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Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps


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  1. The more you pull the tighter they squeeze
  2. Weights can be easily added
  3. Fully adjustable
  4. A must for any nipple clamp enthusiast!

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Nipple Excitement at its best from the Japanese favourite Clover Clamps

The more you pull these nipple clamps the tighter they squeeze, for those of you who like a firm clamp, these are for you! Simply pinch the clover clamps open and clamp onto the nipples for an exquisite thrilling sensation, these nipple clamps are ideal for those who want nipple stimulation and tension, but don't want vibration. Clover Clamps also help to make the nipples protrude and here's the really great bit, weights can easily be added to maximise your stimulation and sensation on the nipple and breast. A must for any nipple clamp enthusiast! Best places to clamp? That's up to you... but top favourites after the nipples are the testicles, the clitoris, and labia.

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SKU / Product Code 8514
Brand NMC

Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps Reviews

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In a Tight Squeeze!
Review by llellsee posted on 12 October 2012
First impression:

Once out of their packaging, the first thing I noticed about these clamps is that they are incredibly lightweight, much lighter than you would expect. While they appear to be metal, there is actually no material information provided to say exactly what they are made of, although the tips are listed as being rubber. Each clamp measures a generously sized 3.5 inches long with a width of 1.5 inches. When squeezed, the spring loaded clamps have a nice level of resistance. Attached to each clamp is a 5 inch long knotted loop of nylon cord.

In Use/Experience:

In use, the clamps create an intense feeling of pressure on the nipples with their tight grip. Upon finding out how tight a grip these offer and not being a fan of nipple pain myself, I quickly opted to use mine as I suspected I might end up using them: as genital clamps.

While the clamps are intense to a point where they are really best suited to those who enjoy nipple pain, when attached to the lips instead they are definitely less intense with what is definitely going to be a more acceptable level of pain for some. The bumpy rubber tips of the clamps really keep a secure grip and after use the clamps temporarily leave the pattern of these bumps imprinted on the skin.

While the clamps are securely attached to either the nipple or to the lips, the cords can be pulled on to change the sensation of the clamps. Pulling on these cords can interestingly enough either ease the level of pain or increase it depending on what direction you pull in. Another plus of having these simple cords attached is that they can be used to hang weights from the clamps. The cords are even long enough to tie the two clamps together when worn on the nipples.

If attaching the clamps directly to the nipples is too intense for you, I recommend building your pain tolerance by attaching one on each side of the nipple instead. This suited me as one of my nipples has a piercing that is still in the healing period and can’t be directly clamped. I now need to invest in a second pair so I can do this on both nipples at once.

In Summary:

With their reasonable price and ease of use, even if you are unsure of your pain tolerance, the Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps are well worth trying. They even work just as well when used as genital clamps!
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Effective subjugation device
Review by Skol posted on 27 February 2013
Used these on my girlfriend. Very effective. Took a little time to get her used to them, but once on, she did not whine any further. The slightest pull causes them to grip harder, so she was very willing to do as told after that. Not sure if the serrated grip is really necessary with them as they grip so hard, but very good to experiment with, and I can file them smoother if necessary. Very useful addition to the toy box ;-).
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Teaser not Terrifying
Review by Little Miss posted on 23 October 2012
I had never tried nipple clamps before these, I thought they looked the least scary of them all!
They were a lot larger than I expected, but the weight was ideal once on the nipple. The rubber padding
helps to soften the grip on the nipple, however leaves a pattern when removed.
The pressure may be a bit much for beginners, but soon it becomes bearable when more aroused and the desired affect takes place.
I didn't use the cord for weights, rather gently pulling which worked well for me. They're a great option for when I'm feeling more daring!

The cords themselves look tacky, but can easily be replaced with ribbon.

Brilliant for those who are ready for the next stage of nipple clamps
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Good But. . .
Review by BiSub posted on 24 December 2012
I found the clamps good and not too heavy
But what I didnt like is the raised dimples inside the pads [Bumps}
I assume these are to aid grip but I found they intensified the pain too much.
After cutting off the bumps to make it a smoother surface I found I could keep the Clamps on for longer periods.
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Review by Mrs jojo ( @josephine_kk ) posted on 27 February 2013
These clamps are made from a silver metal (unspecified) with rubber pressure pads and a nylon small rope, which is attached to the bottom of both clamps.

The clamps measure 9cms in length and 3.8cms in width (at their widest). They open up up to a maximum of 1.2cms and the rope measures at 13.5cm's in length.

You need to take care with cleaning these clamps, as they are likely to rust but a good toy cleaner or warm soapy water, should do fine.

These are a very intense pair of nipple clamps, certainly not for the faint hearted!
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Couldn't wait
Review by andrew posted on 23 December 2014
I couldn't wait to try these on my nipples and omg quite painful but put some weights on and they realy put a lot of pressure on my nipples which made me gasp I only put 200 grams on each clamp and it was painful my poor nipples but I still use them I must be a gluten for punishment
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mistress sashas slut
Review by slut paul posted on 7 March 2015
my mistress gets my nipples rock hard then applies the clamps on both nipples and makes me wear them for 1 and a half hours then when my cock is rock hard she takes them off and puts them back on in the opposite direction which causes me even more pain she leaves them on for another 30 minutes and after which time she then squeezes and twists my nipples causing me to beg her to stop as the pain is unbearable then she allows me to cum hard and lick my cum from her fingers as my reward.
written by sashas slut ,slave,whore, and totally her property to do with as she wants xxxx
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Try these clamps, you will be surprise of the effects from the beginning to the end.
Review by Burnis posted on 26 February 2013
Well it, works for me, first feels a little bit too hard but after a few seconds the pain goes over and you feel a burning heat in your nipples, try to pull and turn them carefully.
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Review by titusandro posted on 1 December 2012
These clover clamps are a classic and do the job perfectly. Easy on, easy off, whether solo or with a partner. A good bite, not too strong, and it can be intensified by pulling or adding weight. Very satisfied!
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Review by phenicio posted on 29 April 2016
Great Stuff - the maximun To play
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