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Mr S Leather Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Cage


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  1. Discreet enough to wear under your everyday clothes
  2. Open design allows for easy urination, bathing and showering
  3. Locks with a hex screw, for further security you can attach a padlock
  4. Once you’re fully locked in, you’re trapped - you can’t pull out and there’s no escape
  5. Made from fine quality, body friendly & durable stainless steel

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You’ve seen it in stainless steel and you’ve seen it in ultra-lightweight aluminium. Now by popular demand you can experience the security and visual aspect of the Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Cage. The Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Device is the perfect chastity device for those looking for the ultimate in confinement. It truly is a sight to behold. Your cock and balls are safely locked inside the seed pod and held in place with a rolled bar and leather Velcro strap. This ornate chastity device is discrete enough to wear under your regular clothes yet keeps your penis safely locked away for security.

Because of the open design of the Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Cage, urinating, showering and bathing are no trouble at all. You’ll even enjoy a nice well ventilated air flow through the many bars of the chastity device. For security the device locks into place with a hex screw. Once both halves of the device are held together in place you can block access to this hex screw with a padlock (not included).

To put the Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Device on simply open the device and thread your ball sack and penis through the built in cock ring. Now connect the leather strap at a comfortable position at the front of your penis. Close the two halves of the device and lock it with the hex screw. Once everything is in position the the steel 'brace' on the front portion of the pod closes down over the upper part of the cock ring and reduces its size about a third. For added security place a padlock through the hasp and lock it up. Once you’re fully locked in you’re trapped, you can’t pull out and there’s no escape.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 83664
Brand Mr S Leather
Harness Compatible N/A
Circumference Cage outer circumference: 28.5cm (11.22 inches) at widest point
Inner Diameter 45mm cock ring
Insertable Length 11cm (4.3 inches)
Length 13cm (5.11 inches)
Overall Diameter 8cm (3.15 inches)
Product Weight Approximately 535g
Size from front to back it measures 10cm
Contents Chastity device and two allen keys
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Colour N/A
Material Leather, Stainless Steel

Mr S Leather Stainless Steel Seed Pod Chastity Cage Video

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Succeeds where other 'ball traps' fail.
Review by In at the Deep End posted on 10 December 2015
This is my firsht real experience of chastity. A couple of years I bought a couple of different Gates of Hell and some locking rings but found that my testicles would retract and I would fall out of all of them. Putting me off buying any ball trap devices. The Seed Pod is different however thanks to the extra ring which closes down on your entrapped penis and balls once they have been inserted ... . The stainless steel bars also mean (that unlike other seed pods) you can not worry to much about either urinating or having a proper clean up in the shower.

At first I was disappointed as in my first trial runs I found that I would eventually slip out as my testicles worked loose. (This happened particularly at night if I slept naked - I'll leave you to work out the reason that might be.) But than I realized that only one of my balls was actually in the device and the other was constantly slipping out of my grasp as I was adding the other through the whole.

Today on day three I have finally after a lot of time and patience been able to coax both in together. I can tell because the device stays on a lot better and is higher and closer to my body (which ultimately makes a fairly large device less obvious). It also means I only feel minimal pressure on my testicle(s) when I let device hang free. Whereas previously I had accidentally entered into the world of CBT as it wass supported by one teste. Thank crap that I still had access to the key at that time.

Tonight my kitchen safe timer is just over an hour away from and 8:30 hour countdown and I have an emergency key accessible but hard to reach (Behind three layers of deterrent: First wrapped many times in sticky tape which took an age to peal off both keys; Secondly, taped to some items of sentimental value I would have to destroy to get the keys out; and thirdly locked in a small four digit combination lock).

I now feel absolutely trapped by the device as a first time locker which absolutely zero access to my cock and balls until the lock comes off. With both testicles and my penis going through the whole there is no longer room for even my retractable balls to escape and trying to pull the device off to force the balls through I would think would cause these delicate objects unimaginable pain. Having (as already mentioned) had the device hanging off of one ball already I'm scared to even try removing it in case I have to get to my emergency key location cupping my balls to relieve the weight. It was a very expensive toy but unlike the other options I've tried its the only one which has really worked which matters especially when you have no one to guilt trip you should you manage to wriggle it off.

Anyway my next decision with this device is to brave a longer time. My Kitchen Safe lets me enter a maximum locking period ranging from one minutes to ten days. Maybe unwisely I'm drinking tonight - but It will be tempting to wind the dial up to the max. But then I'll be well and truly stuck... passed the point of no return.

This is certainly a purchase I haven't regretted buying. But maybe if I press 'that' button I soon will ;)
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Guaranteed chastity but.....
Review by Si posted on 12 February 2016
Excellent build, good quality stainless steel, no rough edges and completely fool proof. As a device to prevent access to the genital, it must be second to none - except perhaps the full belts such as the Latowski. As Mr Average this one size did fit all. Once the two halves are closed there was no way out.
However, it is heavy at 462 grams. No problem during the day but a bit of a drag at night. Best to lie on your back with your legs together. Very easy to clean so hygiene is not a problem. I feel that the ring could be increased to 2 1/4 inches diameter as the leather strap housing plus the closing ring do tend to reduce the available space. This encourages some swelling and consequent pressure from the bars which caused some pressure sores. As a result, device cannot be worn by me long term (fortunately!) Also, the lock housing does protrude somewhat and spoil the otherwise excellently discreet product profile. Can be worn in non-jean trousers with confidence of non-discovery but lock could benefit from some redesign for optimum discretion. Longest wearing so far 36 hours.
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stainless steel seed pod
Review by RICHARD posted on 25 August 2016
i feel i owe it to potential customers to write a review on this item as the price is extortionate and does not live up to the description which is laid out, as you will note it says stainless steel chastity device, well i can tell you that true stainless steel should not rust, the rivets which hold the leather strap to the device and the hex screw which screws the two halves of the pod together started to rust within a day of using which is a health hazard and is not suitable for long term usage, 2nd thing was i was able to pull my penis out and once that was out my balls soon followed , so as far as it being impossible to get out of is alot of old rubish, so dont be fooled by this item
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