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Anal Lube

Anal about lube? Then you’re guaranteed to find something that lives up to high expectations in this collection. Whatever your preferred anal endeavour, whether stretching, fisting, play or sex, we have a lubricant which promises all of the pleasure with none of the pain. Now you can enjoy satisfying stimulation, with minimal discomfort. Even when engaging in some brutal BDSM play it’s vital that you don’t endure permanent damage to your significant spot. That’s why all of our anal lubes are formulated using the finest ingredients, with safety and satisfaction in mind; so you can welcome gratifying guests with ease. Super slick and long lasting, lubes in this collection will ensure things always run smoothly!

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  1. SPUNK Lube Hybrid 236ml
  2. Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide 100ml
  3. Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml
  4. Crisco Ass Fisting Lube 454ml
  5. Uberkinky Elbow Deep Fisting Lubricant 500ml
  6. Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml
  7. Fist Extreme Lube 500ml
  8. Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml
  9. Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant 118ml
  10. Fist Classic Lube 500ml
  11. Max Pro Prostate Massage Gel 100ml
  12. Maximus Lubricant 50ml
  13. SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone 236ml
  14. Fist It Fisting Lube 500ml
  15. STR8cam Lubricant 236ml
  16. Gun Oil H20 Lubricant 118ml
  17. Pjur Analyse Me Lubricant 100ml
  18. Spunk Lube Pink 236ml
  19. ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant 31ml or 71ml
    As low as £3.99
  20. Yes BUT Water Based Personal Anal Lubricant 100ml
  21. Mister B Load Hybrid Lubricant 100ml
    As low as £9.99 As low as £8.50
  22. Boy Butter H2O Water-based Lubricant 147ml
  23. Slam Dunk Original Ass Fisting Lube 227ml
  24. ID Velvet Lubricant 50ml or 125ml
    As low as £9.99 As low as £8.50
  25. Eros Fisting Gel UltraX 200ml
  26. Astroglide X Premium Silicone Lubricant 73ml
  27. Astroglide Gel 118ml
  28. Mister B Fist Hot Lube 500ml
  29. UberKinky Get Stuffed Anal Sex Essentials Kit
    Special Price £26.99 Regular Price £30.98 Save: £3.99 (13%)
  30. Anal Eaze Inserts 30ml
    Out of stock
  31. Crisco Ass Fisting Lube Large Tub
    Out of stock
  32. Up Yours Fisting Lube 500ml
    Out of stock

Items 1-32 of 35

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