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UberKinky Gift Giving Guide

Asses are red, balls are blue, we’ve written this kinky gift guide, just for you!

It’s that time again folks! But, what do you think when you hear the word Valentine’s? Does it conjure up images of a weirdly sadistic small boy armed with a bow and arrow, flying around shooting unsuspecting victims? Is this followed by said victims invariably falling in love with the nearest bystander? Or, is it all about chocolates, hearts and long stemmed roses? Well, if you’re anything like us, it’s none of the above! So, take our advice and forget the soppy stuff!!

Valentine’s may be a day intended to spoil that special someone, but we know what you guys are into. So, why not get them something they’ll really love, with a perverted prezzie or a gratifying gift from the UberKinky collection? Plus, now we’ve made things even easier for you, by compiling this Valentine’s Gift Giving Guide. And don’t forget to check out our exclusive UberKinky Cards, which are just perfect for Valentine’s! Just think of us as a kinky Cupid…

Spanking And Caning

Make an Impression with our UberKinky Spanking Gear…

Pick a Valentine’s prezzie from our supreme spanking collection and, we promise, it’ll be a hit! We heart spanking here at UberKinky, and you will too. It promises to leave a lasting impression and is a gift that will make cheeks blush, in more ways than one. Whether you’re offering yourself up, or your gift is to deliver the spanking, your playmate won’t be disappointed. All items in this collection have been crafted to an unsurpassed standard of quality and are ergonomically designed with intricate attention to detail. Choose from canes, floggers, paddles, riding crops, whips and check out our Beginner’s Guide to Spanking for more information. Nothing beats a little slap and tickle on Valentine’s Day! View All Spanking Gear


Show Them You’re Gagging for it with an UberKinky Bondage Gag…

Do you have a noisy playmate on your hands? Are you gagging to get your hands on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Then you’ve come to the right place, UberKinky friends. If you haven’t tried using a bondage gag before, you’re in for a treat. Not only will it have them literally drooling with anticipation, it muffles the sounds during pleasing and teasing, strengthens the trusting bond between you both, intensifies the sensations during your play and looks incredible. There are a variety of different bondage gags to choose from, including ball gags, bit gags, ring gags, inflatable gags, funnel gags and more. So, give them a taste of superior satisfaction today! View All Bondage Gags

Electrosex Kits

Engage in some seriously shocking behaviour this Valentines…

They’ll be in for a shock when you present then with a kinky couple’s Electrosex Kit this Valentine’s Day! You know what they say, ‘couples that play together stay together’, and an electrosex kit from our collection promises to really intensify your connection . Coaxing bottoms into an extremely intense orgasm, electrosex enhances physical response, as well as strengthens and increases the duration of climax. Unlike your average sex toy, which merely vibrates, rotates or sucks, electrostimulation uses carefully applied electrical signals to directly stimulate the nerve endings. Pushing boundaries, but never overstepping them, sharing new experiences, and experimenting together is guaranteed to strengthen any relationship. Trust us; they’ll be buzzing with their gift this year! View All Electrosex Kits

TSX Toys

Fulfil Animalistic Instincts with TSX Toys…

We’ve been like a dog with a bone perfecting our Valentine’s gift suggestions! And, since Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to fulfil animalistic instincts, TSX Toys is the number one choice. Whether your special someone is a bit of an animal, they’re adamant that size matters, or they simply crave unrivalled intensity, an item from this collection certainly won’t disappoint. Crafted from phthalates free PVC, each of these tantalising toys has just the right amount of flexibility to follow the contours of the body with ease, whist delivering perfect penetration every time. Choose from huge dildos, huge butt plugs, animal dildos, cock sheaths and more, and, we promise, you won’t be barking up the wrong tree! View All TSX Toys

Bijoux Indiscrets

Dress to Impress with Bijoux Indiscrets…

Dress to impress on date night, or give the gift of gorgeous get-up with Bijoux Indiscrets! Now you can add some bondage bling to your Valentine’s night out, with a luxurious item from our Maze collection by Bijoux Indiscrets. This kinky collection boasts exquisite craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail. Crafted from fine quality vegan leather, made from recyclable materials, it has the same characteristics as real leather and looks incredible, whether worn on its own or on top of clothing. Items in the Bijoux Indiscrets collection are uniquely designed for figure flattering sex appeal and ooze that beautiful bondage look. They will kink up any outfit, or night of naughtiness, and will certainly make Valentine’s a date you’ll never forget! View All Bijoux Indiscrets

We Vibe Sync

Give Them Good Vibes with the We-Vibe Sync Couples Sex Toy…

After a fair few years together, the obligatory Valentine’s Day date can get a little tedious! So, why not make things more interesting, with the We-Vibe Sync Couples Sex Toy? This innovative couples’ sex toy boasts 10 different vibration patterns, with varying intensities, and it can be controlled remotely. You know what that means?! Secret sex play whilst you’re out and about in public. So, enjoy deviance whilst you dine or get steamy in the cinema, with this discreet, yet exceptionally powerful couple’s vibrator. Trust us, there’s nothing more gratifying that watching your playmate squirm with enjoyment, whilst trying to keep this salacious secret under wraps! And it doesn’t end there; this versatile sex toy will provide unparalleled stimulation for you both once you’re back in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be buzzing! View We-Vibe Sync

Doxy Red

Force Them to Believe in Magic with the Doxy Massager Die Cast Red…

Wish you could wave a magic wand and conjure up the perfect gift? Well, there’s no need for that kinky companions; you’re looking right at it! This Doxy Massager is a fine quality and extremely powerful wand vibrator that boasts a romantic red colour (exclusive to UberKinky) to perfectly fit the occasion. Designed to deliver unparalleled stimulation, which is far more intense than that experienced with any other sex toy, the Doxy promises explosive results. It has been ergonomically designed for ease of use and is crafted from fine quality titanium, aluminium and silicone. Although great for solo play, this wand massager will also enable you to get in on the action! In addition, its extremely strong multi-speed vibrations make it perfect for forced orgasm play. You won’t believe how much they love it! View Doxy Massager Die Cast Red

Sex Dolls

Finally, Guys: Don’t Be All by Yourself This Valentine’s…

Yeah, yeah, we know; Valentine’s Day can be a depressing time if you’re all alone. But if you have big plans to drown your sorrows in a bottle of vodka, sing along to ‘All By Myself’ by Celine Dion and cry into a microwavable ready meal for one, may we make a suggestion? Check out our extensive collection of sex dolls. Indeed, you need never be lonely again with an UberKinky sex doll! It’s certainly not gifts that you’ll be showering it with once you have your wicked way. Made from ultra-lifelike materials, including TPR, a playmate from this collection is just like the real thing, only better! They don’t demand to be spoilt, even if it is Valentine’s Day, and they certainly never say no. So, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s? You deserve it! View All Sex Dolls