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Uberkinky Valentine's Gifts

Screw the roses, we want thorns! Love hurts folks, and that’s just the way we like it. So we’ve put together this oh-so Uber-Kinky collection of Valentine’s gifts, to ensure you get something that really takes their breath away this year... and we mean literally! So kinky companions, what’ll it be?! Give them a shock with some evil electrosex equipment, or prove you’re nuts about them with a humbler... the choice is yours. We’re merely scratching the surface with these sadistic suggestions, so if you want to give them exactly what they deserve this year, be sure to take a look at the entire collection of UberKinky ideas. After all, you can always rely on us to give you a shove in the right direction!

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  1. Very Deep Urethral Lubricant 30ml
  2. Square Peg Slink Depth Training Dildo 19.68 Inches and 15.35 Inches
    As low as £129.99
  3. UberKinky Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher
    As low as £26.99
  4. Fist Extreme Lube 500ml
  5. Intro to Sounding Rosebud Sounds Kit
  6. The Humbler CBT
  7. The Accommodator Face Strap On Dildo
  8. UberKinky Sensory Deprivation Leather Bondage Hood
  9. Anal Hole Spreader
  10. Master Series Anal Destructor Butt Plug 5.5 Inches or 7 Inches
    As low as £36.99
  11. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag
  12. Dominator Sounds: Bullet
    As low as £36.99
  13. Oxballs Fido Cocksheath 7.48 Inches
    As low as £69.99
  14. Red Rubber Catheter
    As low as £6.99
  15. Kink Industries Collins Speculum
  16. Strict Leather Locking Posture Collar
    As low as £52.99
  17. Doc Johnson Dick Rambone Dildo 13.5 Inches
    As low as £42.99
  18. Mystim The Goldfather Electrogel 250ml
  19. Mike's Spikes
  20. Straight to the Point Penis Plug Stretcher
  21. The Devil's Pitchfork Penis Plug
  22. Master Series Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade with Handle
  23. F-Machine Gigolo Mini Fucking Machine
  24. Latex Wear Spray Rubber Shine
  25. Leather Dog Hood
  26. JoyDivision Sex Max Wet Games Waterproof Sheet
  27. E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix Blue Electro Sex Kit
  28. Urethral Stretcher
  29. Oxballs Recycler Ultimate Urinal System 3.5 Inches
  30. E-Stim Torpedo Electrode
    As low as £79.99
  31. RED Stainless Steel Rim Seat
  32. Rubber Brief with Inflatable Dongs 4.7 Inches
    As low as £59.99

Items 1-32 of 57

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