other in this way will inspire a deeper connection. We’re getting emotional just thinking about it!

He stripped me and used our recently bought arm binder to tie me to a vertical pole we have installed. After about 2 hours and many orgasms he released me and I loved every minute. The Anal Impaler - Debs

Restraints - Submissive Satisfaction

Lose control, relax and experience something new...

Don’t give up on superior satisfaction! Submitting to a partner will be extremely exciting for both of you. Having no control over what’s to come, leads to feelings of anticipation that inspire intense physical responses within the body. It also allows bottoms to completely relax into the sensations being experienced. Watching a playmate take advantage of this new found power will be incredibly exhilarating too. You’ll be powerless to resist this play!

My bud wanted it for me but when he saw the harness, demanded to be buckled himself. Quality materials, workmanship and finish have made it good to wear and a lot of fun for a little sub/Dom fun and light bondage. Saddle Leather Chest Harness - Red Ass

Restraints - Perfect Positioning

Keep bottoms in their place for superior stimulation...

Don’t go anywhere; we’ve not finished with you yet! Once you find that optimum position, a restraint will help you maintain it. This makes for intense play that guarantees to be spot on. Whether teasing or pleasing, a restraint will restrict movement and ensure that bottoms don’t writhe or wriggle out of place. That means supreme gratification for both of you every time. They’ll be well and truly in their place!

My partner requires total obedience in the bedroom and spanks my bottom with an Uberkinky paddle when I'm naughty - these cuffs keep me well behaved!! Sportsheets Hog Tie Cuff Set - Jo Devon

Playing with restraints is not just for hardcore BDSM enthusiasts; it certainly helps Tops to be hands-on, but it also promises superior sex play and increased intimacy in any relationship!

Which Restraint
Should I Choose?

So, you’ve decided you want to get your hands on a restraint, but you need someone to show you the ropes? Here are our beginner recommendations;

Five Piece Locking Leather Restraints Set

1. Five Piece Locking Leather Restraints Set

The key to superior satisfaction! Lined with soft supple leather, this stunning set both looks and feels incredible. Complete with 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs and a collar, it is the perfect choice for beginners and pros alike. Multiple D rings for attaching rope or other restraints promise to keep bottoms in their place, while intricate detail makes this set is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn. Giving someone five just got a lot more interesting! Five Piece Locking Leather Restraints Set

Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Bed Restraints Kit

2. Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Bed Restraints Kit

Now you never have to leave the bed! This kit will transform any bedroom into a bondage playground within minutes. Perfect for beginners, it is easy to install and the velour lined cuffs are supremely comfortable to wear. Fully adjustable, with a Velcro fastening, they are extremely secure but can be released quickly when playtime is over. Never has the thought of what’s under your bed been so enticing! Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Bed Restraints Kit

Spread-Em Spreader Bar & Cuff Set

3. Spread-Em Spreader Bar & Cuff Set

Want to put on a really impressive spread? Designed to keep the legs and arms open for achieving optimum sex play/bondage positions, this set is ideal for the experimental beginner. The cuffs are soft and comfortable whilst being extremely secure, and the two bars are connected by a removable nylon strap. The swivel mounted cuffs do allow for some movement. Now spread ‘em! Spread-Em Spreader Bar & Cuff Set

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