6 Reasons You Should Try Humblers

Horrified by humblers? Find the idea of squeezing your scrotum a wee bit scary? Well, we’re all for modesty, but when it comes to extreme gratification, a humbler is the very best tool around, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Humblers - The Look

Go for something a little more ballsy...

The Bold and the Beautiful with a twist! The original may have been a soap, but trust us, you’ll be feeling downright dirty when you play with a humbler. So, come on; get with the programme! All eyes will be on those bulging balls as they present themselves for whatever pleasure - stroke - punishment is deemed to come their way. Plus, that look of vulnerability and what it represents will be an incredible turn on for both of you. So, isn't it about time you were on the ball?

It is incredibly effective at keeping a guy on all fours. Good value and a worthwhile addition to any BDSM toy box. The Humbler - Peter

Hublers - Endorphin Rush

Discover the perfect release...

It won’t take long for you to realise that a humbler makes the perfect ‘squeeze’! The nerve endings that surround the penis are extremely sensitive and are, therefore, perfect for applying this type of stimulation. Wearing a humbler will cause some discomfort and a dull ache. As such, endorphins are released (the body’s natural painkillers), in a bid to counteract it. The effect is similar to morphine or codeine, and the ‘natural high’ that occurs can often lead to an altered state of consciousness. So act fast, you don’t want to miss out!

This was the greatest turn on I have known. Add in handcuffs and a crop and you have it all. Great device. Get one and have some real fun! The Humbler - Alan

Humblers - Heightened Sensitivity

Add a touch of sensation play for greater intensity...

It’s high time you got a taste for supreme sensitivity! Wearing a humbler will increase the blood flow to those precious parts so that they swell with pride and become super-sensitive to the gentlest touch. Why not take advantage of this by tantalising and teasing with the prick of a pinwheel or the stroke of a feather? Not only do the incredibly intense sensations felt have you on the climactic brink within seconds, they increase the amount of endorphins and adrenaline released, for an unparalleled euphoric experience. Starting to see our point yet?

Mistress clamped me in then put me on all fours while she gave me ten of the best with her riding crop. It was great to be unable to move as each blow was delivered. Would recommend this to all slaves. Strict Leather Covered Humbler - jf420

Humblers - Psychological Connection

Head towards an even healthier relationship...

The shared trust required for this encounter makes for a truly humbling experience! Wearing a humbler facilitates pushing boundaries, which can only be practiced with someone you are completely comfortable with. Not only will seeing each other in this new light increase the attraction and trust between you, it will also deepen the connection felt, strengthening your bond and your relationship. But, the enjoyment you get from playing with a humbler is not just in your head!

Great bit of kit and works well. Trying to stand up straight with it on is impossible, and there are so many things you can do while you have someone in this. Very pleased. The Humbler - id001

Humblers - Intensified Orgasm

Get a load of remarkable resistance and intense pleasure...

Get a load of this; if you are into pleasing, rather than punishing, wearing a humbler ensures the most intense orgasm imaginable. That’s because at the point of climax, the testicles instinctively move upwards towards the body. This is not possible with a humbler device fastened on. Not only does it mean that the ejaculate must travel further, resulting in a longer lasting orgasm, the resistance felt at the point of climax makes it much more intense. Perfect pulling power that always pays off!

Gives you nice sexy tug feeling. An absolute must for Ball pleasure. The Humbler - Nik

Humblers - Perfect Positioning

Restrain yourselves; a humbler always hits the spot...

Unsure what your position on humblers is currently? Well, don’t move a muscle; we’re here to help you figure it out. Humblers make supremely secure restraints, keeping the wearer down on his hands and knees, exactly where he’s wanted. Any kind of movement will inflict pain and as such they will remain in the perfect position for their pleasurable or punishing reward. Ideal for any type of anal stimulation or experimenting with other types of BDSM, a humbler guarantees to hit the spot!

Huge turn on for both of us! Left my butt wide open for him. Get one, you won’t be sorry, it’s a whole new experience. The Humbler - Kinkyboy

Don’t be fooled; this tool is not just for the extreme, so prepare to eat humble pie! These deviant devices can be used as a form of restraint and maintaining the perfect position for anal stimulation, delivering intensified pleasure, enhancing orgasm, experiencing a euphoric ‘natural high’, or simply adding a little beauty to your extracurricular activities. You decide!

Which Humbler
Should I Choose?

Well we hate to brag, but here at UberKinky we have a fine selection of humblers for you to choose from. So, if you’re ready to play but you’re unsure of which tool to choose, quit your balling and take a look at our top 3 recommendations;

The Humbler

1. The Humbler

This terrifying tool is anything but humble! Crafted from top quality wood, it is ergonomically designed, durable and extremely secure. As with all humblers, it clamps the scrotum behind the buttocks, forcing the wearer to keep his legs folded forward in a kneeling position. Now, let’s forget being modest; this device is well-renowned for being the best humbler available! The Humbler

Strict Leather Covered Humbler

2. Strict Leather Covered Humbler

Strictly speaking, the Strict Leather Covered Humbler is one of our favourites here at UberKinky! It has been cleverly crafted and intricately designed to an incredible standard and is covered in top quality leather which is accented with metal studs. Boasting an authentic and beautiful bondage look, this deviant device is certain to bring out the animal in you! Strict Leather Covered Humbler

Woodgrain Humbler

3. Woodgrain Humbler

Get wood, in more ways than one! This handsome humbler is crafted from the finest quality wood and boasts a stunning stain finish. Ergonomically shaped, it restricts movement and securely fastens at the base of the buttocks. It is a divine device that exhibits both beauty and brawn; ensuring bottoms remain firmly in their place for superior stimulation every time. So, don’t be a plank; purchase yours today! Woodgrain Humbler

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