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Decisions, decisions! With so many dildos to choose from, we are certain to have the perfect solution to all of your dildo dilemmas in our range. Our eclectic collection of dildos will have you reaching new heights of salacious pleasure in no time. Master the art of pegging, intensify your bondage experience or simply enhance orgasmic pleasure, your delightful dildo awaits you in the UberKinky range. Enjoy orgasmic anal action, see-saw fun, delicate pleasure or enlarged enjoyment in your extracurricular activities. Browse our collection of dildos and extreme dildos today to find your perfect companion. If you want to add another member to your sex play, we have just the imitation member for you!

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  1. SquarePegToys® Slink Depth Training Dildo 11.5 Inches to 23.5 Inches
    As low as £69.99
  2. Sinnovator Canine Cock Dog Platinum Silicone Dildo 8 Inches
  3. Clone A Willy Kit
  4. Sinnovator Hellhound Dog Platinum Silicone Dildo 10 Inches
  5. Sinnovator Dark Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo 10 Inches
  6. Sinnovator Vac-U-Lock Compatible Suction Cup Base
  7. Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo 22.5 Inches
  8. Sinnovator Stallion Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo 16 Inches
  9. Clone a Willy Moulding Powder Refill
  10. Sinnovator Andromeda Alien Platinum Silicone Dildo 8.5 Inches
  11. UberKinky Real Extreme Dildo 4.5 Inches
  12. Sinnovator Cephalopod Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo 7 Inches
  13. Fuck Muscle Black Beauty Horse Dildo 15.5 Inches
  14. Sinnovator Lone Wolf Platinum Silicone Dildo 7 Inches
  15. UberKinky Soft Ejaculation Cock With Balls 7 Inches
  16. Sinnovator Steed Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo 8.75 Inches
  17. Mister B WAD Crack Attack Butt Plug 8.5 Inches
  18. Cloneboy Vibrator Penis Moulding Kit
  19. Uberkinky ALL BLACK Fisting Dildo 15 Inches
  20. Sinnovator Sean Uncut Realistic Platinum Silicone Dildo 8 Inches
  21. Sinnovator Sean Realistic Platinum Silicone Dildo 8 Inches
  22. Sinnovator Basilisk Platinum Silicone Anal Colon Snake 43 Inches
  23. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo 9 Inches
  24. Vixen Creations Mustang Silicone Dildo 6.2 Inches
    As low as £109.99
  25. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock 7 inch Natural Dildo
  26. Sinnovator Cerberus Dog Platinum Silicone Dildo 16 Inches
  27. Fuck Muscle Monolith Butt Plug
  28. Dinoo Rough Rubber Realistic Fist Butt Plug
    As low as £29.99
  29. Fuck Muscle Torpedo Dildo 8 Inches
  30. SquarePegToys® Charlie Horse Wiggly Silicone Dildo 8.5 Inches
  31. UberKinky Dual Layer Curved Silicone Dildo 5.75 Inches
  32. Uberkinky Prostidude Dildo 11 Inches

Items 1-32 of 354

per page