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The Devil's Pitchfork Penis Plug


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Through hole design for urination and ejaculation
  2. Tapered shape - ranges in diameter from 8mm to 11.4mm
  3. Gently threaded like a screw
  4. Gives your urethra a gradual stretch

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The devil is in the details with the Devil’s Pitchfork Penis Plug. The spiralled shaft of this graduating penis plug will send scintillating sensations through your penis. This stainless steel penis plug looks and feels like a tapered screw as it drills deep and gives your urethra a gentle stretch the further it goes. This devious stainless steel penis plug starts out at 8mm but things escalate quickly to a maximum diameter of 11.4mm. The through hole design allows you to urinate or ejaculate freely when the time comes.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 83545
Brand UberKinky
Circumference 2.57cm (1 inch)
Insertable Length 7cm (2.75 inches)
Length 12cm (4.72 inches)
Overall Diameter 8.2mm at the tip, 11.5mm at the top
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Washing Instructions Autoclave, or boil to sterilise and wipe with alcohol to clean. Only use sterile lubricant
Colour N/A
Material Stainless Steel

The Devil's Pitchfork Penis Plug Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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Total : 7 Reviews
Utter Bliss
Review by Stephen posted on 28 May 2015
Love this, the way it screws in giving a nice sensation till it reaches the collar, the prongs were a bit wide for my liking but a squeeze in a vice closed them in and now it grips my head like a python with a death grip, the pleasure increases the harder I get.
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
devishly awesome
Review by J pop posted on 17 July 2016
recently bought this plug fitted in my pee hole first time with a little lube.the larger diameter is great ( 10 mm just slips in and out ) .a glans ring holds it in place .when soft fills just over half my cock when hard can be felt in place with the screw ribs showing through .Peeing and cum is perfect no leakage or restriction..The weight of it makes my cock hang down and dangling free the movement of the pitchfork end is slightly erotic
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Not for beginners
Review by Jeves posted on 30 October 2016
This is a monster and not for beginners. Lube will be needed and patience when inserting it. The thread certainly helps to screw it in that last bit and this it was uncomfortable at times when wearing it during the day due to its size. Although the plug gets wider as you insert it, the top does get smaller again so the eye of your penis will close up over the last bit of thread. This will make it tricky to remove the plug but once you get the wider part out, it will unscrew from your penis. This took me a couple of minutes to do. Overall just for it's pure monster size, I give it 5 stars. One pitfall is that when I urinated, it did come out the sides where the holes for the ring goes in. I had to pull my forskin forward to cover the holes. Otherwise you'll get wet shoes.
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Wonderful accessory
Review by Hotbunz1969 posted on 27 June 2016
I bought this plug a while back now and it has taken me a good while to be able to accommodate all of it........ Believe you me this is one serious cock plug.

When I first unpacked this monster I almost discarded it straight away, OMG I'm SOOOOO glad I didn't!!!
At first I thought I'd never get all this thing inside my tight little slit........ How wrong I was!!!
Yes it takes practice but over time I have been able to work this baby down there. The beauty of the corkscrew is you can work it in a bit at a time and then eventually you've worked it all in........ And OMG when you have the feeling is AMAZING!!!! Cumming with this baby fully inserted is out of this world.... I've never cum as hard or as much in my life as I do as when my GF as screwed this right down my cock slit...... She loves the look on my face as she screws in the last centre meter of so, she knows I still struggle to take all of it but then again she just loves to lick up all the reward I give her for screwing it all in!!!

As an addition it also looks great when worn under a nice tight swimsuit, the outline of the pitchfork is clearly visible and gets me a nice bit of attention, if the situation is right I'll wear the pitchfork on the outside of the hip strap of my suit, this really can be a show stopper!

Without doubt one of the best toys I own.
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Review by Quattroman69 posted on 28 May 2017
Wow, wow, and wow.
Such a nice size. Being able to take a 10mm x 240mm ribbed dipstick, I thought that this would be simple, but tapering out to 11.4mm the last bit is tight to start with. Thank goodness for the threading which allows you to gently screw the last bit in.....until the eye of cock closes around the narrower collar. This keeps it snuggly in place and there is no feeling or sensation that this is plug is going to slip out (like others).
Nice length too and the hole-through design allows for extended wear as no issues when you need to pee or cum.
When you need to remove, just remember which way the thread is and slowly unscrew the plug from your cock.
Just a pity we cant add a photo.... it's on flickr on same nickname....
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Great piece of kit
Review by MrBates posted on 30 August 2017
Opened the package immediately and had to try it right then - it looks great, stays put once it's in - a little pop to get the last thread in and boy it feels great! The 'pitchfork' makes a kind of tiny cowbell noise when you stroke your cock which I kind of enjoy but if you're having a stealth bate it would give you away - neighbours other side of the fence kind of thing.
Not for beginners but it has a pleasing length and weight to it that is somewhere between a smaller plug and a wand - great toy!
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Delightfully evil!!
Review by Tabbycat posted on 6 September 2017
This is not for beginners!! I am used to 8mm sounds, but this is something else. If you go too fast you can bleed! Having said that once it's in place, the feeling is great. It took a bit of working out to see how the pitchfork horns work, but once you get them over your glans and locked in behind the corona, this plug is fantastic. It will not come out, and those sharp little horns give you a fantastic, painful feeling. If you masturbate with this in place, use lube and a nice slow action. those horns really bite as you get harder!! Fantstic. Highly recommended.
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