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6 Reasons You Should Try Electrosex

Not particularly enamoured with electro sex? Don’t understand why there’s such a buzz about it? Well, this electrifying escapade has the power to really turn up the voltage in your out of hours activities, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Electrosex - Intensified Orgasm

Flex those muscles and deliver orgasmic perfection...

When it comes to delivering the most perfectly powerful orgasm, electrosex will help you really flex those muscles! Coaxing bottoms into an extremely intense orgasm, it will enhance physical response, as well as strength and duration of climax. Using its unique technique to induce unparalleled sexual pleasure, bottoms will be on the climactic brink within a matter of seconds. So, experience superior stimulation from the inside out and cum harder than ever before. It‘s the most amazing hands-free orgasm you’ll ever experience; so don’t blow it!

Amazing, had the most amazing orgasm ever. Must buy! E-Stim E-Box Series 1 - Ron Jeremy

Electrosex - Pleasure vs. Pain

Practise your party trick; process pain as pleasure...

You don’t believe us? Now that hurts! Electrosex creates an all new pleasure-pain association in the body, and we’re happy to explain how. Although not in any danger, the body instinctively reacts as if it is, releasing adrenaline and increasing blood flow to the targeted area (in this case the genitals). As this happens, they will swell and become more sensitive. This then confuses the body into processing the stimulation as pleasure rather than pain and, thus, a new association is born. It pains us to think you have been missing out for so long!

Got this kit last week and can’t put it down. The feeling this kit gives is out of this world. Well worth the money! E-Stim E-Box Series 1 - Tim

Electrosex - Superior Stimulation

Stimulation that really gets on your nerves...

Just go with the flow and we guarantee there’ll be no shortage of supreme sensations! There are a lot of nerves in the nether regions, more so than any other part of the body, which is why you’re so sensitive there. Unlike your average sex toy, which merely vibrates, rotates or sucks, electrostimulation uses carefully applied electrical signals to directly stimulate the nerve endings. The sensations can vary dramatically depending upon the settings, but you’re certain to discover intense gratification like never before. So, come on, don’t be nervous!

This is the best thing I have bought. The sensations are awesome and intense. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit - Soccer

Electrosex - Deeper Connection

Never lose your connection...

You may think we’re shallow here at UberKinky, but we’re anything but! We want to help bring you closer together; so if you thought that your current connection couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you that it can. Handing over control/submitting to your playmate not only represents the trust that you share; it is also a great turn on seeing one another in a different light. Pushing boundaries, but never overstepping them, sharing new experiences, and experimenting together is guaranteed to strengthen any relationship. So, you'll always stay connected!

Had a mind blowing orgasm, what a machine! E-Stim E-Box Series 1 - Naughty

Electrosex - Heightened Senses

Up your game and magnify every single sensation...

See... things are looking up! Electrosex involves introducing a small electric current to the body. This sensitises the skin, enhancing every tantalising touch and providing intense stimulation. You decide how you wish to take advantage of this increased sensitivity, whether sensual or sadistic. That could be anything from playing with pinwheels to flogging their brains out. Or why not shock them and carry on with a prolonged session? As you go on, sensitivity will increase, thus providing much more explosive and gratifying sensations. It’s time to up your game!

My first try at electro stimulation. Can't put the thing down, I use it two or three times a day. I love it, glad I bought it. E-Stim E-Box Series 1 - Dr Who

Electrosex - Endorphin Release

You’ll be in a rush to feel like this again...

Free some time for electrosex; you won’t regret it! Because the body is essentially receiving an electric shock, it reacts in the same way that it would if it was in pain. That is by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, as a way to counteract it. These endorphins flood the brain and body and, with a similar effect to morphine or codeine, leave bottoms feeling so high that they may even go into an altered state of consciousness. Electrastim directly stimulates the nerve endings, ensuring that this happens quickly. So, let go of those inhibitions!

It felt like I was being fuc*ed deep and hard and gave me an incredible orgasm! E-Stim Systems Series 1 Ultra Pack - Leggy Melissa

Electrosex is not just for the extreme! Admittedly, it’s ideal for Dominants with short fuses that wish to partake in some punishing BDSM play. However, it also promises to put its energy into super-charging your sex life and helping you get back that spark!

Which Electrosex Kit
Should I Choose?

So, you’ve taken everything on board, but you’re lacking any bright ideas in terms of which kit to choose? Well, there’s no need to trip out about it, here are the UberKinky bestsellers;

Zeus Mingle Couples Electro Sex Kit

1. Zeus Mingle Couples Electro Sex Kit

The Zeus Mingle Couples Electro Sex Kit promises to give you a real buzz! Complete with two bi-polar cock rings and a bi-polar probe, it’s great for playing in a pair. Ergonomically designed, it is easy to operate using the simple Zeus electro sex power box, which allows you to cycle through this perverted plaything’s various settings with ease. It certainly steals the thunder of all other electrosex toys! Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit

E-Stim E-Box Series 1

2. E-Stim E-Box Series 1

Bound to be your number 1 choice, this clever contraption features easy to use dials for delivering carefully controlled stimulation. Featuring a fire button for when you want to really turn up the heat, this clever device has been innovatively designed to a superb standard of quality. Complete with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, it is safe, ergonomic and is easily controlled. So, what’s in the box??? See for yourself! E-Stim E-Box Series 1

E-Stim Systems ABOX Electro Sex Power Box

3. E-Stim Systems ABOX Electro Sex Power Box

You’ll like the sound of this! This deviant device boasts a built in microphone which converts sound into powerful, yet controllable electrical impulses. Either dominate with the sound of your own voice, or simply plug in your MP3 player to tease and please to the melody of your favourite song! It even has a comprehensive manual, so you’ll have no problem sounding it out! E-Stim Systems ABOX Electro Sex Power Box

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