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5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

Confused by caning? Not sure why spanking is such a hit? Well, there’s no hiding from it; it’s becoming an increasingly popular activity. So if you’ve never tried it, you’re really missing out and here are 5 reasons why;

Spanking - Endorphin Release

Let go! Experience a euphoric ‘natural high’...

Become a high-flyer on the spanking scene! This type of smack guarantees an unbeatable high. Waves of endorphins are released to counteract the pain signals being sent to the brain. They interact with the opiate receptors, having an effect similar to morphine or codeine. This results in an intense but natural ‘high’. In some cases it can actually lead to an altered state of consciousness. Free your mind; give it a go!

Even after the first stroke, the sting was very intense. After ten strokes the welts were an angry red and our bottoms literally glowed. We couldn't have asked for more. Bamboo Cane - Kenneth

Spanking - Nerve Stimulation

It will really get on your nerves! The body confuses pain for pleasure, enhancing the sexual response...

Don’t be nervous! Spanking that beautiful backside will stimulate the pudendal nerve (major nerve supplying the genitals), increasing blood flow and causing the genitals to become engorged. The brain processes this stimulus as pleasure rather than pain and releases adrenaline. This causes the genitals to become further enlarged, thereby intensifying the whole experience. It’s certainly a time to let your nerves to get the better of you!

Makes a great swishing noise just before it lands a red stinging mark across your bare bum. Love it. We are off down to Brighton this weekend - and it is the first thing to go in the case! Bamboo Cane - Spanker69

Spanking - The Look

Turn bottoms into a work of art and watch cheeks go red as you chastise and humiliate...

You might look like butter wouldn’t melt, but we know better! Spanking will have a huge impact on your life and guarantees to leave a lasting impression. The marks left behind not only act as a constant reminder of your fun, they make an incredibly sexy decoration too. Certain tools are likely to cause more severe marks than others, but one thing’s for sure; they’ll all take some serious slap to cover up!

On bare skin, this leaves a nice red imprint, marking its territory and meaning business! Even the sound of the paddle slapping bare skin leaves me quivering. Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle - Mrs Jojo

Spanking - Heightened Sensitivity

Increased blood flow to the ‘sweet spot’ enhances every tantalising touch...

Let common sense prevail! Increased blood flow to the ‘sweet spot’ makes it all the more susceptible to every tantalising touch. Gently move the fingers over the skin, or even kiss, lick and tickle that sensitive spot to encourage an explosive physical reaction. Why not enjoy some supreme sensation play or implement other torturous tools to really get the most out of that heightened sensitivity? Just remember; play sensibly!

Bought this a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! It's very easy to use & the level of pain inflicted can be easily altered, but it certainly delivers a satisfying sting! Leaves lovely marks too. Spanking Rope - Red Ass

Spanking - Psychological Stimulation

Trust us, it’s mind as much as matter; feel a profound emotional connection...

Although that superb stimulation isn’t all in the mind, some of it certainly will be. Experience a level of trust that you never thought possible, as boundaries are pushed but never overstepped, and connect with your partner on entirely new emotional level. Not only will it strengthen your relationship, it’s an incredible turn on that will trigger unbelievable psychological and physical responses. Prepare for a mind-blowing experience!

My girlfriend has just gone over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. She has a lovely red bum which was produced by this sexy paddle. Made us both really...well the rest is best left to the imagination..delicious. Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle - Nik

Spanking is not only for the extreme; it certainly can be, but it can also inspire an all new pleasure-pain association within the body to enhance every sexual/sensual encounter. ‘Slap and tickle’ will never be the same!

Which Spanking Tool
Should I Choose?

If you’ve finally got a grip on the concept of spanking, but you feel like a tool when it comes to what you should be using, here are our top 3 UberKinky recommendations;

Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle

1. Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle

Avoid getting in too deep! More flexible than some of its counterparts, it can also be somewhat less severe. However, it is capable of delivering a painful punishment when necessary. The reinforced handle allows a firm grip and optimum control. The studs are a beautiful design feature that complements the classic bondage leather look. Forget designer clothes; get your designer paddle! Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle

Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

2. Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

Guaranteed to bring out the animal in you! Although called a ‘whip’, it is actually a beautiful, sensual flogger that both looks and feels luxurious. Gently brush against the skin for supremely sensual satisfaction, or deliver a brutal blow; the choice is yours. The weighted handle promotes easy grip and optimum control, while the fine materials make this tool a real work of art. Prepare for some ferociously feral fun! Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop

3. Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop

This is an all new kind of horseplay! The crop is slightly less severe than many other whips, making it a sensible choice for the spanking novice. The wide head spreads the impact over a larger area, which not only reduces the sting, but the markings left behind too. Solid, durable and extremely well made; don’t cut corners, purchase yours today! Strict Leather Wide Head Riding Crop

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