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Undulating Penis Plug


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Tapered for easy insertion - great for beginners
  2. Easy to use ring pull
  3. Stimulates the ultra sensitive lining of your urethra
  4. Sends undulating waves of pleasure through your urethra

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This beginner's penis plug sends undulating waves of pleasure through your urethra. Tapered for easy insertion, this stainless steel penis plug is perfect for penis plug beginners. It has an undulating shape which helps stimulate those ultra sensitive nerve endings in your urethra as it slides back and forth. The end features a ring pull so there’s no risk of your penis plug getting lost.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 82575
Brand UberKinky
Circumference 2.5
Insertable Length 8.3cm (3.25 inches)
Length 12.5cm (5 inches) including ring and bead
Overall Diameter 8mm
Product Weight 0.040 kg
Washing Instructions Boil to sterilise, autoclave, wipe with alcohol
Material Stainless Steel

Undulating Penis Plug Reviews

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Total : 5 Reviews
A beautiful steel penis plug with a pretty, decorative bead
Review by CaraSutra posted on 13 October 2012
This Penis Plug from Uber Kinky is nothing short of beautiful. I know, what a strange way to describe something you put down a penis. It really is though.

In gleaming, contoured steel with a blue and white bead threaded upon the seamless end hoop, the Undulating Penis Plug is ready to penetrate your private place, giving pleasure, stimulation and adorning you as jewellery too.

I received this product from Uber Kinky, a great web store for all things sex toys, kinky bondage, adult games, lubes and more. Packaging was discreet and prompt, uber professional, shall we say.

The plug itself is presented simply in a clear, pinch-close top small bag, which was wrapped in bubble wrap and inside another bag. You can see that this is a new product even though it wasn’t strictly hygienically sealed. Being made of steel, if this did give you cause for concern, you could sterilise it, or stick it through the dishwasher if you wished.

There are also sterile wipes available on the market that you can use, which I advise purchasing, for wiping this plug down before each use just as a last safety measure. When you think about where the plug is going (down the man’s urethra) it makes sense to want it as hygienically clean as possible before you start. Make a feature of it and wear vinyl or latex gloves too for that medical fetish feel to your playtime!

Anyway back to him, the plug and I. His exclamation upon seeing it was that it’s “quite big”, cue worried face, but I didn’t let that bother me (!) Hey, get him hard enough, use some lube, it would be fine. After all, it’s a lot shorter than those urethral sounds from the other week…

I chose this plug to review as it looked the slimmest, but with the undulating style (wider in the middle and a wider end or ‘head’ area) it should still give intense sensations and hopefully positive stimulation once inside the penis – and being moved deeper and upon retrieval.

Once we had that special moment at bedtime and he was, well… ready, I grabbed the lube (you could use silicone or water based – both would be safe to use with regards to the flesh and this steel product) and made sure the plug was coated enough so that there would be no friction between the smooth metal and his internal skin of the urethra.

I must say that it did take a while to be able to carefully stretch his hole enough to insert the end of the plug, it may look small but when it comes to a urethra (or male penis ‘pee-hole’) it’s not only quite small but you have to factor in your worry that you might hurt the person.

Eventually the plug slid in and from his reaction the feeling was very intense.. even more so when stretching around the central wider part too. It was a completely positive experience though and highly erotic – being able to penetrate your man in this way and also the trust that is required, bonds you closer and also really highly charges the atmosphere ready for more…

In summary this is a fantastic penis plug. I love the design and the standard of manufacture is very high. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those who have tried penis plugs before or even newbies… just make sure you have lots of lube to hand (as it were) and the man needs to have an erection before you start. Just handling should do the trick, of course ~winks~

I just can’t find anything I dislike or that concerns or upsets me about this Penis Plug! I love it.
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Exceptional Undulations.
Review by Incendiaire posted on 19 October 2012
The Undulating Penis Plug is a 4" (10cm) long surgical steel rod, designed to be inserted into the tip of the penis. Much like a urethral sound the plug acts to stimulate the penis from the inside, the only difference being that it's a little shorter. The shape of the plug incorporates a combination of different sized and shaped areas along the shaft, with the widest areas having a width of 8mm, while the two narrow parts are only 5mm.

The surface of the plug is completely smooth and shiny, with a polished finish free from any blemishes or defects, and this is one of the benefits of it being made from metal. When you consider where it's intended to be inserted it's very important that the finish be of a high quality, and that it won't easily succumb to scratches or indentations, as the lining of the urethra is very delicate and susceptible to irritation. The other advantages of metal are that it can be completely sterilised, which is a wise precaution to take before use in order to lower the risk of UTIs, especially if you want to share the toy with a partner, and also that metal is a fantastic material for temperature play, so if you fancy a little bit of cold when you use it you can simply pop it in the fridge or a glass of ice water beforehand.

The plug has an attractive appearance, but it's rather nondescript on the whole, mostly resembling some sort of strange key that you might expect to find in the bottom of a toolbox. The tip of the plug is vaguely conical in shape, but with a rounded point for safety reasons, and it gently tapers out to its maximum 8mm width over the distance of 1cm. Behind it the shaft of the plug is completely straight and has a 5mm width for most of its length, with the exception of a short bulge in the middle where it gently expands up to 8mm, and then back down again. In total the insertable portion makes up 3 3/8" of the length, and it's finished off by an 8mm wide 'stopper' on the end, through which a large ring is inserted. The ring is decorated with a blue and white bead, and it acts as a finger-loop to aid with removing the plug, and to prevent the risk of over-insertion and accidentally losing the product deep inside the body. The ring also gives rise to the possibility of attaching weights to it, tying bondage rope to it, or anything similar you might think of.

When it comes to using the plug you will need a lubricant, and a specialist sterile lube such as Very Deep is recommended as a safety precaution. The tapered tip helps it to slide nice and easily into the meatus and down the urethra, and while the feeling may seem slightly unusual at first you won't experience any discomfort. After around 1 1/2" of the plug have been inserted you may begin to notice some slight resistance, at this point the bulge at the centre of the plug will be resting against the end of the penis poised to make entry, so it can be a good time to take a brief pause. With a little gentle, continuous, pressure the rest of the plug will slide slowly down into the penis, until all that can be seen is the stopper protruding from the end. Looking at the penis like this, with the ring and its bead, it's possible to imagine for a moment what it might be like to have a piercing there.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy using the plug while it's inserted, and the first would be just to masturbate while it's there. This can make for an interesting sensation as you can feel the firm metal rod in there when you touch the outside of the penis, and it provides internal stimulation as you squeeze. Often in the course of this the plug will start to slide out of the penis, requiring you to stop and push it back in, and the metal ring also tends to jangle around a bit in the process. Another way is to slowly slide the plug in and out of the penis, and the shape of it makes it especially suited for this. The width of the tip and the wide section in the middle of the body provide two distinct points which can be felt moving around inside the urethra. This is an interesting sensation, and pleasurable in an unconventional sort of way. You can position it so that the central bulge emerges completely from the end of the penis, while at the same time the tip of the plug is stimulating lower down. This moving expansion of the urethra almost feels similar to when the last of a large quantity of ejaculate drips out after an orgasm. Probably the final way to use it is to hold a vibrator to the end and allow the vibrations to pass through it and travel deep into the penis, though I had less luck with this as mine was too powerful and just bounced off the surface.

Most of the time you will be inserting the plug into the penis while it's erect, but that's not to say it can't be enjoyed while the penis is flaccid if this is desired. You can even go from hard to soft, or soft to hard while the plug is inserted if you play around with it for a bit. The plug isn't ideal for wearing in any sort of extended capacity as there's no real way to hold in inside the penis, and it will gradually work its own way out, though feasibly you could attempt to strap the ring to something in an effort to keep it in place.

The packaging for the plug is fairly simplistic, but that's fine by me as it keeps costs down and means less to throw away. The plug comes inside a small zip-lock bag, which in turn is wrapped up in bubble wrap to protect it during transit, but when you take it out and see the quality of the product you realise that it wouldn't look amiss inside a small wooden box, or a leather slip case, so that's an idea for long term storage.

On the whole I'm really please with the Undulating Penis Plug and would happily recommend it to anyone who was considering urethral play. The gentle taper of the tip and the modest size makes it suitable for beginners, while the undulating shape will provide enough stimulation to still please those who have used similar products before.
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Exceptional urethral toy
Review by Ruffled Sheets posted on 21 February 2013
The Undulating Penis Plug is similar to the Smooth and Deep Penis Plug I reviewed last year. It's the same length, the same ultimate width and is crafted by the same people. So I had high hopes for this one! It's three and a quarter inches (83mm) in (insertable) length and it's widest point is 8mm, although this width is only at the insertable end and in the middle. The rest is narrower. This makes the sensations noticeably different from using the standard Smooth and Deep Penis Plug.

So what's it like to use? Well, first I'd like to dispel a couple of myths that people always ask me about. Firstly, it doesn't hurt. At all. If you use a lubricant (I use Very Deep) then it will slide in easily and not cause any uncomfortable sensations. If you feel burning or any kind of pain then stop and have yourself checked out. If you feel it stretching then this plug is too big for you and I'd advise buying something slimmer. That's probably unlikely though as this isn't a wide toy. Certainly, for me, I had room for it and more. Secondly, you don't need an erection to experience urethral play. In fact, it's often easier if you don't. Certainly, even if you start with one, it can be hard to maintain it during a long play session using just urethral penetration. If you start or become soft, don't worry! You don't need to take steps to keep hard at all. Just relax and enjoy the sensations! Thirdly, the name "plug" is a misnomer. It isn't really a plug at all. It won't stay in, for a start. The head of the penis contains no muscles to contract that keep plugs of this kind in place. It's not a fault of the plug, this is just human anatomy. That said, they could have named it more accurately. So if you're looking for something to wear, that won't fall out. Sorry, but you're out of luck. What you need is a Prince Albert piercing. The only sure fire way to keep a penis plug in.

So if this isn't a plug, what is it for? Well, it's for moving in and out. It's not a 'thruster' as such, as thrust is too vigorous a verb for what you will be doing. It's for moving in and out gently. Delicately. This toy is designed to be moved slowly so you can appreciate the sensations. Let gravity do it's job and let it slide in naturally before slowly pulling it almost all the way out at the same speed. It's not for slipping inside your penis and then masturbating furiously. You need to take care when using one of these. I simply move mine in and out slowly, enjoying the undulations and experiencing the pleasurable feeling of something deep in my penis. Think of using it like savouring a fine brandy. You don't just knock it back in one go, you warm it in your hands and you take your time.

So, does it actually feel good? Yes! Sensational, in fact. Better than its smooth equivalent. Not that the smooth plug is bad, but the undulations on this one are noticeable and very pleasurable. I haven't actually used my smooth plug since trying this one. This is now my "go to" urethral toy. And urethral play in general feels fantastic. I can understand why guys might be a little apprehensive about penetrating their penises but seriously, it's worth it.

Should "you" try it? Well thats up to you, but if you're looking for something a little different then this might be the toy for you.
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A good starter plug
Review by stevie posted on 3 April 2015
I haven't used plugs much so I was cautious and went for this fella. This slipped in real easy. Not much stimulation but if a hand is gripped around your cock whilst it is being slid in and out then you're talking business. Just be a bit creative if you do find its a tad small for you. It's very good quality and with the ring and metal ball its a stylish bit of kit. Buy it ! I'm now looking at slightly bigger ones as I'm a bit of a kinky item.
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excellent toy
Review by anyplay posted on 12 August 2014
As a newbie to urethral play this was a great buy.
Started off with smooth sounds up to 7mm. Then progressed on to this and what a treat.
Great for slow play and really gives a good sensation when my cock is massaged.
Nicely made and comforting that it cant slip in out of reach, however even if one of my smooth sounds disappears out of sight staying calm and pushing it back out gently from the underside of my balls is not a problem.
Just wish it was longer so that it stimulated all the way down.
Overall very pleased with it.
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