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Urethra Rider


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Through hole design
  2. Graduating diameters
  3. Makes urinating and ejaculating a more intense experience
  4. For experienced cock stuffers

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This urethra rider urethral sound made of premium body safe stainless steel is something many of our experienced penis plug and sounds customers have requested

The Urethra Rider Training Wand is a seven step highly polished Cock Stuffer bar that gets thicker the further up you go. This cock stuffer has a central hole throughout the 140mm length, allowing you to both urinate and ejaculate, making orgasm and urination an unforgettable, more intense experience.

We recommend a good quality lubricant is used with the Urethra Rider Training Wand for ease of insertion. Take a look at our VERYDEEP lubricant developed specifically for penis plugs, wands, sounds, prince's wands and other cock stuffing items.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 82597
Brand UberKinky
Circumference 2.2cm
Insertable Length 10.8cm (4.25 inches)
Length 14cm (5.5 inches)
Overall Diameter 7mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, 10mm, 10.5mm, 11mm
Product Weight 66g
Washing Instructions Boil to sterilise, wipe with alcohol or use an autoclave
Material Stainless Steel

Urethra Rider Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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4 Reviews (1)
Total : 8 Reviews
Deep n slow
Review by Deep Sea Driller posted on 7 October 2012
One of the favourite sounds in my Sounding Arsenal and box of tricks. This works well, it is smooth, and gently ridged and add the right amount of stretch to the Japs Eye. I like the holding ring at the end, makes it easier to manoeuver and it also holds a small bullet vibrator.
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(11 of 11 people found this review helpful)
The Beast
Review by RomanJohn posted on 8 April 2014
This is a beast of a cock stuffer. Although the size and diameters are quoted I had no idea just how big it was going to be. I was gobsmaked when I saw it. I had got used to a slimmer, shorter one and wanted something bigger but this is going to take a lot of getting used to, but that is the challenge. So far I think I have only got as far as the 9mm. My advice is though, don't force it in, it can do damage. Just keep using it and it will fit in time.

And, yes, it can be held in place so that you can walk around with it hanging out your dick and you can show it off to friends and especially non-friends when you use a public toilet. They will be amazed when you piss out the tube.

To hold it in place use a small thin elastic band. If you have got a foreskin you will need to pull it all the way back to uncover the glans. Thread the elastic band (or thin string) through the ring then through itself and bring it down the back of the penis then stretch it over the glans so that the band is held in place by the glans itself. It does work.

If you are worried that it might fall out and land on the floor and embarrass you, then tie a string round your waist and loosely to the ring so that it can't fall far and won't be lost. Just make sure that no one kicks you in that area and beware of big dogs that jump up. Believe me, it hurts!
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Amazing feeling
Review by slebog65 posted on 27 March 2016
I've had this for about a week now, and at first could only go as far as the 8mm. Recently managed to get the 8.5 to go in and its an incredible feeling! Before trying I never realised that each bulge would actually go in with a pop, the sensation is fantastic.
When I cum with this in it feels great, very erotic to see cum coming out of it. I've also tried peeing and enjoy that too, it makes doing something as everyday as a pee into a fun experience.
Hopefully one day I'll get it all the way in!
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Review by Frax posted on 27 April 2015
Parcel arrived very quickly, always good!
I brought this for my man after experimenting with the "beginners size" plug.
Wasn't 100% sure he'd be able to take this beast.....the look on his face and his orgasm said it all! BRILLIANT purchase!
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Great Product
Review by Shaved Cock posted on 23 August 2016
Very well made sound / cock plug.

Tapered design that allows you to gradually stretch your urethra.

Hollow design so that precum and pee can still flow out.
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Just amazing!
Review by Richard posted on 7 September 2016
If you do get one please give it a good clean before first use as its covered in a protective oil. I washed mine in the dishwasher and then boiled it for 15 mins so it was thoroughly sterilised. With some good lube the first 5 ridges just slip in so easily and then the last 2 require a bit of encouragement but slip inside with a nice pop. I have some dittlel sounds and not many people like to use them or watch them being used but they all love seeing this used or use it one me. It doesn't go that deep and it's quite safe for someone to use on me as they can't really hurt me with it. One of my friends pushed it it all the way to the steel ring and although unexpected it felt very good and he wanked me off until i cummed through the device. If you are curious about cock play this is really good thing to get.
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Great for progressing up the sizes
Review by Plug&Sound posted on 1 December 2014
I’ve loved using this. Initially I could only get the first two bulbs (up to 8mm) into my urethra, but after a while the third (8.5mm) and then the fourth (9mm) popped in. Now after a few more sessions the fifth (10mm) will slip in.
I have used this in conjunction with the Straight-to-the-point stretcher, employing both in each session for variety. Now that my cock can accept the maximum 10mm diameter of the StraightTTP, I will continue with the Urethra Rider on its own till I can swallow its sixth bulb (10.5mm) and the final one (11mm). My target is to get the whole stretcher into me, right up to the ring.
Meanwhile the two stretchers have enabled me to insert my 10mm rosebud, which I had hardly thought possible when I first received my rosebud set and saw the amazing size of the 8, 9 10mm and larger buds. Equally, the Pratt size 29 is now accommodated.
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Not for the faint hearted!
Review by Mike 53 posted on 3 August 2017
The size of this was a little daunting for some used to a small 8cm long plug - the 10m size also meant that my urethra had to stretch a little more than usual. I've used it a few times and it goes very deep and the ripples feel very good - I am seeing a lady friend next week who is very excited about using it on me while I am trying to work out if I can actually penetrate her while its in!
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: RomanJohn on 26 Jun 2014 02:20:30
Show answers...
What is the 'bullet vibrator' Deep Sea Driller refers to. Also, I would like to chat with anyone who has bought this urethra rider so please give deep Sea Driller and anyone else my email and invite them to talk to me. Thank you.
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 26 Jun 2014 02:20:30

I'm afraid Deep Sea Driller didn't leave any contact information with his review so I'm unable to ask him. I've tried sticking all the bullet vibrators we carry in the loop and none of them fit perfectly.

If Deep Sea Driller does get back in contact with us I will ask him and forward your email to him. Hopefully he sees this!

If anyone else has had success using a bullet vibrator with the Urethra Rider, please get in contact using our contact form here:

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