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Master Series 10 Speed Vibrating Ass Anchor 3 Inches


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Remote controlled vibrating expanding butt plug
  2. Great for anal stretching beginners
  3. 10 thrilling speeds and patterns
  4. Innovative shape expands apart internally for a filling sensation

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If you liked our regular Ass Anchor but want just a little more then reach for the Master Series Ass Anchor Flared Butt Plug. This flared butt plug has two arms which can easily fold together for a gentle and tapered insertion. Once inside the petals of this innovative butt plug spread apart like a spring blossom. You’ll feel a deliciously full sensation as the Ass Anchor spreads your innards to their limit. In addition to this fascinating feature, the Master Series 10 Speed Vibrating Ass Anchor comes with a wired remote control which allows you to choose from the ten thrilling vibrating speeds and patterns. You’ll feel the intense vibration pulse through the Ass Anchor through to your colon for an amazing sensation overload. If you like a little vibration with your intense anal stretching fun, reach for the Master Series 10 Speed Vibrating Ass Anchor.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 83727
Brand Master Series
Harness Compatible N/A
Circumference 15cm (5.9 inches)
Insertable Length 7.62cm (3 inches)
Length 9.52cm (3.75 inches)
Overall Diameter 4.8cm (1.9 inches) minimum, 10cm (3.95 inches) maximum
Power Type AAA / LR03 (Alkaline)
Batteries Included No (Not Included)
Battery Quantity 3
Controller Wired remote control
Function 10 different modes
Waterproof No
Does Not Include Latex, phthalates
Colour Black
Material ABS Plastic, TPR
Product Features Multi-Speed, Remote Control

Master Series 10 Speed Vibrating Ass Anchor 3 Inches Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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4 Reviews (4)
Total : 11 Reviews
Ass filler
Review by Kinky Couple posted on 11 September 2015
We bought one of these from a US website because at the time you were not selliñg them. Wish we had waited as yours are cheaper! We wanted something we can both get pleasure from and we are both used to having things inserted into our bums. The first time it was used on me I was restrained in a hogtie on the edge of the bed and husband showed me what he was going to do. He lubricated the plug and my ass and after slipping a couple of fingers into me to loosen me up he eased it into me. At first it hurt but then got easier and then when fully inside it opened up and it felt wonderful. He tried various settings until he found one I liked. He then blindfolded me and and put an open mouth gag on and switched it back on. He then stuffed his cock into my mouth so I had to swallow his cum just as I was cumming myself.I loved it! He left me like this for an hour or so periodically changing the settings. He eventually eased it out of my now sore ass but we both enjoyed this butt plug. His turn next!
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(4 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Arse vibrations
Review by Debbie Wales posted on 15 September 2015
Didn't realise husband had brought this. I am only small so my arse hole is in proportion an also small but by using different size butt plugs it now stretches quite wide, thankfully. I was tied spreadeagled on the bed when he showed me this and I was worried about the pain but he used plent of lube as he eased it inside me and then I could feel it open and I loved it. For a change he had left my ballgag off so I could use our safe word if needed but I didn't need it so he quickly strapped it on and blindfolded me as usual and then he switched on the controller. I came very quickly and very hard and he then went through the rest of the vibrations and I came again. He then untied me and flipped me onto my back, retied me and then shagged me still with the anchor in place. I LOVED IT. The sensation as he pulled it was wonderful as well. Great toy.
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Review by Master posted on 11 September 2015
Product as described, not for beginners. Looked at similar products but not as well described or of same quality. Little control as to how wide it opens once in, but that can be part of the fun, lots of different programmes/ vibrations depending on mood. Good training tool for my slave....
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Buy this now!
Review by Rube posted on 7 January 2016
It's rare that a new toy immediately becomes my favourite. Sure, it's fun to try new things, and I'll always give a new toy plenty of playtime, but usually the novelty wears off after a while... Well, not here.

Out of the box, it's made of a nice, scent-free soft-but-firm silicone jelly. When you give them a squeeze, the 'jaws' of the anchor resist with a gentle insistence, which is probably the right balance - it's not going to rip your insides in half, but it will gradually tease them wider.

Getting it in has a bit of a knack to it, given the fact it prefers to be opened wide. With plenty of lube, holding it properly shut and inserting it can be quite tricky, so don't overdo the lubrication and try pushing in one side slightly ahead of the other. Once it's in, wow.

It feels rather like having an open speculum inside you, only without the typical pinchy sharpness you get with plastic or metal. The firm pressing sensation on the walls of your anus is quite amazing, like the 'fullness' you get with an inflatable toy, but without the pressure further up. And then you turn on the vibrations.

Oh my. If you own a few vibrating anal toys, you'll know most of the vibrations are usually focussed on the perineum, with very little actually making its way inside. I'm very happy to report that this thing shakes your insides, and shakes them pretty damn hard (astonishingly so, given that it takes just three AAA batteries).

The vibration patterns are varied enough that you definitely won't get bored of it in a hurry, although I did notice that the patterns don't seem to match up to the descriptions on the back of the remote.

Being ultra critical, there are a few areas where the toy could be improved. The cable to the remote is about as short as possible - it'll get as far as a pocket at a stretch, but that's all - and although there are some gentler vibration patterns, the fact you can't control the intensity manually is a bit of a shame. Last but not least, the vibrator itself is a cylindrical core within the plug, and the seam where it meets the base seems a little rough, like it might come unglued if it isn't looked after.

All that said, at only £20, this is incredible value for money, a really exhilarating toy that I'll keep coming back to (and coming to) as long as it lasts, and will definitely replace as soon as it's past its best. Buy one and don't look back.
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Best buy ever
Review by JJ posted on 24 October 2015
Insertion may take a little getting used to, but the smooth texture helps a lot! And once you get the trick you will discover that this is the best anal stimulation you will ever achieve!
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(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Review by 27 posted on 26 November 2015
Well i got this toy as i thought it was abit different and oh boy it is its great.
It takes abit to get used to hiw ti insert but when its in and switched on wow.
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(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)
A great plug and excellent value for money
Review by Skinnie posted on 28 January 2016
I'm accustomed to taking quite large plugs (see review for B-7 ) as well as being sometimes fitted and chained to an anal pear ( by my Mistress so I found the Ass Anchor fitted in very nicely. As another reviewer has already stated, the main challenge is that natural state of the Anchor is open and it can be a bit difficult sliding it when lubed. The different vibrate settings work well and provide both buzzes as well as deep and satisfying throbs. It's also easy to clean.

The only criticism is that the lead is quite short as mentioned elsewhere. However, that aside, it's excellent value for money.
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very good
Review by one posted on 18 March 2016
We enjoyed the experience when using this item, would have liked the vibrations to last a longer period before shutting off.
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NOT for beginners!!
Review by SweetLittleMissTori posted on 25 June 2016
I bought as I was looking for something that would give you a more 'full' feeling once inserted and the 10speed vibration was a major attraction too. The image looked 'big' but I attributed that to the flayed arms. Having one of the locking butt plugs (like the pear of anguish), I thought this would be of similar size but looked to flay wider and offer vibration too. I also thought when 'closed' the arms wouldn't be much bigger than the shaft. I know the measurements are given but that's my mistake for impulse buying....
That being said, if you are well turned on, relaxed and 'open' for this, its a fantastic feeling and the vibrations feel intense. Although 'not' a beginner, this is not a Toy I can simply use. Its something I have to work up over a session rather than something I start with.
I can't fault the product, the material, the vibration etc - just wish it was a bit smaller for me or more to the point, they made a 'smaller' version as I am sure for some, the size is fine...
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Review by Super Serial Reviewer posted on 27 June 2016
-1 star only because it's difficult to get in - needs a lot of warm up :P

Overall the best butt plug EVER! Only one that manages to make me drip, which makes up for how loud it is. Along with the range of functions, it includes a random setting - possibly the most unique and orgasm-educing setting known to man.

I recommend :)
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