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Beginner's Guide To Vibrators

Looking for a buzz but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive vibrators guide is sure to set your pulse racing. Whether you want to bring your foreplay to a whole other level, or bite the bullet and go solo, you’ll find everything you need to know in this magical manual.

UberKinky recommends that you try vibrators solo AND with a playmate to open yourself up to a whole new world of euphoric pleasure.

Reasons You Should Try A Vibrator

Reasons You Should Try A Vibrator

The great thing about sex is that it can always be better. Even if your sex life is mind-blowing right now, it could still be improved in unthinkable ways. Here are 4 UberKinky reasons why you should be enticed by vibrators;

Intensified Orgasms

Enjoy More Intense Orgasms

A sultry shortcut to exhilarating orgasms is vibrator play. Mechanical vibration provides intense stimulation that is unmatchable. A vibrator can give you the opportunity to learn what really gets you going, and the more you know about what turns you on, the easier and stronger your orgasm will be! Whether your playtime is a one-man-show or a little show-and-tell, a vibrator will definitely give you the upper hand.

Shared Stimulation

Pleasure Your Playmate

You can guarantee that sparks will fly when you use your vibrator with a partner. The extra stimulation between you both will enhance your orgasms further. If you’ve got a male playmate, let the electricity soar by exploring the prostate. Otherwise known as the male G-spot, you’ll be able to leave him buzzing!

Fulfil Fantasies

Fulfil Frivolous Fantasies

A vibrator is not a replacement for a partner, rather an enhancement. Get your erogenous electricity overflowing by adding a vibrator into your wildest fantasies. A vibrator is a pleasing tool that can spice up your sub/dom or exhibitionism fantasies. See what all the buzz is about and make dreams a reality!

Amplified Arousal

Amplify Your Arousal

Using a vibrator will also enhance your sex life in the long-run. Vibrator play can boost your sexual desire, natural lubrication, libido and arousal, leaving you or your partner craving more every time.


Safety First!

Safety may not be a word that turns you on, but it’s one to remember! Here at UberKinky, we care about you! That’s why we have created a small list of dos and don’ts to keep you safe at play. As with any other sexual activity, if you or your playmate experience discomfort, or any pain whatsoever, stop immediately.



  • Check the material, especially if you have allergies
  • Use only water-based lubricants, and read the label before use
  • Wash after EVERY use
  • Clean before first use


  • Use your vibrator whilst it’s charging
  • Use non-water-based lubricants with silicone vibrators
  • Clean in the dishwasher or with boiling water
  • Use antibacterial wipes or soap, especially if using vaginally
First Timer

First Timer?

Choosing your first vibrator can be intimidating. UberKinky has a HUGE range of vibrators, but how do you know which one is right for you? Lucky for you, we’ve produced a quick list of the most popular vibrators;

Bullet - One of the most popular forms of vibrator, the bullet vibrator is small, simple, discreet and quiet, yet powerful. Their sleek design will not lead to any awkward questions from nosy visitors.

Rabbit – Referred to as the ultimate female pleasure toy, the rabbit vibrator enhances both internal and clitoral stimulation – you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Egg – These are the best type of vibrators if you’re wanting to explore the great outdoors and your pleasure simultaneously. Plus, the remote-control function can lead to some interesting partner play!

Magic Wand – If you’re a fan of external clitoral or anal stimulation, a magic wand vibrator will enchant your sex life. Originally used as a back-pain massage device, these vibrators are now powerful stimulation tools, perfect for foreplay, extremely intense pleasure and forced orgasms.

G-Spot – Compared to other vibrators, G-spot vibrators are specifically angled and powerful enough to hit the spot with little to no effort. If you’ve ever wondered if you can squirt, this toy is your best bet.

Anal & Prostate – There are a few forms of anal and prostate vibrator toys, including vibrating butt plugs, vibrating beads and prostate massagers.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Are you feeling hot under the collar and ready to get started? It’s time to warm up and discover how to use a vibrator. Follow this step by step guide to feel the buzz…

  1. Spend some time getting excited for this experience. It’s good to get your own motor running before turning on the battery-powered one.
  2. Apply some lubricant to your vibrator to help it glide gently – water-based is best!
  3. Turn your vibrator onto the lowest power setting and gently caress your clitoris/anus.
  4. Play with the vibration, placement and depth. Once you’ve found a good pleasure point, try altering the vibrational pattern settings on your vibrator (if it has them).
  5. Once you’re ready to orgasm, stick with your favourite settings and hold on for the ride!
Dildo vs Vibrator

Dildo vs. Vibrator

Choosing a vibrator over a dildo, or vice versa, is completely up to your personal preference. A dildo is a phallic shaped toy that is intended for penetration during masturbation or partner play. UberKinky has a variety of dildos that vary in size, shape and texture.

A vibrator is very similar to a dildo except that it has a vibrating motor. UberKinky has a huge range of vibrators that have different speeds and sensations. Vibrators can be used for clitoral stimulation or penetration.


Our Best Selling

Vibrator play is about maximising pleasure. UberKinky is here to help you achieve those good vibes…

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