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The Vice Chastity Device


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Comes with three optional anti-pullout devices for added security
  2. Textured design of the anti-pullout devices makes them more effective than traditional spikes
  3. Four different sized hinged cock rings all with curved edges – no more pinching!
  4. Thicker walls and sonically welded making splitting a thing of the past

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There’s no chance for escape once you’re clamped into The Vice Chastity Device. Fairly new on the market, The Vice is a polycarbonate chastity device with a difference. With the pieces provided you can truly make your own custom made chastity device complete with anti-pullout device. That’s right; The Vice comes with three different sized anti-pullout devices to choose from and once you’re locked in you’re in for the long haul. Most plastic chastity cages are made with thin material and are glued at the seam. The Vice is made with slightly thicker polycarbonite than other popular devices and sonically welded together, making separation of the two halves nearly impossible. The cage can withstand pressure up to 20 psi, which is 8.6 times more than the average erection!

The Vice comes with everything you need to get a custom fit right out of the box. Inside you’ll find the ultra-comfortable cage, four different sized hinged cock rings, three different sized anti pull-out devices, four locking pins, four spacers, a padlock with two keys and it all comes in a handy velvet carrying case. While most devices which come with a hinged ring can pinch, Locked in Lust (makers of The Vice) have countered the pinching problem by curving the edges where the hinge meets, and adding space between the two halves to prevent skin from getting caught.

The three optional anti-pullout devices feature a hinged design which slots into place on the shaft and fastens around the cage. The two tabs on the inside of the anti-pullout device are inserted into the cage via the generous ventilation holes and hold the wearer’s penis in place. The textured design prevents pullout and the longer the device is worn, the more effective the anti-pullout function becomes. Choose from the three different sizes or simply go without. The Vice comes with an optional locking pin cap to allow you to wear it without an anti-pullout device.

The makers of The Vice Chastity Device have certainly thought of everything when they designed this ingenious device. Top notch security, plenty of ventilation, large enough opening at the tip for urination, rounded edges for the ultimate in comfort. Don’t just take our word for it, pick up The Vice and get locked in.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 83878
Brand Locked In Lust
Harness Compatible Yes
Circumference 12.5cm (4.92 inches) at the widest point of the cage at the glans
Inner Diameter Cage: Side to side: 3.3cm (1.3 inches), top to bottom: 3.5cm (1.38 inches) Rings: 40mm, 44mm, 46.5mm, 48.5mm
Insertable Length Cage only: 7cm (2.75 inches) Measured from the centre
Length 6.5cm (2.56 inches)
Overall Diameter 3.6cm (1.25 inches)
Product Weight 224g
Size Anti pull-out options: 1.7cm (0.625 inches), 1.9cm (0.6875 inches), 2.1cm (0.75 inches)
Waterproof Yes
Adjustable Yes
Contents 1 padlock with 2 keys, 4 spacers and locking pins, 4 hinged cock rings, 3 anti-pullout devices, 1 locking pin cap, velvet carrying case
Does Not Come With Mr Limpy
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Washing Instructions Wash with hot soapy water, and ensure device is completely dry before storage
Colour Transparent
Material Polycarbonate

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Total : 11 Reviews
Great purchase
Review by Elvira posted on 27 December 2015
I had my reservations on this prior to buying it, however overall it's really stood the test of time well and surprised me with its overall quality.

The first thing which gets you is just how many pieces there are to it, and it can be slightly off putting having just SO MANY pieces. Once you get your head around how it works it's fairly simple.

Anti-pull out...unless you're installing pins through your member, or using a chastity device which locks around your waist and completely encloses you, no device is 100% full proof and don't be deceived that this one is any different.

However for a non 'surgical' method, the plastic locks which are designed to hold you inside do a fantastic job, can you escape? If you use the smallest ring and the largest escape piece then it's extremely painful to do so, and I found myself unable to remove it completely. So choose the correct size, once you have then it can be really effective and very safe.

The best things about it I found were that the edges of my member were exposed through the many holes, so whilst you wouldn't be able to cum, the tease is insanely arousing and it keeps you constantly aroused as you can feel around the ring of your head, but perhaps for smaller members that not be an issue, if you're 7inches or more then I'd say you'll be able to have your significant other lick you in the right places to tease you to ecstasy.

With regards to the many holes it means air circulation and cleaning is amongst the best, f's very airy, super lightweight and although it looks bulky, it's surprisingly compact and as discreet as a CB6000.

It's very sturdy and strong, although feels very flimsy.

With regards to sleeping, it's as comfortable as a CB or Holy Trainer series, it's amongst the most comfortable also, when not moving it's easy to forget it's on, even with the extra anti device on it.

It's a very well designed tube and well worth it, if you're worrying no about sanitation, it's on par with any enclosed tube belt so very comfortable and sensible.

Go for it as something different especially if you want to introduce a mild level of teasing into the bedroom rather than total inaccessibility. Also if you're on your own and want something which won't escape, just use the tightest of pieces (ensuring safety and comfort) and it's very discouraging and uncomfortable to remove, as always it's mostly a mental element to removal, and this goes a long way to convincing you it's impossible.

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good all round chioce
Review by slim posted on 4 July 2016
This item was our third similar chastity device , and i can confirm after my first 4 days wearing it this item is one of the best on the market for all round comfort and design features . if you get the fit right the anti pull out worked well . we used the narrow pull out and i honestly could not pull out without causing severe pain .the extra air holes helped with cleaning and comfort . This cage is actually quite discreet yes you get a bit of extra bulge but i went to work as normal without any issues wife is very happy with it and apparently 4 days was just the beginning !
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Enslaved and loving it
Review by Enslaved posted on 30 March 2017
Well what can I say, Have used the CB6000 and others with the trapped ball system, but the Vice is much much better.

Tested it out for a few days, to work out sizes. Have the Small spacer fitted and the largest ring. The largest ring allowed one of my nutty friends to escape after 3 days, so went down one size on ring.

Did fit the smallest Hose clamp, but that started to cause abrasions so went up one size. Seems to have the sizes about right now.
With Medium size Hose clamp, for me there is no escape !!!!
Keyholder rolled dice to determine how long i get. Turns out its for eight weeks !!!!

Well one week into lockup, and as far as the VICE is concerned all is good, "Rocky" keeps putting up a fight and his two nutty friends seem happy, as they have not tried to escape since going down a size on base ring.

The Base ring is comfortable and don't cause too many problems like the CB6000 series did, Underside of ball sack used to get sore, but with this one, its bearable.
The ONLY problem I have had, and the keyholder let me out (With supervision), Was the rivet on the "Hose Clamp" started to pull out, which caused it to pinch at the pivot point. Tapped it back in and refitted, Since then, all has been good.

Looking forward to another seven weeks of lockup as the VICE is so comfortable to wear. If your thinking about getting one, and you must be, otherwise why are you reading this. Then all i can say is stop reading and press the order button.
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Good quality - would recommand
Review by Jacob posted on 17 August 2017
I have had my share of experience in long time lockup. I have been kept locked up in an unbranded clinical steel chasity cage for long period of time.

Now, I was looking for a new device and it was between the "CB6000S" or "The Vice". I choose The Vice since it had more options to be customised and it was a bit cheaper. The reviews of this device was also more positive, in my opinion. When I received it I was amazed how many parts there was. It took me and my GF a good 15-20 minutes to assemble it correctly.
When we found the right combination I simply loved it. It was so light that I couldn't feel it. Below a normal pair of boxers and a pair of pants they are near invisible.

Since I have experienced very different reviews on products, and found it hard to judge the correct size for me, I would just add, that I am around 7 cm relaxed and 15 cm when erect. I use the second smallest size in both ring and spacer.

I would really recommend this device if you are looking for a device for longtime wear.
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Review by Vicki posted on 5 October 2017
I am a transvestite male, and wear a chastity device in order to keep my male member in check, and under control! I have tried many different types of devices, and have until recently favoured the CB6000s. However, I have found that the CB range chastity devices split after a while, and various parts snap or break eventually. The Vice is comfortable to wear, and so far appears to be stronger in construction.

As with all other devices, it is not 100% secure, it is still possible to pull out when flaccid, but this is still the best device yet.
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easy and comfortable to use
Review by badboy666 posted on 8 October 2017
I am very new to the chastity thing, have wanted to try it so bought a few metal ones with no success, although this is an expensive toy its well worth it, it is light weight but still heavy enough to know your wearing it. with all the different size parts that are with it its pretty easy to sort it so you get a good snug fit with no pinching like you get from other cages. if you are new to chastity and are considering a cage then this will be the ideal thing for beginners. hope this review helps
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Pour/contre : décevant
Review by Michel posted on 22 May 2017
Pour : un système de contrainte sûr, avec l'anneau articulé qui serre la queue au niveau de la hampe. Un bon matériau solide.

Contre : un système très compliqué. Un matériau rigide. Un volume global important qui rend le port définitif très handicapant. L'utilité contestable de l'anneau articulé de sécurité. La fragilité induite par la liaison intermédiaire cockring-cage, complété par le troisième niveau avec l'anneau de sécurité (ou l'imposte qui le remplace à ce niveau si on ne l'utilise pas). Un poids global important malgré le matériau.

Conclusion : décevant.
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Effective and comfortable, but not the most hygenic solution
Review by Jean posted on 13 July 2017
This device is very effective at what it does.
It prevents me from masturbating and I cannot remove it, because I am using the smallest possible configuration.

The Device is, except when laying down, very nice to wear.
But when i sleep my balls start to hurt. I assume this will stop when I get used to wearing it in a weeks time.

The problem is that it isnt very easy to clean at all.
The cage is quite small and is filled out completely by my penis.
This prevents water from entering the cage through the small intakes.

I suggest taking the Vice off every 2-3 days to really clean you privates.
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Great device
Review by lockedaway posted on 7 September 2017
I have been into chastity for a good few years and bought several devices always trying to get the best one for me. I am fully aware that I am nothing more than average in size, perhaps slightly less and pulling out the back of most devices not that difficult. Been using the cb range with a ksd insert which is good but the vice is even better and definitely the most secure I have tried without the next step of a piercing.
I purchased the device by order of my new Mistress and kh and she is very pleased with it knowing that escape is not even worth thinking about anymore.
If pullout was achieved, which would be painful I have to say, getting back in comfortably and without a kh instantly realising foul play had occurred, in my opinion is impossible. The retribution not worth the risk and I am petrified by the thought of a PA.
Both my Mistress and I have only one slight negative about the vice. The tube is one size only at present and my KH would prefer a smaller tube like the cb range offers, but I imagine there will be that available in the near future.
Highly recommended device. 9.9999/10
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Comfy and effective
Review by RoK posted on 22 November 2017
Works well. Can be challenge to find a fitting which you can't get out off and still have blood flowing!!

But without the vice element would be extremely easy to get out of.

Vice aspect works very well and overall is easy to wear and comfortable for at least a few days.

Haven't tried wearing for more than 4 days yet but recommend it without hesitation.

Quality is good little bit of play between the main ring and spacer. Would be better without this but this is a minor thing.
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