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Mr Limpy Fleshtone Range


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. More realistic colour with same lifelike feel
  2. The perfect packer for Female to Male transgender people (FTM)
  3. Choose from four realistic lengths
  4. Provides you with a realistic looking bulge

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With just one look, they’ll say, “Ohh what is he packing?” Your secret is safe with the Mr. Limpy soft packing dildo in their fleshtone range! Now with a more realistic skin colour, the Mr. Limpy Fleshtone Range of packers still comes in four lifelike lengths. This soft packer for FTM transgender people has a very lifelike look and feel; he sits naturally in your pants giving you a realistic looking bulge.

Mr. Limpy comes in 4 sizes which measure:

  1. X-Small: 8.9cm (3.5 inches)
  2. Small: 12.7cm (5 inches)
  3. Medium: 16.5cm (6.5 inches)
  4. Large: 21.6cm (8.5 inches)

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 92018
Brand Fleshlight
Length Various. See description
Contents One Mr. Limpy
Material Superskin

Mr Limpy Fleshtone Range Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
5 Reviews (15)
4 Reviews (10)
Total : 25 Reviews
The best packer I've had so far
Review by Jack posted on 5 November 2015

LOOKS amazingly detailed and realistic

FEELS amazingly realsitic and just the right weight; it also warms up to my body heat, so it really feels like a part of me. I just think of myself as someone with a penis who has the unfortunate condition that their nerve endings end too soon and don't reach to their junk :P

Made of cool, life-like material. Feels great to hold.

Very affordable!

Makes me feel complete :) Like somthing I was missing has returned.


I've only been using mine for a week, and have just used it to pack with every day under my jeans, but I think I may already have spotted a small hole in the material that didn't used to be there. So maybe the material isn't very durable?

You have to wash it every few days, otherwise it smells weird (then again, washing your junk reguarly is a normal thing to do, so you have to do that whatever your junk), and then afterwards the silocone becomes really sticky so you have to spend 5-10 minutes carefully rubbing a thin layer of powder into it (not enough = still gets sticky, too much = your underwear is full of powder like your junk has dandruff)

Can't be used as a Stand To Pee (but many people alter it into a STP themselves, so this con can be circumnavigated)

Some people get dysphoria when wearing any packer (not just this one), because it reminds them of their groin area, which they'd rather not think about. You won't know if you're one of these people until you've tried, probably.


I got the small, which is a really good size for me; it may even be too big! It's about the size of the average erect penis (in the UK), and it's flaccid! So you may want to go for the extra small, which would be more realistic. Personally I went for the small because I wanted a bit more of a bulge. Plus, body-confidence, you know. Go big or go home ;) I imagine the big and the extra big would look comically large.


Sure, the material may turn out not to be very durable, and you have to powder it after each wash, but a) this packer is so cheap that you can easily replace it every half a year or so ( that's a guess, I don't know how long it will last), and b) pretty much every packer is made of silicone, and so will also have to be powdered.

The best parts: this packer is amazingly realistic (in particular the veins and the head. Wow!), looks and feels great, and doesn't cost too much either. It's made me feel awesome!! DEFINITELY worth the money it cost. I wear it night and day and it makes me feel more 'me'.
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Perfect FTM product
Review by Gurgle posted on 8 April 2013
Very realistic (even has veins), soft & malleable, but with a decent weight to it. An excellent packer, easily modified into an stp (with a skewer heated in a mug of hot water). Easy to clean/ keep in good nic. Very happy with this product, would definitely recommend.
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(37 of 38 people found this review helpful)
Great value
Review by A Beginner posted on 29 June 2013
Compared to the prices of other packers, this is a great value item for a beginner to experiment with packing / gender play. It's a pale flesh-pink colour, and pleasingly soft and squishy - although because of this I'm not sure how durable it will be longer-term. Don't be fooled by the size names - I got the "extra small" which is 3.5" from base to tip and therefore actually about the size of an average real flaccid penis. It tucks comfortably into a close-fitting pair of men's underpants and I've found it comfortable enough to wear all day (or night!).
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Brilliant for ftm
Review by Tj posted on 31 May 2013
Brilliant product, easy to clean. Looks realistic, can be turned into an stp. Definitely recommend this product. And I will be purchasing another as a spare :-)
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(17 of 17 people found this review helpful)
Fits the purpose
Review by Max posted on 3 September 2015
I bought this as my first packer. I ordered the X-Small and it was exactly as described and absolutely perfect for what I needed it to be, I wear it with tight boxer briefs and found absolutely no need for a harness.

The downside to this is that when it isnt absolutely coated in talcum powder, it is unbelievably sticky. (((It does work really well as a lint roller, if anyone was wondering.))) Because of this stickiness sometimes it's uncomfortable to wear after a while because it begins to stick to the inside of your thigh etc, and although this may be realistic, it's not exactly comfortable.
However, despite how sticky it is (as expected with silicone products) it serves its purpose really well and gives a pretty realistic bulge and honestly, its really fun to leave it in conspicuous places for your housemates to find.
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(12 of 13 people found this review helpful)
Review by DJ71 posted on 13 May 2013
Mr Limpy is by far my favourite and the best I've used.
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(10 of 14 people found this review helpful)
Review by Hugo posted on 17 January 2013
Smashing product. Just what I wanted :)
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(9 of 13 people found this review helpful)
Good for FTM
Review by CeeJay posted on 13 August 2015
Good product. I paid for 3-5 working day delivery, and it came in exactly 3 working days. The product itself is a little softer/squishier than I expected, but it packs a realistic bulge for FTM people looking to pack. Would definitely make another purchase from here.
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Mr Limpy - my first packer.
Review by JaeTee posted on 25 January 2016
So, I have never bought anything like this before. I actually never thought I'd be on a site like this, I am FTM and only found myself recently so making my day easier to get through is Mr Limpy - I will soon be turning him in to an STP. He feels pretty weird to be honest but that's because I've never touched one before... But it's pretty cool, looks and feels alright and does what he should. Thank you Uberkinky for my packer.
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Uber Realistic
Review by modelmaster posted on 19 February 2016
As others have said, the "small" "medium" "large" designations are over generous. Best to pick a size or two smaller than you think. Otherwise, everything is in proportion. More realistic coloring can be achieved using darker shades of eye shadow, which will stain the synthetic rubber, and is especially effective on the scrotum.

Great for a laugh: try slipping between the legs of a large teddy bear and watch peoples' reaction !
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: Jaime on 13 May 2015 15:30:00
Show answers...
When will you have the medium back in stock??
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 13 May 2015 15:51:00

This item is currently on order and we are waiting to hear back from our supplier. In the mean time you can sign up for an email notification to let you know when this item is back in stock. Select Medium in the drop down box and a red button will appear just above which says, "Email you when it's back in stock." Then the instant this item comes back into stock you will be the first to know. Hope this helps!
Question by: Noah on 20 May 2015 00:35:00
Show answers...
I wonder how I can have the Mr. Limpy be modified as a stp packer? Can I ask for them to make me one? Or would I have to do that myself after I ordered the product?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 20 May 2015 10:58:00

There are easy to follow DIY guides on YouTube that show how to convert a Mr Limpy into a STP packer.
Question by: leo on 6 Jan 2016 19:22:00
Show answers...
can I use this for sex or will it ruin it?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 7 Jan 2016 09:07:00

The Mister Limpy soft packer is too soft and floppy to penetrate. Think of it as an actual limp penis, there's absolutely no rigidity for it to be able to have sex with. Our pack and play dildos like the Tantus Pack N Play No 1 is soft enough to wear as a packer yet rigid enough for penetration

Hope this helps!
Question by: Chad on 22 Sep 2015 20:53:00
Show answers...

I want to know what the best way to wash and keep Mr Limpy is?
Thank you
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 23 Sep 2015 09:06:00

The best way we've found to take care of Mr. Limpy is to wash him in the sink with mild soap and water and let him air dry. Don't be tempted to dry him with a towel or kitchen roll because it could end in tears. Once he's dry you can sprinkle specially designed products like FantaFlesh Revive powder or Fleshlight's Renewing powder. Alternatively, if you can find plain cornstarch in your local grocery store you can use that. I would personally suggest keeping him in a plastic bag with plenty of special powder/cornstarch when not in use. It will keep him from getting sticky and protect him from dust. Hope this helps!

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