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Beginner's Guide To Spreader Bars

Spreader Bars

Like the idea of restraints, but never considered adding a spreader bar to your scene? Well, you’re barred! This amazing accessory really should be top of your list, and we’re spreading the word!

There are a variety of spreader bars available; some are designed for cuffing just the wrists, just the ankles, or both. Then there are those that incorporate a collar in addition to wrist cuffs, making the most menial of tasks a challenge! Consisting of a bar that is typically constructed from metal, or another firm/solid fabric, and attachment points for cuffs, spreader bars keep the desired body parts apart and leave the wearer wide open to whatever perverted punishment or pleasure that comes their way. Some spreader bars even come with cuffs already attached. Used in sex play, spreader bars facilitate perfect positioning and deviantly deep penetration. So, wearers will assume the position and stay there for as long as required! They will also be able to achieve all new positions and quickly switch between them for mind-blowing sex play.

Now, discover how to ensure you always put on a really good spread, with our Beginner’s Guide To Spreader Bars!

Reasons You Should Try Spreader Bars

Reasons You Should Try Spreader Bars

Unsure of spreader bars? Think the only spread you’re likely to enjoy is that which is lavished on toast? Well, when it comes to superior sex play, this is the most effective tool around... bar none, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Spreader Bars - Perfect Positioning

Expose yourself to ‘spot’ on positions...

Isn’t it time you made a stand when it comes to your out of hours activities? Using a spreader bar ensures the optimum position for play that’s ‘spot’ on every time! Plus, now you can maintain it for even longer. Encouraging you to try out new and more challenging positions, the best bits will remain exquisitely exposed to whatever scintillating/sadistic stimulation is thrown their way. So, get yourself positioned for some superior sex play, because this is one deliciously deviant spread we can all enjoy!

Spreader Bars - Heightened Senses

It’s high time you experienced superior sensations...

Sniff out superior satisfaction! It’s simple; take away touch and all other senses are heightened. That means a spreader bar magnifies every luscious lick, sensual stroke, teasing touch and tormenting tickle, for the most supreme sensations of your life. The increased sensitivity will have writhing bottoms on the climactic brink within seconds, and combined with the anticipation of what’s to come, it really is explosive! It’s time to come to your senses and give it a try!

Spreader Bars - Deeper Connection

A committed provider of the strongest connection...

Here at UberKinky, we don’t spread rumours, we spread facts. So, you can trust us when we say that playing with spreader bars is bound to strengthen any relationship. Surrendering control can be an incredible thrill. Similarly, being the one in control is a huge turn on. Not only does it demonstrate your level of commitment and trust, it also allows you to see one another in a different, incredibly sexy light. It will be the perfect provider when it comes to stronger connections!

Spreader Bars - Remarkable Restraint

There’ll be no holding back when it comes to teasing & pleasing...

Once you get started, there’ll be no stopping you! Well, metaphorically speaking. A spreader bar is the ideal choice when it comes to keeping naughty playmates in their place. Restricting and controlling movement, there will be no escape from whatever pleasing, teasing and tormenting touches they are deemed worthy of. Perfect if you wish to experiment with a little bedroom bondage, or even incorporate into more extreme scenes. Bottoms may not be moving, but the experience certainly will be!

Spreader Bars - Forced Orgasm

Forced to accept explosive intensity...

We’d hate to force you into anything, but a spreader bar promises a real taste of sensual satisfaction! When fastened in place it leaves those sensitive spots exposed to whatever stimulation comes their way. With bottoms’ hands tied, this is the perfect opportunity to help them push through the intensity barrier and engage in a little forced orgasm play. Use toys to deliver stimulation that continues on relentlessly. This enables an all new level of unimaginable intensity. Don't forget to discuss boundaries beforehand as it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Spreader Bars - Adrenaline Rush

You’ll be rushed off your feet enjoying superior sex play...

In a rush to experience superior sex play? Then a spreader bar will get you there in no time! Anticipation will make the heart beat faster; tricking the body into thinking danger is present. This increases blood flow to the brain and muscles, as well as encouraging the release of adrenaline. The result is a state of enthusiasm mixed with pleasure and relaxation, for a different kind of natural high. It gives an all new meaning to ‘rushed off your feet’!


Safety First!

Ready to spread your salacious wings? Well, it’s vital that you do so safely… and that’s where we come in!

It’s important that the wearer is comfortable and that any cuffs/restraints are not attached to tightly; always follow the two-finger rule. Always take things slowly, monitor reactions and only play with someone that you trust completely. Watch out for any loss of sensation, drop in temperature or loss of skin colour and stop immediately in any of these occur. As always, discuss your limits and boundaries prior to play and agree on a safe word before getting started.

Now, be sure to follow these simple safety do’s and don’ts bar none!



  • Only use a spreader bar with a playmate you trust completely
  • Take things slowly & monitor reactions
  • Warm up properly & prepare for deep penetration
  • Discuss boundaries & agree on a safeword beforehand
  • Check for loss of circulation regularly


  • Tug or pull at the bar to change your playmate’s position
  • Play when intoxicated
  • Continue if there is any loss of circulation
  • Put pressure on joints, nerves or veins
  • Use restraints if the bottom has any heart, circulatory or respiratory conditions

Getting Started/Positions

So, what’s your stance on spreader bars now? Well, there are certainly plenty of positions that can be enjoyed with this type of bondage equipment.

For unlimited access to the chest/breasts, restrain the arms behind the back whilst standing. This is great for incorporating nipple clamps into your play as well. alternatively, you can recreate a hog-tie position by having the wearer lie face down, with the ankles and wrists attached to the spreader bar. Perfect for teasing, but not as good for penetration, you decide what works best for you.

Here are just a few options:

Stand and Deliver

The wearer has their legs strapped to the bar and bends over a piece of furniture for support. The bar keeps the legs parted for easy access from behind!

The Emperor

Face down, ass up… The wearer keeps their knees bent under their body, so the ankles are near the backside. The butt is fully exposed with no-where to ‘hide’! This keeps the bar out of the way for an all access pass to the nether regions. Perfect for doggy or anal; use with ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs for a hog-tied effect.

Throne of O

The wearer sits on a chair or sofa with their feet on the floor, so the spreader bar is parting their legs at the ankles. This is a great position for oral!

Thick As Thieves

The wearer lies on their back, with the wrists cuffed to the spreader bar behind them.

Carnal Clutch

The wearer lies on their back with their legs in the air. Just the ankles are cuffed to the spreader bar, which is then lifted high for deviantly deep penetration! For added comfort and greater gratification, place a cushion under the bum.

Spread Eagle

This involves using two separate spreader bars; one for the arms and one for the legs. Great for when you want to incorporate sex toys, it facilitates all over access; however, it is not the best position for penetration.

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So, you’re drinking it all in, but you need a lascivious leg up when it comes to choosing the right bar? Well, to ensure that you find just the right balance of beauty and brawn, here are the UberKinky bestsellers;

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rope care


Aftercare should never be an afterthought when it comes to this type of play!

Bottoms that have been restrained using a spreader bar may feel a little lightheaded after the sessions has ended. In addition, they may be left a little overwhelmed and emotional, due to this newfound submission and the enhanced connection between partners. Tops must ensure that they take care of their playmate’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Make sure they don’t come back down to Earth with a bump!

Remember, muscles may be sore as a result of being restrained in the same position for an extended period of time. Give them a gentle massage and rub in soothing cream where necessary. In addition, it is a good idea to have a blanket nearby and some chocolate to bring blood sugar levels back up, if necessary.