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MEOW! Enjoy some feral fun in a catsuit from the UberKinky collection. Daring Dominatrix or tantalising temptress, we have just the attire to have you and your playmate fulfilling all of your animalistic instincts in no time. Beautifully shiny and skin tight, our catsuits are designed to really accentuate all of those beautiful curves and have you calling the shots. Made from top quality fabrics that look and feel incredible, you may not want to take this costume off at all! Wear during your BDSM play to really show them who their Master is, or even expand your club wear collection; the choice is yours when you pull on your sexy suit. Tame your pet, whilst you enjoy completely untamed sex play, you’ll be acting like anything other than a pussycat in your superior sex play!

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  1. Allure Second Skin Whiplash Catsuit
    As low as £89.99
  2. Kitten Wet Look Corset Top
  3. Kitten Wet Look and Mesh Catsuit
  4. Black Level Sleeveless Catsuit
    As low as £59.99
  5. Kitten Lace and Wet Look Jumpsuit
    Out of stock

5 Items

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