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6 Reasons You Should Try Lubricant

Is the concept of lube lost on you? Think a little bit of friction in a relationship is quite the norm? Well, if you thought lube was only for those that are all dried-up, you're wrong! Our love of lubes promises to really rub off on you, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Lubricant - Long-Lasting Lovin

Condition yourself for a marathon, not a sprint...

The solution to your sex marathon misery... it's been a long time coming! There's no doubt about it, playing for a long time can result in things drying out. Lube not only gives you that much needed moisture when natural lubrication is non existent, it also ensures that the sensations felt are still as good, if not better, than when you started. So whether enjoying anal, oral, or vaginal, you'll be equipped to go for longer than ever before. Now all you need is the stamina to keep up!

Stays slippery... Just how we like it! And when it does eventually dry out it's like it wasn't there in the first place. Not sticky or tacky.. Just perfect! Very Deep - Dave

Lubricant - Friction Free Fun

Be a bright spark and make sure things run smoothly...

Who said, "No pain, no gain!"? Adding a touch of lube guarantees all of the pleasure with minimal pain. The main purpose of a lubricant is to reduce friction and ensure everything feels smooth and comfortable. This is incredibly important, whether playing alone, or with a friend. Not only does this friction cause unwanted pain and discomfort, it creates heat, which encourages bacteria to grow. Therefore, the less friction and more lube the better. You can't argue with science!

Lovely cold tingly sensation, def intensified orgasm :)

Crisco Ass Fisting Lube - Franx

Lubricant - Superior Sensations

Get a feel for that little something extra...

Trust us; the grass is greener! Merely rubbing lubricant on the body will be an incredibly sensual experience. The gratifying gel allows you to really feel and make the most of every single suck, lick, stroke and tickle, without any resistance to water it down. Not only do lubricants magnify the sensations that you create, they each add new and exciting ones of their own. Don't forget; superior sensations make for a much more intense orgasm too! So, how do you feel about lube now?!

OMG this stuff is incredible! It is soft and creamy and so sensual. I've used it with toys, been deeper than ever, and the whole experience has been hugely enhanced. Gun Oil Silicone Based - Old but still Horny

Lubricant - Frisky Foreplay

Don't get left with a bad taste in your mouth...

Get a taste for fantastic foreplay! Lubricant will make performing the obligatory oral that much more enjoyable. Indeed, when it comes to getting a little bit mouthy, flavoured lube is the perfect choice. We all get a little fed up of performing it from time to time, but adding a little flavouring will certainly make the experience a great deal sweeter. You could even turn up the heat with a warming formula. It's true; lube really is a stroke of genius!

Imagine the teasing sensation of the lubricant settling down on the skin, just before your partner gently blows over your nipples..amazing! Durex Play O Orgasmic Gel - Boo

Lubricant - Copious Quickies

Forget the support act; go straight to the main event...

Lube is fast becoming popular with those of us that enjoy a good quickie! With various specially developed formulas available, now you can trick your body (or your playmate's body) into thinking it has had enough of a warm up, even if it hasn't. So you'll both be feeling fully aroused and ready for action, even when there's only a few minutes spare to get down to business. So lickety-split; there's no time to waste!

My husband and I have been struggling to have sex. This lubrication allowed us to have the deep penetrative sex we have been craving. Thank you for the orgasms I have missed so much. ID Sensation Warming Lubricant - Nik

Lubricant - Wet & Wild Whoopee

Get really wet, in more ways than one...

Want to get really 'wet'? Well, we can't blame you for thinking having sex in the hot tub or shower would keep you moist; however, it actually has the exact opposite effect. Too much time in water dries you out (think shrivelled fingers in the bath, people). This can make sex play incredibly uncomfortable. The mood will soon be lost when you're both fidgeting around to find the best position. Applying a non water-based lube will soon put a stop to that. So now you can dive right in!

This lube is amazing... really does feel great and looks just like the real thing.

Str8cam Lubricant - Wetbear

So, it's not as cut-and-dried as you thought? A little lube promises to enhance any sex play; providing supreme sensations, keeping you going for longer, enabling experimentation, and putting an end to any pain that may be experienced. So, don't put a dampener on it!

Which Lube
Should I Choose?

So, you're ready to become a well-oiled machine, but you don't want to slip up by choosing the wrong lubricant? Fear not, here are our UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Liquid Silk

1. Liquid Silk

A solid choice! Cocoon yourself in Liquid Silk for glorious gratification every time. This clever concoction is biostatic, meaning that it inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast, thus making it the healthy option. A silicone and water based hybrid, the silky smooth texture feels incredible on your best bits and doesn't dry out quickly, like others can. So, why have cotton when you can have silk? Liquid Silk

Spunk Lube Hybrid

2. Spunk Lube Hybrid

Get a load of this; an all new breed of lube that guarantees to give you spunk! This non staining formula cleans up easily and is safe to use with your favourite toys. With a creamy texture, which looks and feels just like real cum, it leaves the skin feeling moisturised, plus it doesn't dry out or become tacky. Made using a combination of water and top quality silicones, this tasteless, odourless formula is not to be sniffed at! Spunk Lube Hybrid

Smooth Move

3. Smooth Move

Got the moves? Tasteless, odourless and colourless, this formula boasts an extremely thick and creamy consistency, meaning that it doesn't dry out quickly like other water-based lubricants can. The easy to use pump facilitates quick and easy application, plus it puts a stop to inane fiddling at inappropriate of moments. Body safe and extremely hygienic, it makes the perfect accompaniment to any type of play. So, come on; get a wiggle on! Smooth Move

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