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UberKinky Leather Slapper Paddle


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  1. Supple leather material with just the right amount of rigidity
  2. Textured leather on the strap for a more intense sensation
  3. Impressive slapping sound
  4. Rounded tip at the handle to keep your grip true

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Get slap happy with the UberKinky Leather slapper paddle. This formidable punishment strap is made from a soft, supple leather material with just the right amount of rigidity for an impressive SLAP! Great as a warm up for more intense impact play like caning or equally impressive on its own, the UberKinky leather slapper paddle will be right at home in your impact play arsenal.

The long, slender handle fits just right in your hand; its rounded tip keeps your grip true. The texture of the slapper gives just enough grip as it makes contact with your sub’s bottom to leave a bright red sting they won’t soon forget.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 92803
Brand UberKinky
Length Overall: 62cm (24.5 inches) Handle: 24cm (9.5 inches)
Width Widest point: 11.5cm (4.5 inches) Handle 3.5cm (1.38 inches)
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Colour Black
Material Leather

UberKinky Leather Slapper Paddle Reviews

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Total : 3 Reviews
If you love hearing a wonderfully loud whacking sound as something smacks against soft skin, you'll love this Slapper Paddle!!!
Review by Modesty Ablaze posted on 25 August 2015
The leather of the strap, or the slapping part, is actually like a long folding loop with each half, if you like, about 2mm thick. The leather is lightly textured . . . feels lovely when you rub the softness of your finger over it . . . and quite firm and rigid, and yet quite supple at the same time. The length of the strap is 15 inches from the handle to the fold of the loop (so that is 30 inches of leather before it is folded over and secured back into the handle).

The strap itself tapers out from it’s narrowest point of one and a half inches at the handle to an impressive four and a half inches at the end where it folds over and runs back to the handle again. And it is that folded element of the design that gives it such a wonderful, springing (stinging?) smack . . . and a wonderfully loud whacking sound, which I absolutely love, as it smacks against soft skin. Obviously the air moving between the two folds of the strap as you swing is what gives it that wonderful, and addictive, slap!!!

As you can probably tell, I love using the Leather Slapper Paddle to warm-up my submissives . . . and get us both into that special energy and excitement-rush of an impact session. The wide leather leaves a lovely warm and rosy glow on the subs bum cheeks, without the welts or stripey marks that my Uberkinky Cane does. And my subs, on whom I have administered it, seem to love it too . . . as the sensation is, apparently, a stinging and pleasant pain without the intensity of some of my other implements.

But . . . and there is always a but isn’t there . . . it is the handle that for me is my one area of disappointment and the one reason I can’t keep using it for too long during a session. If you look closely at my photographs you will see that the handle is not really rounded. Perhaps because of the practicality of the production process, or to make the moulding and stitching of the handle into the leather strap, the handle has a flattened edge on each side as you grip it. And I found that makes it quite uncomfortable to use for any length of time because it seems to judder, and jar more against the palm of my hand each time I make a strike. And the harder I swing and smack, the more I feel it jarring against my grip. So although my submissive might be begging for harder and more extreme smacks, I find it becomes more uncomfortable for me, the longer and harder I try to use it.

So, although every session is meant to be a combination of pleasure and pain . . . and I definitely enjoy the pleasure of hearing those loud “smacks” and seeing those rosey cheeks becoming redder and redder . . . I just find that I can’t wield it for as long as I (or my subs) would like.

Hence the reason why I would say that the Slapper has become my regular “starting point” for one of my impact sessions. But, of course, we all like to change our positions . . . and change our implements as each session progresses don’t we, so aside from my reservations about the handle, I simply LOVE the Uberkinky Leather Slapping Paddle and would highly recommend it as the perfect addition to any dommes punishment box.
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Review by Mrs JoJo ( @josephine_kk ) posted on 6 February 2016
This is a rather larger slapper and one that can bring a lot of pleasure and pain, to any couple! It is made from leather but is stern and leaves no room for prisoners. The underside of the leather has been left raw, as in the suede shows.

This slapper really does pack a punch, I think this is down to it being of a ridged state, it is also long enough to self inflict slapping. So would be ideal for a Mistress/Dom or those who like to self-serve, so to speak.

But am I sold on the quality? Not entirely sure on that. It doesn’t feel like leather, it feels more synthetic but I suppose as it’s a cheaper option for a spanking tool, it would make sense. Be assured though, this is a leather product.

All in all, it is a good slapper and spanking tool to have to hand, it can be folded to store and is light to use, easy to grip and leaves a damn good mark!
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Review by Jadub posted on 16 February 2016
Everything about the Paddle is good, the length, widthe and weight. It's easy and comfortable to use and not too heavy to hold - a good buy! It makes a terrific swishing sound as it moves and a good solid cracking noise when it comes into contact with the buttocks.

My sub loved it and she wanted more!
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