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Spiral Male Chastity Device


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  1. Lightweight & Comfortable
  2. Spiral design allows for optimum air circulation
  3. Iron chastity for the ultimate in security
  4. Open style cage so you can look but not touch!

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Keep your spring from getting sprung in this iron spiral chastity device

The spiral male chastity device is a sight to behold. It follows the natural curve of your flaccid penis; this makes it undetectable under clothing while remaining completely secure. Just remember, this spiral chastity device is made from iron, long term use or permanent chastity is not advised due to the possibility of rusting.

For longer term chastity, have a look at our Stainless Steel Spiral Chastity Device.

Distance between cage and ring 8 mm Cage entrance diameter is 35 mm (approx. 1 3/8 inches) Internal Cage Length is 85 mm (approx. 3 3/8 inches). Comes with three rings, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 81487
Brand UberKinky
Circumference 13.5cm (5.3 inches)
Inner Diameter Inner diameter of the cock rings are 40mm (1.57 inches), 45mm (1.77 inches) and 50mm (1.96 inches)
Length Internal Cage Length is 85 mm (approx. 3 3/8 inches)
Overall Diameter Cage entrance diameter is 35 mm (approx. 1 3/8 inches)
Product Weight 65g
Size Distance between cage and ring 8 mm
Adjustable Yes, choose the ring that fits best
Contents Metal chastity cage, three cock rings and padlock with 3 keys
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Washing Instructions Wash with hot soapy water, and ensure device is completely dry before storage
Material Iron

Spiral Male Chastity Device Reviews

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Spiral Male Chastity Device
Review by Ruffled Sheets posted on 8 June 2012
With other devices I’ve recommended using a little lube around the main ring to stop any chafing but I’ve found with this that I’ve never needed it. As explained earlier, the rings are smaller so have less surface area so there’s less friction involved.
I’ve worn this for days and nights at a time without having to remove it. I’ve been able to wear it for longer in one stretch than any other device and that’s mainly due to the open design which makes cleaning that much easier.

Sleeping in it is quite comfortable, too. Of course there will be times, particularly during the first week or so, where you’ll become aroused at night and your penis will try to become erect. This isn’t particularly comfortable in any device but it’s a little more bearable in this one due to the reduced amount of friction which is in turn due to the lesser amount of material it’s crafted from, as mentioned above.

One other thing to mention about steel devices… Be careful when sitting down on a hard surface. It might make a noise if you hit anything else that’s hard. I made a clang once when my olympic barbell hit it doing bicep curls once but I don’t think my training partner noticed. At least, I hope he didn’t…


I really like it. Steel is an acquired taste when it comes to restraints. I really like the way steel shines and the look of strength. Others may think it’s a little harsh and overpowering but I think its styling is good.

For me, there’s something about the appearance of being locked away in a metal device that isn’t there with a weaker material. It’s like the difference between being locked in furry leather handcuffs or steel cuffs the police use…

What’s also important is that this device is discreet. It’s small and doesn’t point out too much so is unnoticeable underneath your clothes. I’ve worn it to work under a thin business suit many times and it’s impossible to tell it’s there. As with all non-belt chastity devices, I’d advise wearing tight underwear or a jock strap to keep it from moving too much under your clothes.


As with ANY chastity device, cleaning is imperative. There is no substitute for taking it off and giving it (and yourself) a good, thorough clean. However, if you want a device that you can wear the longest without taking off, you should consider something like this.

As mentioned before, the strength of the steel means that less material is used, meaning less device to clean and easier access to your penis. It’s far easier to give yourself a good clean in the shower in this device than it is with most others as there are more (and bigger) holes. I’ve found that I can clean it, and myself, reasonably well in the shower using just shower gel, a powerful shower head and some cotton buds. The trick is to move your penis around in the device whilst cleaning then blast away all the shower gel afterwards. It won’t beat a proper clean when the device is off, but it’s as good as you’ll be able to do whilst keeping a device on.


Not much, really. The padlock that’s provided isn’t secure. I’ve had a couple of devices that come with these style padlocks and each key fits every lock. If you’re buying one of these then be sure to upgrade to something like a little ‘Master’ padlock. They’re available from most hardware outlets for a few pounds. I think mine was £3.50. The only other thing is that it only comes in one size so be sure to measure yourself before purchasing. Personally, it’s a little small for me but if you’re about the right size for a CB-6000 then you should be fine for the cage. Just remember to measure for the ring to ensure it won’t be too tight or too loose. Other than that, it’s a fantastic device.


It’s great. It would be better if it came with a couple more rings and a better padlock but other than that I can’t really fault it. To be honest, if this is the right size for you, there’s no real reason to buy a polycarbonate device. There was a time when steel devices were expensive and people used to start out with the CB-x000 range before upgrading to something made from steel but when devices like this are available then there really is no need. I didn’t think I’d say it but this has replaced the Bon4 as being my preferred device."
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Spiral Male Chastity Device
Review by Locked4Her posted on 8 June 2012
This steel cage device is comfortable to wear with no pinching.

It is of solid construction and was bought to replace a cracked plastic device.

Discrete enough not to cause a bulge in the trousers and there is no tapping of the padlock when walking.

This device also came with a 45mm ring not mentioned on the site which gives the option for those who have a slightly wider girth.

The padlock supplied was a rather flimsy luggage style padlock but this was easily replaced.

I have worn this now for 5 months without release and not needed to remove it for cleaning. It is easy to clean while on. I just now need mercy from my key holder"
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Spiral Male Chastity Device My First Metal Device
Review by Locked posted on 21 May 2013
I have had this a few weeks now so thought i would write a review about it. My first and last chastity device was a CB-6000 which lasted a year until it split. I was going to buy another CB-6000 but was against the idea as i knew that it would probably split too, so i looked for a steel device.

Most of the steel devices i looked at were out of my price range so i was looking for something cheap but also something that looked nice and that i could wear 24/7. After some searching looking for steel chastity devices i found the Spiral and as it was priced cheaper that the over priced CB-6000 i thought i would give it a try after reading some reviews of it.

On receiving the Spiral i was most impressed with the look & size of it and it comes in a nice box. The Spiral is smaller than a CB-6000 but i had measured the CB-6000 & ring so i knew the Spiral would be a perfect fit and it was. I almost fill the CB-6000 but there was always a bit of the cage left when flaccid but with the Spiral it fits like a glove.

The device comes with two rings a 40mm and 45mm one. On my CB-6000 the only ring that fitted me comfortably was the ring with 3 written on it, the 45mm ring the same size as one of the rings on the Sprial. I tried the 40mm one first but after a while i had to take it of as it was to tight so put on the 45mm and which fitted me perfect. This is the ring i now use.

As the ring is made of iron and not polycarbonate i now never get a burning sensation under the bottom of the ring which i used to get a lot with the CB-6000 ring.

Wearing the device for the first time feels like any device really, it just takes a bit of getting used to the feel of it. Its slightly heavier than a CB-6000 and when you first put on it you notice it but after wearing it for a while you get used to the feel of it. I have been wearing it a lot since i got it and i don't even know i have it on at times.

As its slightly smaller than a CB-6000 there's no chance to get erect as the steel stops any erection attempt in its tracks.

The great thing about it is i know that it won't break unlike the CB-6000. The only bad thing i can say about the Sprial is that it is steel with a high polish smooth chrome finish so therefore it is prone to rust if the chrome gets chipped. I noticed inside of the cage near the middle where the loops are welded together that there was a tiny bit of rust after wearing it for a while but was able to remove it with a toothbrush and some soap and seems to be rust free again. But for the price of the Sprial I'm not complaining as to buy a metal chastity device made of stainless would be well over £250.

The padlock that's provided is tiny and isn’t secure but as i already had a padlock i used that instead but its still good that it comes with a padlock in case you don't have one.

I only wish i had brought the Sprial first instead of wasting money on a CB-6000. For a first time device forgot about any of the CB-x000 range and polycarbonate devices just buy the Sprial and you won't be disappointed.

The device is a bit different than the one in the photo, i have uploaded photos of the device so you can see what it looks like. Its a better design than the one in the main photo.

If i had to buy another one i would.
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Fits well and Comfortable to wear
Review by Brian posted on 24 January 2013
It arrived yesterday and I dived into it.
Tough to squeeze into ring some oil helped ease the tackle through.
A little tough to connect up to instal the lock because the skin go in the way as the penis became aroused.
The product is relatively heavy but pleasant to wear. Surprising reminders of it when one knocks against a wash basin or supermarket cash desk. Also pleasant reminder feeling it as it moves slightly when you walk.

Had an attempted hard on during the night. and tempted to try to ejaculate with it on this morning - needs more work! - So I have worn it 24 hours and it fits like a glove. No sharp edges or points. One point only, if you are going to pee do it sitting as it sprays everywhere even if you align the holes. Cleans up fine in the shower.

Wanted to try this for a long time and well worth it if you are so inclined.
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Review by sublad posted on 15 June 2012
This is my 2nd device, 1st one (not from here) was bought on a whim and was very uncomfortable but this one is amazing, no nipping at all :)

Only thing I found difficult which is only down be my inexperience was getting myself into the back ring 2 out of three was fine but the 3rd was a struggle.

Amazing product, value for money, sturdy
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Great Device
Review by Denied and Teased posted on 20 December 2012
It's utterly fool proof, delightfully uncomfortable when excited and easy to put on.

I had a Birdlocked prior, not as easy to put on as the steel device. Not as comfortable to wear as the steel device. Not as hygienic as the steel device either.

I'm really happy and delightfully frustrated.
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My first device, and it's great
Review by Steve posted on 29 March 2013
This is my first and so far only chastity device. I was dead keen in this when I ordered but when I first opened the box I thought 'what have I get myself into?!' But after putting it on I was amazed how comfortable it is, while either flaccid or prevented from being totally erect. I consider myself to be average size and find the larger ring fits me well. I'm happy to wear this for long periods but I don't wear it to work so the longest I've been in it so far is about 3 days. And this thing really WORKS. It will not come off without exploding your balls. In moments of weakness I've tried to feel around inside but to no avail and only ended up chafing my finger. So I'm now constantly but wonderfully horny.

Getting changed I find the weight is still comfortable without any underwear for support but I wear briefs not boxers with jeans since the tight fit otherwise forces everything towards one leg, which is rather unplesant. With briefs I find it to be fully discreet - I'm just a bit more methodical when leaning, bending over or sitting down.

With showering I found I could clean myself pretty thoroughly but apparently did not do to well drying the inside of the cage at the bottom where the loops are welded together, since on removal I found an accumulation of rust. I got most of this off with an old toothbrush and some soap. Since then I've used a hairdryer for the difficult places but only a low setting is safe while wearing it.

Urination is simple and clean as with a finger I can point through the cage avoiding hitting the side. But it requires sitting down which is the main reason why I'm reluctant to wear it to work, drinking down the pub etc.

Like others have posted the supplied padlock is rubbish but cheaply replaced. I've found keys from other cheap padlocks would open this one. Putting some winds of tape around a brass padlock can dull the potential clanging sound when moving.

One last thing, being let out immediately before 'fulfilling my duty' is awkward since after removing the cage a full erection quickly kicks in making removal of the rear ring IMPOSSIBLE. Leaving it on is not an option since the locking pin would otherwise stab my partner. So it needs a little forward planning for foreplay if you don't want a boring interruption cooling yourself down to remove it.

Overall, I'm very happy with this product. I would have given it a 5 had it not been for the rust incident.
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Excellent Product
Review by Newbie posted on 13 March 2013
Having only previously tried a Cb6Ks which caused some pinching, I decided on this because it looked right.
Having had 4 hours of lock up I think it will fulfill my worst/best fantasies!
Cheap padlock will soon be changed for a more secure version.
Overall this must be about the best budget metal device on the market and I am looking forward to some frustration in the future.
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First timer - Its perfect
Review by Nick posted on 22 March 2013
I am new to this and never worn one before.It is a great purchase.

Fits nice, very very comfortable and I adjusted to it in like an hour. No noise when you walk, can't tell you are wearing it under clothes. Easy to clean, no issues sleeping. What can I say, buy it!
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Did not fit
Review by Bassa posted on 10 January 2013
It looks a well made and effective device. Unfortunately neither of the supplied rings were big enough for me to use. As I was unable to send it back I have had to order a CB 6000S which comes with 5 rings. Hopefully one of them will fit?

It's a pity the metal device did not have larger measure carefully before ordering one.
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Questions & Answers

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Question by: bill on 21 Apr 2015 12:37:00
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Would this fit someone who has large balls? Is it comfortable to wear whilst exercising?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 21 Apr 2015 12:39:00

This device should be fine for those with large balls, it will actually make the device more secure. What's more important is that there is enough room between the base of the penis and the top of the testicles for the bottom of the cage to sit comfortably in between. Many men say it is very comfortable to wear even during sleep and exercise. The only complaint I've heard was that one man bumped his device with a barbell while doing deadlifts and it made a klanging noise. Other than that you should be fine. Hope this helps!